Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's All About Gold..

Fall is coming..

Is that a good thing or bad?

I'm quite excited for fall to be honest. I miss wearing thick coats, jeans, and boots. I want to feel the cold breeze again and hoping to see snow this year. I know a lot of people hate snow because it is really hard to drive, but I think a little snow will do.

I just wanted to share with you guys what I bought this week.

A Zara bag :)

I love this purse! I like everything about it- small, light brown, gold details, and it is a cross-body bag.

here are some photos..

Ok, so stop with the purse and...I'm so excited for this one!

It was pouring rain yesterday and's super sunny! So, the boyfriend and I went downtown(ate monster burgers! yum!!). I've been lemming for a gold watch ever since I saw models wearing them in magazines and runways as well. At first, I wanted a white watch, but after seeing these gold plated watch on Youtube and blogs, I finally decided that I will purchase a gold one. So, went to Holt Renfrew to purchase a gold plated watch, but they didn't have any(Just white, silver, and black). So, we drove to a mall that has a Michael Kors and....I saw them! SOLD.

Why gold and not silver or white?
- Gold is more elegant and sophisticated looking. You can wear them with casual and semi-formal clothes. When I first saw them, I thought they wouldn't look nice on me, but I was definitely wrong. It complimented my skin color. I think everyone can wear gold watches no matter what skin tone you have. A white watch, on the other hand is more for summer and more casual looking. I think everyone has a silver watch, but I prefer gold :)

Michael Kors Mother-of-Pearl Watch, Shiny Golden. They sell these online at the Michael Kors website and I believe Asos sells them too.

the box..
and..the watch! yay :)
I can't wait to wear them

Do you guys prefer a white, silver, black, or gold watch?

xoxo, Kim


  1. I have red, gold, white, silver, and black watches.:D I collect.:D

    That bag is really nice, btw.:D Good buy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. @Marie- red? hmm pretty unique. Wow you collect watches? that's awesome!! :)

  3. OMG that watch is amazing!! I really want a micheal kors watch sooo bad! becky xo

  4. I love the bag and the watch! I love the bag more just because I have a thing for crossbody bags. I just love love love the one you got! I want one now! lol =(

  5. @beckiangel44- you should get one then. It's super worth it

    @Leenda- I love crossbody bags too. Almost all of my bags are crossbody bag its super easy to use and carry as well. :)

  6. i love your bag:D it's very cute. i have something similar to it:D


  7. How much was the bag if you don't mind me asking?!?! I'm SOOOO getting it.
    xoxo Debby

  8. @Debby- It's $59.99 Canadian dollars. :) They have it in black too! Get one its super light too.Tell me what you think bout it

  9. I LOVE THE BAG!!!

    I'd prefer either silver or white:)

  10. @Mallory Taylor- its nice to hear your opinion :) I used to love white watches, but I guess I got sick of it.

  11. OK! OMG, definitely going to get it. I live in the U.S so itll be a bit cheaper for a jobless girl like me ahhaha!! It looks SOOO worth it!
    xoxo Debby

  12. @Debby- YEAH!!! it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper there. Lucky US girls :(

  13. the purse is cute... i dont wear a watch so I cannot appreciate it... but i do like Michael Kors! Nice!

  14. Love the bag - it's a great shape and looks really well made.

    The MK watch is great too - I've been eyeing their rose gold watches, but I need to find something small, as chunky watches just look silly on my wrists LOL!

  15. Gorgeous gold goodies!! Perfect for fall.

  16. @Miss krimson- I love watches! If I dont wear any watch I feel that theres something missing. I also know a lot of people who do not wear watches at all! :)

    @Ella Pretty- I saw the rose gold watch from MK, but I prefer the gold one just because it is more classic looking, but the rose gold is gorgeous. :)

    @Miss*Kimmy- Yeap it is!! :)

  17. i love your purse!! i can't wait for fall either, get to wear more and have more options in your outfit choice without having to think "oh man it'll be too hot, better stick to something simple" (that can only last for so long, in my opinion)
    love the watch too. :)

  18. I LOVE fall--- i cant wait for the season to begin
    your zara bag is cute
    and i prefer a gold watch-- its's funny i just got a gold watch TODAY *hehehe*

    ohh btw i just did a review on the chi silk infusion, you can check it out if you like

  19. oh congrats on your watch, my first menwears michael kors watch was a gold one =) it's just classic...

    I just did a post on a new bag too! i love your choice =)

  20. love the bag!

    mmm I've also been wanting a gold watch, although currently only have a silver one.

  21. I like black in winter and white in summer and gold ALWAYS! lol
    LOVE the bag!!


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