Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back- A Lil' Haul

I'm back from my trip.

I went to Seattle with some friends for three days. We left Thursday night and came back Sunday night that's why I was MIA for almost four days now. We drove for 3 hours from Vancouver to downtown Seattle and did some back-t0-school shopping(make-up included). It's always fun to go on a road trip with close friends. We will be going to Seattle again this Thursday for 2 days(Thursday- Friday) and go to Nordstrom Rack!

We went to Walmart, K-mart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS!!!! SO HAPPY.

I just bought hair treatments, lotions, and face wipes in the drugstore. I'm going to show you
what I got from Sephora and MAC.

I promised a haul, so here it is. Went to Westfield mall in Bellevue Seattle and bought some tops, jeans, accessories, and went to Sephora and Nordstrom of course. Everyone who lives in Canada should get NARS in the U.S. Seriously, it is a lot cheaper there and less tax too. I was a good girl and did not spend much. Im trying to save up for future expenses. Plus, I just got a new Car, so I need to save up for gas and all those things. :)

Let me know if you want to see the new car. I would gladly post some pictures here.

Anyway, here are my recent purchases

I forgot to include Melba here.
MAC Prism, Melba, NARS Madly, Diorshow Extase, and MAC 116 brush

Diorshow Extase- Lengthens and volumizes the lashes with no clumping. I will
do a more detailed review for this mascara next time.
NARS Madly Blush- the perfect neutral blush and it will be perfect with smokey eyes. It is a warm honey pink with slight shimmer. It looks ugly on the pan, but looks lovely on the cheeks.

MAC 116 Brush- The bristles on this brush is dense and soft at the same time. This brush allows me to slightly pat the blush, yet it still gives a nice color on my cheeks. This brush has the perfect size-not too big and not too small. I can see it, I will love this brush and this will be a staple for me.
MAC Melba Blush- This is has a really nice peach color with a hint of pink. SUPER PIGMENTED so you will need a light hand for this one. This blush is perfect for those days when you want to go all neutral, but still gives a healthy glow on your cheeks.

I do not have an actual face swatch for this one. I forgot to take a picture.
That's ONE swipe. very very very pigmented.
MAC Prism Blush(Matte)- I was suppose to get Buff but the makeup artist told me that Buff will be too ashy for my skin tone. Girls with olive skin tones should stay away from Buff because it will not give you the color on the pan, but instead it will give you more of a pink shade. I'm very satisfied with Prism it is a muted pinkish-brown and the lasting power is great. It will not give you a powdery look. I really like Prism all in all.
What's your fave blush? Let me know I might get one if it suits me.

That's all for now guys. I hope you enjoy reading this post! :)


Have a nice week.

xoxo, Kim


  1. great buys! i just got NARs blush in lovejoy and lol im in love!! i want to use it everyday! i was my first Nars purchase, and i cant wait to buy more!

  2. Hershley's Sweet Kiss- Heard Lovejoy is a great blush too! :)

  3. The blushes all look great (=

  4. I'll need to check Prism out, I can never get enough of peachy blushes! lol.

  5. I adore MAC's Springsheen blush, it's gorgeous (:

  6. @Gaby- Thanks! they are :)

    wuguimei- Peaches are the best! Im all about neutrals now! :)

    @Narny0Bar- I want to get coppertone next!

  7. This post has convinced me. I need to replace my sister with you! I went in to buy Buff and came out with Prism!! hahaha hope you had a great road trip :)

  8. love the nars madly blush. im so gonna have to get it. thankyou for the review

  9. I'll have to add Melba to my wishlist! It's beautiful! I have Prism (and Buff) they are 2 of my favorites!

  10. @Elise- hahah! same taste! :)

    @Kellie- Madly i lovely! It gives me a nice healthy glow too

    @LabelSnob- You need to apply it with a light hand because it is very very pigmented! :)

  11. I've been wanting to pick up Melba, but never got the chance to. Thanks for reminding me! lol My favorite blush is Coralista, but I'm pretty sure you have that already. =]

  12. Melba looks super awesome! Thanks for sharing--this haul looks super awesome by the way! I want to check out Seattle too :D


  13. @Leenda- Glad to hear that hun :)

    @Steph- Thanks and Seattle is awesome! :)

  14. Nice haul =) The blush is such a gorgeous color!

  15. I use Clinique's Blushing Blush and i really like it-- it's my fave thus far.

    oh i did a review on it, you can check it out :)

  16. @Susie- THANK YOU susie :)

    @Beauty Style Addict- I saw your review and followed you too! Thanks :)

  17. You are so right. I used to live in Canada, but now I am in US. Everything is a lot cheaper here! Oh and I <3 MAC!

    Love the blog!

  18. OMG love everything you purchased. Melba is one of my favorite blushes. I have yet to own a Nars blush but Madly may become my 1st it looks gorgeous. I also definitely need to start collecting some more Mac brushes.

  19. Looks like you picked up some great stuff!

  20. @Andrea- Try to get Madly or Deep throat! For cream blushes, try Penny Lane

    @3ate4- Yes I did! :)

  21. Wooo~! That's a massive haul!
    I really like that melba blush color!
    Also love how pigmented it is!!

  22. Prism looks great on you!

    What a wonderful haul <3

  23. @DolceBunny- Yea Melba is a nice peachy pink blush :)

    @reeree- Thanks, prism is wonderful! :)


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