Thursday, September 23, 2010

Face Combos of the Week + OOTD

so after 4 days of not blogging..

I think I owe you guys a post.

So here it is a face combo of the week post.

I will share with you what products I used and a lil OOTD. :)

Anyways..I recently got two YSL eye product. I finally got my hands on the ever famous mascara(Faux Cils) and brightening concealer (Touche Eclat).

here's the story..

Now, I went to The Bay(This is a department store in Canada) and when I was in the cosmetics floor, there were about 5 YSL sales associates ready to run in to me. I just hate it! I hate how two SA came rushing to me trying to get my attention. So, I have no choice and I feel bad if I ignore them. So, They were trying to sell YSL Touche Eclat in No. 8. I can't remember anyone on YT and on Blogs talking about Touche Eclat in no. 8. So, I asked the SA if I can try it on and she applied it on me. She said that the YSL Touche Eclat in no. 8 is the newest shade and it is limited edition too. This shade is best for ASIAN PEOPLE with yellow undertones.

So, if you have yellow undertones and wants the famous Touche Eclat by YSL. Go to a nearby YSL counter and ask if they have no. 8. I'm not sure, but I heard from a SA that this shade is exclusive ONLY IN VANCOUVER CANADA. Yes! because there are many Asians here in Vancouver. Don't take my word for it tho. Try asking a YSL SA.

So I purchased Touche Eclat and the wonderful, ever so generous YSL sales associate gave me $10 off the Touche Eclat so from $50 to $40 and...HOLD ON..she also gave me a free gift -Faux Cils FULL SIZE mascara! Thank god I went with her. :)

So, yay for having a new concealer and mascara.!!

Enough with the chit and chat and on with what really matters.

For the past couple of weeks, I kept my make-up on the down low. I haven't been applying any eyeshadow on my lids and no lipgloss as well. SHOCKING isn't it. I just hate the feeling of hair sticking on my lipgloss.

For the EYES:

YSL- Faux Cils Mascara
YSL- Touche Eclat Brightening Concealer
MAC- Superslick Liner in On The Hunt
MAC- Graphblack Technakohl

* I forgot to include MAC Shroom eyeshadow and Bare Study Paintpot*and for the FACE:

MAC- Face and Body foundation in C3
Revlon- Colorstay foundation in Sand beige
NARS- Casino BronzerMAC- Stereo Rose MSF on top of Madly
NARS- Madly Blush

* These two blushes are meant to be together. LOVE this cheek combo. I recommend you to try Stereo Rose with Madly! *

My face is totally shinning. I used MAC Shroom eyeshdow. I Think I used too much. YIKES.

and lastly..the LIPS:

MAC- Lady Bug lipstick
and on school days I just apply MAC Myth to mute out the redness of Lady Bug.Here's Lady Bug aloneAnd with Myth- now it's more pink and wearable.the outfit.

This is the first time I showed my outfit on this blog. So, do forgive me if the photos are not that nice.
What I wore:

Key Necklace- from a random vintage store in Steveston Village. So if you live in Vancouver go to Steveston Village. They have lots of key necklace. Good quality and it is only $25 :)
Blazer- Wilfred from Aritzia
Grey Tank- H&M
Leggings- Forever 21
Gold Watch- Michael Kors

*I just wore a boring plain flats*

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Happy Thursday

xoxo, Kim


  1. I absolutely love YSL Faux Cils Mascara.. best mascara on the market!

  2. @liloo- Thanks Hun <3

    @Paula- I adore it too. I can't believe I didn't have it before :)

  3. i really want a michael kors watch but in white

  4. @Kellie- I like the white one too, but I think white watches suits summer season the best. I still want to have it tho. maybe next summer? :D

  5. You went with the right SA, yay!:D

    I love the simplicity of this outfit and the bold red lips.:D

    Happy Thursday, Kim!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. @Marie- YES I did! Im so happy! I wear clothes that I'm comfortable in. Im also lovin the red lips :)

  7. You look awesome! I love your makeup, I'm going to try it out, I own almost all the products ))
    Btw, really enjoy your blog!

  8. You look so sophisticated! Love itttt<3

  9. @Alisa- Aww thank you so much for the wonderful comment :) You should try it out and post it on your blog. Would LOVE to read it :)

    @MissAbbyLovesit- THANKS <3 *HAPPY FACE*

  10. I love the color your lips are after you muted the red with myth!

  11. @Marie a la Mode- I love it too. I always wear MYTH to mute out dark/bright lipsticks. MYTH is a must have for me :)

  12. Love the outfit and the make up. Red lips look gorgeous on you. :)

  13. That mascara is amazing, it looks like you're wearing falsies! And thanks for the tip about Myth. I guess it's nice to have around to mix with colors. :)

  14. @Ansa- Thank you! :)

    @wuguimei- YEAP! a nude lippie is a must in anyones collection. I love wearing bright pink and reds, but sometimes I need to mute them down. So Myth will be my best bet! :)

  15. Such a gorgeous makeup look and a great deal on the mascara (free!). I know Vancouver has a large Asian population but I find it a little weird that the shade would only be released in one area. Ill be curious to see if others can get it where they live.
    I love your lips in the picture. I will have to go and check those two colours out.
    Great post!

  16. @FunnyFaceBeauty- Yea..I bet other places have it too. Im interested too know if any other cities have them and thanks, MYTH is a must have. lady Bug is a gorgeous red on the other hand :)

  17. your make up goes well with your outfit :) the lips is definitely the bomb.

  18. @Nadine Natalin- Thanks hun! I love the lips too

  19. WOW, LOVE LOVE your outfit, Kimmikins!
    I'm glad you atarted doing outfirt posts, you should do more!
    ANd that Lady bug with Myth is such a pretty color! Perfect for school.
    I should try some YSL eye products, never have yet, only their lipstick.

  20. LOL sorry for my bad spelling in that, was too excited.

  21. @Miss*Kimmy- I have NO YSL lip products! I need to get at least 2! I want no 2 and 30 i think? or is it 26? hahaha I just need the lux packaging! :D

  22. you're...gorgeous? no...more than that ;)

  23. i didn't even know The Bay SA could offer you goodies like that! i totally would've went for that great deal! :)

  24. I love the red lips! It makes the nice casual outfit look done up :) Great post :) x

  25. @Jenny- HAHAHA. YEaaa love itt :)

    @neekeexoxo- Thank you! yes it def brings a pop of color :)

  26. I love love love that Mac graphblack eye liner i Have the same! :D new follower x


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