Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: A Fall Shade Polish- Don't Tell Mama

Nail polish is a form of drug- very, very, very addicting.



Aside from purchasing the new Essie Fall 2010 collection, I also managed to purchase another nail varnish by Deborah Lippmann.

Who is Deborah Lippmann? well she is just the go-to manicurist for popular magazines like Vogue, Fashion, Vanity Fair, Elle, etc. Speaking of magazines, I believe it was the August Vanity Fair issue- Lady Gaga was the front cover and she was wearing a Deborah Lippmann shade called Waking Up in Vegas (photo below). This brand manages to create fabulous shades of nail polishes. They have variety of shades to choose from- from pastel,dark vampy shades, glitters, etc . Check out her website for more information and also, maybe spend some cash? :) -
Now, her polishes cost $16- $18 which for me, is not cheap at all. I do not usually spend $10 + when it comes to nail polishes because there are many cheaper brands that carries fantastic dupes. For instance, OPI is $7.50 and Essie is around $8.50- $10, so I stay within that prize range. To be honest, I do not even own a single MAC polish *shockeroo*, but it's true!

Anyways, back to Deborah..

So, the SA asked me if I needed some help and I told her that I'm looking for a dark vampy hunter green shade(Yeap! those are the exact words that came out of my mouth). The SA quickly got a Deborah Lippmann polish in Don't Tell Mama. When I saw the bottle, I was shocked and fell in love with the shade. Don't Tell Mama- is a deep blackened blue- green with shimmers. Indeed, this was the shade I was looking for. The SA impressed me, so in return I bought this lovely polish.

The packaging is luxurious. The bottle is incredible, not your ordinary round/square shaped bottle, but it has a little something that makes this brand a must buy for every nail polish junkie out there.

So these photos can speak for themselves..

Deborah Lippmann Don't Tell Mama (love the names)- The consistency is excellent- it better be for an $18 prize. Formula is is outstanding and I think you can tell that it is high end because of the packaging and when I applied this polish, it applied flawlessly.

This shade looks black when you are inside the house, but once you step out..the shimmers just shines!

I would definitely purchase more Deborah Lippmann polish. Will you?
above photo without flash- and yes, the acrylics are off again! :)
The above photo is with flash- lovely shimmers.
I learned an important lesson.

Look how tiny my nails are? I went to my nail salon and had my sparkly tip acrylics removed. Back to natural short- length nails.
I took this photo before I painted my nails.

I know it isn't perfect because I just told the nail technician to remove the acrylics- no manicure. Nothing at all.

I'm happy that I actually went to the salon and have it removed because there's nothing than a nice professional touch. Now, it doesn't have those streaks(acrylic- obsessed people will understand what I'm saying) and it is much much much easier to apply nail varnish on. Happy Girl.

looks clean. I'm happy. I have my natural nails back.

At first, I didn't want to go to the nail salon because I asked how much will I pay to have my acrylics removed and they told me that I need to pay $10 :|. Good thing the boyfriend pushed me to do it. Yes, he paid for it :). Thank you.

Lesson learned: There is a HUGE, I realized that there is nothing better than to go to a nail salon and have a professional nail technician remove my acrylics. Before, I usually remove them myself and they look horrible. Pay a small amount of money because it will be worth it at the end.


I'm lemming for another shade from Deborah Lippmann called Bad Romance (picture below)- again, I think Lady Gaga collaborated with this brand because the website described it as a Gaga blackened fuchsia with glitters.

Damn! I need THIS!!

I need some fall shade recommendations? anyone?

Thank you for reading. have an awesome week.

Hugs, Kim


  1. I love that green and the metallic one. Check out my blog. I do a nail color of the week in my right sidebar and I am loving the one for fall I just posted. Check it out ;)

  2. I have recently been into the nail polish stuff but boy $18 per bottle. The colors look great though.

  3. darn, looks like bad romance is on my to-buy list now! ;) where do you get your acrylics done?

  4. oh my god i love that nail polish Gaga's wearing.
    Chanel nail polishes are like $23-$25 but for me hold up sooo well! but you could probably get two plus bottles for the equivalent job overtime :)
    & thanks for the website link!

  5. @Glam-me-up- Ill check it out hun! Thanks :)

    @Nelah- It is quite exoensive and you can prob find a dupe for this :)

    @Silver_aria- I got them at a nearby salon here in vancouver called Specialty nail salon :)

  6. @French Kiss- yeah me too! next on my list:)

    @Alexis- I know they pretty much are a perfect formula :)

  7. That's L.gaga??..i think that is you..Hie..kidding
    Nice site and nice to meet u...


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