Monday, August 16, 2010

No Room for Blues

I just need to post this one.

I was tweeting about this shade! So follow me I feel unloved :( haha- oh please! :) THANK YOU!!!

Remember I told you guys that I do not have my camera with me, but I can't stand not posting any pictures for this post. I do not want to get online photos for this specific nail polish color. I tried my best to take the perfect picture to show you the vibrant hue of this polish. I hope I did a fair job :D

This was from OPI Bright Pair with Paige Denim(Summer 2009). OPI teamed up with the Paige Premium Denim to create such wonderful shades to pair up with their denim collection. This collection is now permanent, so you can still get it anywhere. All shades included in this collection(No Room for Blues, A Grape Fit, On the Same Paige, Over the Taupe, Shorts Story, and In My Back Pocket) applied smooth and even. The consistency of these shades are incredible and with two coats you're off to go!
From Left to Right- No Room for Blues, On the Same Paige, Over the Taupe, Shorts Story, A grape Fit, and In My Back Pocket- no shimmers on any of them! cream formula which I love!

On the Same Paige- is a muted red- orange, but it has more orange shade on it. It reminds me of fire. It is a cream, no shimmer and applies perfectly.

Over the Taupe- one word: Barry M Mushroom, but a tad bit darker. I know it is the same as You Don't Know Jacques, but this is more dull.

Shorts Story- bright hot pink and there are a lot of shades like this.

A Grape Fit- I do not know how to describe this shade, but I think the name speaks for itself. It has a vibrant shade and it is definitely a summer shade that can also be worn during fall or winter.

In My Back Pocket- Bright orange with a hint of yellow undertones. Applies perfectly like all other nail polishes included in this collection.

I have No Room for Blues and A Grape Fit with me, but I'm planning to get On the Same Page and Over the Taupe soon. I know these are summer shades, but hey there's nothing bad sporting a summer shade when fall comes right? totally!

So here's No Room for Blues- is a mid-toned sky blue that goes on like a dream. It is thin, but pigmented at the same time. Perfect with a tan and during fall/winter season too!

I wouldn't usually wear a blue polish, but hey! it worked out well and I'm loving it right now. It has been on my nails for about three days now. You guys know me, I change nail color every 2 days or so.
oh and BelleDeJourNYC was talking about blue nail polish on her blog too and she was wearing blue nails on her YT videos as well. :) Isn't it obvious that I love watching and reading her blog? haha
I declare that I'am now in love with blue nails.

What shade of nail polish do you wear often? I'm interested! mine will be reds and taupes :)

Thanks for reading! Have a nice Tuesday! :)

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  1. What a pretty blue! I also change my nail colour every 2-3 days or so, and it ranges rom greens, blues, oranges, purples... whatever I feel like on the day :)

    The blue looks great on you, I think you should try out more blues!

  2. That's a gorgeous blue. Very pretty xx

  3. wheee! i also have no room for blues :) and the funny thing is while i was at work yesterday i saw a teen wearing purple nail polish on her toes. i asked what colour is it she said "something grapey, something fruity.. oh gosh i forgot" i asked if it's from OPI she said yea and i said don't worry i'm just gonna search it on the internet. but i don't think i have to search anymore because i might have found it by reading this entry. lol <3

  4. I always wear red and bronze shades.:D

    That blue polish reminds me of a tropical vacation.:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  5. Oh I looooooove No room for the blues and in my backpocket for summer! and over the taupe is my baby for autumn / winter :)

  6. @reeree- I should try more blues!! :)

    @Ansa- Thank you! it is a lovely shade

  7. @CJ- aww, that's good then. you dont have to search it up anymore! haha

    @MArie- hmmm bronze shade? I should try that one!

    @sunnyside21- Taupe represent!

  8. Love that colour!! I've never painted my nails blue before, might try it sometime though, it looks really nice :)
    I really like the OPI shade in Over The Taupe, would love to try that one. I've gotta find out where I can get OPI in the UK cause I've never tried an OPI nail polish, shocker, I know! :)
    Alex xoxo.

  9. @Alex- I think it is really hard to get OPI in the U.K. We can do a swap sometime soon if you want. September maybe? first week? I'll email you alright?

  10. Hi! New follower here! :) That's a really pretty blue! ^_^

  11. @Jennifae- thanks and thank you again for the follow! :)

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  13. Yeah thats great :) would be really interested in a swap :) theres so much stuff that i cant get here in the UK :)

  14. @Andrea- Yes you do! :)

    @Alex- okay! lets do it soon :)

  15. Love blue nailpolish. This colour looks gorgeous. New follower and fellow Canadian. If you get a chance, please check out my dare you to wear challenge. I am challenging my subscribers to recreate a look from the derek lam fashion show (pics on my blog). I will be doing an updated post showing what everyone came up with.
    I am also currently having my August giveaway.

  16. @funnyfacebeauty0 I will for sure check your page out. :)

  17. Hey Kimmy, thanks for your sweet comment!!!
    I love the new white background with pink, I think it suits you more than the black!!
    Also, LOVE your hands hehe, they are so pretty and delicate looking.

  18. @Miss*Kimmy- Thank you!! :) Love your new car! Its to die for! Hope you enjoyed your Seattle trip

  19. That looks fab with your skin tone :) I love your rings too! xoxo

  20. @Pearlessence- Thank you!! :)

  21. i just posted a similar blue colored nailpolish on my blog too :) i love that ring!

  22. @Donna- Yay!! Ill go check it out :)

  23. It seems blue is THE colour at the moment. Looks great on you hun.
    I have given you a sweet friends award and tagged you on my blog xx

  24. Love this shade. It's something I'd probably wear on my toes to the beach. xoxo

  25. These look amazing!

    follow me too :)


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