Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In and Out 7 (September)

Hey everyone

Sorry Ive been a very bad blogger.

Ive been very busy with school and work. Im here to update this blog and give you my In and Out for the month of September.

I know its cliche to say that September went by so fast, but it really did. On the bright side, I love October because a) it's my birthday (October 22) turning 22. and b) Its Halloween. Aren't you guys excited to dress up and NOT be you for a day.

Anyways..this will be a quick post.


Sunny Vancouver- I know it's fall, but hello Mr Sun.

Deep Green Nail Polish- Im loving HUNTER by American Apparel. It's opaque in one coat. I recommend you guys to try this shade. I will dedicate a post for this specific nail polish probably tomorrow or on Friday. I love it so much! Have you tried American Apparel polishes?

Gold Jewelleries/accessories- I've been wearing faux gold bracelets, watch, necklaces and rings . I just love how it makes a statement. I can definitely wear a plain as in V-neck top with no graphics at all with these gold accessories. I love silver accessories too, but I prefer gold because it's more out there.

Low cut boots- I love low cut boots because they make me feel taller. Im only 5"3 and high cut boots will make my legs and body shorter. I envy tall girls whi can wear knee high boots! Im not saying that short girls can't wear them, but I just don'tfind it flattering on me.

Jeggings- Okay, okay! I get it why girls love to wear jeggings. They are super comfortable and goes with every everything. I pair my jeggings with a loose top, I bet there are tons of retail stores that sells jeggings. You just have to find the perfect one for you. I currently own two jeggings- Citizens of Humanity and Forever 21.

Cargo Pants- I think every girl should own at least 1 cargo pants. I own the J brand cargo pants and it's super flattering on my body. It makes my legs look skinnier and longer. I was actually hesitant to get them at first because they have many pockets, but Im really happy that I bought one. I have a gray one and Im thinking if I should get the army green as well. You can pair them with combat boots, gladiators, low/high cut boots, and flats.

Comfortable boyfriend fit hoodie- I can't live without these hoodies. I have the American Apparel look alike hoodies(the hoodies with the white strings). Everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE should own these. If I'm lazy to dress up(often) I just put on a plain shirt and wear a hoodie.

Make-up on a budget- No new make-up purchase for three weeks now. Im proud! I think Im going to purchase couple tomorrow from the MAC Venemous Villain collection. Im not a fan of this collection(the packaging is gross), but I want to check them out and will be purchasing a couple or maybe three? My budget will be around less than a 100 bucks. Save Kim, save!


I do not have many "OUTs" for this month, so bare with me. :)

Long Nails- Hate dark polishes with long nails. period!

Paler Skin- grrrr. I miss my tan. :( I need my tan back. I do not go tanning, but I think I need to go soon. Don't worry, Im not going to lay down on a tanning bed. I just go for spray tans.

No time for blogging- Sorry guys for the lack of post. I promise to post more soon.

less YT videos- I need more YT makeup videos from gurus. They do not upload videos that often anymore. I need some entertainment.

Soooo....those are my In and Out.

What will you look forward to next month?


  1. I agree, people dont upload youtube videos much anymore... only once a weekk sometimes even more

  2. I love jeggings too!
    I'm looking forward to wearing my new winter boots - the only good thing about the weather getting colder :) x

  3. I agree, I've been feeling the emptiness of gurus not posting as much on YT anymore =(

  4. @Kellie- YES! I miss new videossss :(

    @LilyLipstick- Jeggings are the best! I like them better than jeans actually :)

    @simmering2light- I know right? I have nothing to on my breaks anymore. :(

  5. " I recommend you guys to try this shade."

    Better say "girls" :) guys won't polish their nails. I like the way you write. There's a bit of fun in it.

  6. I used to think gold jewellery was tacky but I've recently been getting back into it as silver can look a bit too new-agey!
    Have a great time celebrating your 'Golden Birthday'! (When your age is the same number as the day date).
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  7. @Kat O- Oh yea!!!! I didnt even notice that! whoo... Cotober 22 and im 22. wow! Thanks hun :) hahaha. Love gold accessories to death


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