Monday, August 9, 2010

Haul- American Apparel Polishes

Hi ladies,

As you all know, I recently got these three polishes from Shoppers Drugmart and posted it before this one. I promised to do a nail swatch for these babies, so here they are:
Revlon Jaded, Revlon Stormy, and Sally Hansen Red-Zin

Red-Zin, Stormy, and Jaded (Taken inside)
Taken outside

Stormy and Red-Zin are amazing.
Jaded, not so much because it is too watery.

There you go, you guys saw my drugstore nail polishes. I know a lot of you are still waiting for my drugstore lipstick swatches, unfortunately my lips got wacked! Im serious! it was bleeding like crazy yesterday(hit my dresser) :( So, I have to say sorry for those of you who are waiting for my lip swatches. Maybe, nest week? I promise, I will do my best to treat my wounded lip. :)

on the bright side..

American Apparel polishes! *big little girl's smile*

So, here comes the review:

American Apparel launched 18 colors of cream nail varnishes . I only got 6 out of the 18, but I will gladly review each of them. I must say, American Apparel didn't play safe with the colors they made. They have a lot of blues, greens, and pinks in their collection, but they did a pretty amazing job with these polishes.
L-R: Berry, Hunter, Peacock, Rose Bowl, Factory Grey, and Dynasty

--> Sleek packaging! These polishes can save you some space.
--> They retail for only CAD$ 7.50! They are even cheaper than Revlon or Sally Hansen-even OPI and Essie
--> Cream finishes
--> The formula is good-not thick or watery. Just right! :)
--> Opaque and only need one coat
--> Dries pretty fast, but then again you still need to put top coat on it.

- take note that I have acrylics on.

Berry, Hunter, and Peacock (taken inside the house)- I'M GETTING READY FOR FALL :D
Berry, Hunter, and Peacock(Taken outside the house)

Berry(Cream)- Is a deep berry shade that goes on opaque in just one coat! Perfect!

Hunter(Cream)- this is my favorite out of the bunch. It is a deep hunter green that also, goes on opaque with just one coat.

Peacock(Cream)- Is a warm toned deep blue. This actually reminds of a peacock. :) This also, goes on opaque with just one coat, but I applied two coats on this one.
Rose Bowl, Factory Grey, and Dynasty(Taken inside)

Rose Bowl, Factory Grey, and Dynasty(Taken outside)

Rose Bowl(Cream)- This is a yellow-based pink. This reminds me of China Glaze Peachy Keen, but better-way better!!. It is a dream to apply, and again opaque in just one coat.

Factory Grey(Cream)- this shade has a tiny bit of blue undertone and opaque in just two coats. This is in the same family as Metro Chic and You Don't Know Jacques, but less purple undertone and more blue.

Dynasty(Cream)- Dynasty is a mid-toned mauve cream. This shade reminds me of Essie's Splash of Grenadine. Again, cream finish and opaque in just one coat.

ALL IN ALL- They did an AMAZING job! Two thumbs up for American Apparel. Majority ofIthem applies on perfectly. I think I like the formula of these better compared to OPI and Essie-that's a huge statement. Then again, I only got 6 out of 18. I know Butter- the pale yellow shade and Conney Island- the light neutral shade in this collection are a bit streaky and hard to apply.

Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Kim


  1. Ooh the American Apparel polishes look lovely! I like the last three colours the most, especially Rose Bowl. It's so pretty :)

  2. aww i'm jealous! haha they all look great esp. hunter, peacock and dynasty! where did u get those? how come we don't have american apparel here in ontario? :(

  3. I have never tried American Apparel polishes before! Thanks for the swatches. They're so pretty. I really want to try Factory Grey now. Stormy looks great too.

    I am sorry about your lips. I hope they get better soon!

  4. @CJ :)- They don't have AA in Ontario? :O Thats a shocker! WHY!?! I got them from American Apparel here in Vancouver. You can order it online too, hun. Free shipping. Check out their website for more info.

    @Katastrophic- You should try them. At least get one and you'll see what Im talking about. :) thank you for your concern, hun. I really appreciate it. It's getting better everyday, so it is all god. :)

  5. oooo I might have to get some, I really like the grey

  6. I looooveeee Hunter! I never would've thought to buy these but if they're as opaque as you say, I have to check them out! I love not having to apply 2374 coats to get the color. Great post <3

  7. @Amy- The grey is lovely!

    @MissAbbylovesit- Yes, hun! They are opaque :)

  8. Opaque with one coat? WANTS.

    I like the colour of Revlon Jaded, too bad its watery.

  9. OMG! I love the american apparel colors! Too bad the closest one is like 40 minutes away/=

  10. ooh we have AA in ontario, but im not sure we have the polishes tho!
    im soo loving the grey!!

    thank for this!! :)

  11. hey I tagged you-


  12. @Joyce Wong- The grey is gorg!

    @Lauren- aww thanks, Lauren :)

  13. WoooW the colors are awesome, I love it! xoxo:)


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