Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts About Cover Girl Lipslicks Lipgloss

I'm dedicating this post for these CG Lipslicks Lipglosses.
Do I like them? or not? Find out if this can be a holy grail product and if it is worth your time and money.

These CG Lipslicks are available in 12 shades namely: Clear, Princess, Bronze Goddess, Demure, Edgy, Daring, Pearly Girl, Hipster, Precious, Cutie, Flirtatious, and Starlet. You can find out more about this product here-http://www.covergirl.com/products/product.jsp?productId=lipslicks_lipgloss.

According to Cover Girl it will "give your lips sheer color and a shot of shine - or pump up the shine of your favorite lip color! This emollient-rich formula helps keep lips soft, moist and feeling their best as it helps to protect. So say goodbye to dull lips, and hello to beautiful shine."

Packaging and price- The packaging is nice and sleek. It does have a lot of product inside that sleek tube. It is really easy to use- you just twist the bottom part of the tube and the product rolls up, just like any other lipbalm. The price is affordable- less than 5 bucks. I can't remember how much they are. I can't find the price on their website.

Left to Right: Princess and Clear

First of all these CG Lipslicks "Lipglosses" are not lipgloss material for me because they don't give your lips that lush effect that other lipgloss do. I would say that these Lipslicks are more on the lipbalm side as it helps soften and moisturize the lips. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer on the tube, but once applied on the lips it will just give you that lipbalm effect- a little bit of shine, but not glossy.

When I bought these I didn't even look at the name or anything. I just grabbed it and placed it in my basket(not a very good idea). If I was just careful I wouldn't get the clear one. I just wanted to try these out because there are mix reviews about it. I thought these lipslicks would be pigmented, but unfortunately they weren't.

here are some photos and swatches just to make things clear.

CG Lipslicks Lipglosses in Princess and Clear
Clear-When I saw this on the rack, I thought this is a peachy coral shade, but it is transparent! That's all I can say. It has no color, but it does give your lips a little shine.

Princess- I would describe this as my lip color. It doesn't show up on my lips, but it just gives my lips a little tint of rosey color which is not very obvious. If you have less pigmented lips, then the color will show up more.

You guys see how sheer they are? It does have a little sheen to it.
So what are my final thoughts about them..

I would say I would recommend them if you get the darker shades because the color will show up. Do not get the light shades like I did. These will not even be an HG product for me and I will nor be repurchasing these. I might just shove these lipslicks in my purse, so I can use them as a lipblam.

I would rate this 3.5/5. :)- NOT BAD.

Will you be purchasing these Lipslicks by Cover Girl?

Hugs, Kim


  1. I've tried these and I agree with you, these are like tinted lipbalms!

    ***** Marie *****

  2. They look more like tinted balms than glosses. Pretty shades though. x

  3. Thanks for the review hun!And the swatches!!!they look so beautiful and in darker colours they might look even more!!

  4. These look nice but I agree, they look more like balms! Nice balms tho! x

  5. @Marie- I know right!/ These arent lipgloss!! hha

    @Lilylipstick- They are pretty! I agree. :)

    @Blushingloves- Darker colors would be nicer :)

    @Glitterish Allsorts- They are nice. soft and moisturizing on the lips, but I wont purchase them again

    @Gaby-Yes! they have a nice sheen

  6. I totally would have expected a nice peachy coral with that "clear" one too. What a let down! I probably won't be purchasing these.

  7. @Miss*Kimmy- Yea same here. I hope it was a peachy coral! :(

  8. @Lily- It does look gorgeous, but I would not purchase these again. :)

  9. These are gorgeous but these are too sheer and shimmery for my taste.

  10. thanks for the swatches! they look really good, too bad they're not pigmented enough :(

  11. @Andrea- Theyre not THAT shimmery :) They have a nice sheen and shine :)

    @arsyparsy- yea i know. If it is pigmented i think I would love this better than my Koress lip butter

    @nereealoves- Thanks hun :)

  12. They look nice and shiny and pretty colours :)
    Thanks for the invite to your blog, am now following, loving your work xx


  13. The packaging looks really cheap.
    I LOVE CG's Amazemint lipglosses---try those! Freedom of Peach is my HG gloss!

  14. @Sweetcheeks- no problem! I love your too! :)

    @Nicole- Oh thanks! I should try those out :)


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