Sunday, August 29, 2010

Haul Part 2: Face--Bronze Goddess

Hi everyone!

I shopped in Seattle and this will be my second haul(My first is the MAC Fabulous Feline). Are you guys sick of my hauls? Sorry I just want to get this out because I have so many things to talk about.

I need some requests from you. What do you like to see and read on my blog? Do you want hauls?reviews?hair tutorials? FOTD?LOTD?EOTD? Fave combos? anything. just comment below and I will gladly do it. I feel that my blog is getting boring because I always do hauls and reviews about stuffs. I think I need to turn things up and go to the next level. I will amp this blog up and make it more interesting for you and me as well.

I love reading reviews and hauls from other beauty blogger because it's super interesting and fun to read. You know the feeling when you purchased a product that you thought you would like, but didn't?I feel that if I watched Youtube and read beauty blogs and if they mentioned the product I bought that I didn't like, I will eventually like it and try giving it a second chance. For instance, I bought Lash Blast Mascara ages ago and I didn't really like the consistency of it because it's to clumpy for me, but a lot of people were raving about it and saying that they love this mascara. I gave it a second chance and bought one last week and it really worked. I just had to do it right so it wont clump that much.

so..I think blogs and YT videos are really important for those people interested in make-up because it helps you see things differently. I know there are mixed reviews about some products, but you just have to search it up properly and read the reviews carefully.'s what I bought

I went to a nearby CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) and bought one thing which is the Estee Lauder Sunblush Illuminator from the bronze Goddess collection 2009. YES it is limited Edition and I know it sucks. If you have a CCO near you I think you should take this into consideration :)

When I saw this I immediately swatched it on my hand and didn't think twice anymore. I was astounded by this beautiful product by Estee Lauder. I bought this for US $22 because it was originally $32 I believe. Who could resist such beautiful product shimmery product? Maybe some people can but I definitely can't! The outside packaging didn't really wow me because I didn't like the colour of it, but once you open this compact you won't even think about the packaging anymore.

Information about Estee Lauder Sunblush Illuminator

-it may look like a flat shimmery orange and pink on the compact, but it goes on like a dream
-It gives you the most subtle shimmer and glow when two colours are mixed together.
-It is not too shimmery on the cheeks and it is not chalky as well.
-Gives you a peachy-pink glowy colour and will look good on all skin tones.
-The powder is sheer, but very buildable.
-You can use one shade only, but when you mixed both it will give your cheeks a peachy- pink gold look.
- I feel that this is comparable with NARS Orgasm, but less shimmer and more peach. I like Orgasm, but I don't love it because of the chunky glitters on it. I use Orgasm once in a while.
Just want to add this in, but I bought NARS Casino and Im so happy with it too(I didn't post a picture because there are millions of Casino pictures out there) . Casino has been on my list in like for a while now and I finally bought it! I love my Laguna, but now that I'am a bit darker than usual I will be using Casino a lot. Casino is more on the brown side and less orange toned. It gives me a nice bronzed sunkissed look. I think that if I use Casino with this Estee lauder Sunblush Illuminator it will give my face that glowy look that I want.

What face combinations do you use often? Share the love :)

Thanks for reading guys.

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xoxo, Kim


  1. I have this! It's one of my favourites, it's a beautiful colour. It looks great on you, too. I got NARS recently and I'll be posting a Chanel haul soon!

  2. i love your make up in these pictures! the cat winged eye looks great on you.
    and getting deals on such a big product is always a plus!

  3. @Cafe Bellini- Thanks! Ill be waiting for your Chanel haul :)

  4. @Alexis- Thanks, hun and yes! discounts are great!

  5. that bronze goddess it gorgeous, gotta get my hands on that! great post!

  6. It looks great on you!


  7. What a lovely colour! Looks amazing on you :)

    Your blog isn't getting boring at all! I love reading about hauls, and I like your posts on combos too.

  8. QIQm I totally want that bronzer!! Looks so luxurious.

  9. @reeree- aww thanks :)

    @Miss*Kimmy- Yea it does and works wonders too! :)

  10. You are so pretty! And your makeup is wonderful! :]


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