Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh Please....

help me!

you guys are really good with recommendations! Thank you so much for everyone who commented on my previous post about my SUNSPOTS! :) I really appreciate it and I will be in a hunt for a nice face product and I will, of course put all those recommendations in mind :)

and now....

I need new lipsticks and nail polish!

Any brand for lipsticks

Estee Lauder?
Tom Ford?

any will do.

oh please! Probably less than 40 dollars. :)

I prefer coral shades and nudes of course.

no pinks anymore please. :D have tons of those

so, yes- corals, nudes and red? well not a true red, but a Rasberry shade perhaps?

probably similar to Viva Glam Cyndi will do.

for nail varnishes on the other hand..


those are the only nice brands we have here in Canada, well in my city :)

any shade as well, I don't care whether is is a summer/spring or fall/winter shade!

Thank you so much for all the support and help.

Love you guys :)


  1. Do you get Rimmel in Canada? They're a drugstore brand, but their new line of lipsticks are gorgeous! Lot's of nice coral colours too :) Xxx

  2. @ZebyK- we do, but in my drugstore, we only have the soft coral! I like that shade and Im swapping it with someone. :)

  3. Drugstore: Rimmel - Nude Delight :)

    Its a peachy coral shade on me, but ive got a pale skintone, but i love it !


  4. @..nichola!-OH YEA!!! I saw that! I should get it!!! rimmel is really expensive here tho :( THANKSSS HUN! :)

  5. i say sally hansen stuff! esp. the hard as nails xtreme wear hehehe.. they have better staying power than OPI and essie in my opinion and experience :) their greens are my favourites like green with envy, going green and emerald city hehehe.. they other pretty colours though, if you're not a fan of greens..

    as for lipstick, my eye is on mac cherish =)

  6. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick?:D I think it would look great on your skin tone.:D
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  7. @CJ:)- oh yeah! i have that line as well.!! love that line! thanks CJ:)

    @Marie- is it a super red shade tho? it sounds scary? haha

  8. Do you MAC's shy girl? It's a pretty coral/pinkish type of color.

  9. Hey hun why dont u try some YSL tea rose 148 pure shine

  10. Thanks for putting my name up on your coveted list, Kim! What a doll you are! I should make the same sort of list ...

  11. @Miss*Kimmy- no priblem hun! I really love you blog! :) You should do the same =D

  12. Um, OPI's mod about you is gorgeous :)
    When are the winners of the contest announced?

  13. A great affordable brand for lipsticks is Rimmel, they're Lasting Finish lippies are amazing, especially Airy Fairy which is a perfect nudey-pink-purple. Revlon's soft nude is also very lovely and i have a review of it on my blog! For polishes I really reccomend Essie's Peach Daiquiri && OPI's Nantucket Mist. Have a great day! xoxo

  14. @Audrey- The winner will be announced Aug 7(Saturday night). I already read all the entries, so Im going to announce the winner tomorrow :)

    @E- Yeap! a lot of people recommended Rimmel. I should try to get my hands on those.

  15. I love MAC lipsticks and OPI nail polish! Both are great brands.

  16. I don't know if you can, but are you able to get your hand on GOSH Darling lipstick?! It's amazing!

  17. @Imogen- Yeap I got my hands on them already! :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  18. My favorite nail polish for the fall is OPI Lincoln Park after Dark. They have a matte and original, but the original is the good one for me. :) It's a very pretty dark plum color.

  19. @Katastrophic- I want to get that! I have the midnight version one :) Thanks hun :)

  20. I"m going to do something that is unusual for me recommend some lipsticks that I have yet to try but heard they are amazing and are on my wishlist. Illimasqua lipsticks in Obey, Sonnet, and Fable. I think these shades suit you very well.

  21. @Andrea- unfortunately, we dont have Illimasqua here :( Our sephora doesnt carry this brand! SUCKS :(

  22. You should try Zoya nail polish, they have really amazing and unique colors!

  23. @Katie- thanks, hun! :) I need to find Zoya here in my town. I haven't seen any yet!


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