Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drugstore Haulin' + Hair

Another haul!!

It's a Saturday, a very wet Saturday I must say. It's raining HARD here in Vancouver. I like it tho, I kinda miss the rain. So its all good :)

but first, Im going to share my Friday to you guys.

Last night, I watched Step Up in 3D with some friends. the movie was okay-not that good, but it made me laugh. Its a typical dance movie that when you finish watching the movie, you wish you can dance that good. I still like the first Step Up the best!

I was bored at home yesterday, so I took a bath and braided my hair-left it for over 3 hours and blow dried my hair(still braided). I was really satisfied with the result.

Here it is

Excuse the face. I wasn't done with my make-up :D
A beachy wave!!! :) Im pretty impressed with it. I should do a post dedicated on how I ended up with this hair.
That's it.

So...the drugstore haul

I went to Shoppers Drugmart and they have tons of products on sale! If you are following me, you know that I was in need for lipstick and nail polish recommendations. A lot of you guys said that Rimmel London has nice lipsticks, and to be honest I have no Rimmel London products in my stash, so might as well trust my followers. Glad I did because they are really creamy and pigmented. The Moisture Renew line has no smell to it too, so I really like it. Of course, I chose safe colors such as; Nudes and corals. I also bought three nail varnishes from Revlon and Sally Hansen.

Thank you so much for these recommendations guys! Glad I asked for help :)

I just bought these guys today, so I do not have a review for them yet. I promise I will do it as soon as possible. with lip and nail swatches :)

Rimmel Lipsticks, Revlon nail polishes and Sally hansen

Jaded(320), Red Zin(610), and Storm(820)

Jaded- Mint Green, with a tiny teeny bit of blue undertone. I believe this is Revlon Minted. They just changed the name and made it limited edition. I have Revlon Minted before, but it dried up, so I got this :)

Red Zin- A very deep burgundy red. From Far away, it looks black. I love deep red nail polishes.
Storm- Not a new shade for me. Very similar to OPI You Don;t Know Jacques. I do not know why I need so many of these kinds of shades. I just can't get enough of them. who's with me?

left-right: Nude Delight, Soft Coral, and Crush

From Top - bottom- Crush, Soft Coral and Nude Delight

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick- Nude Delight (700)

It is a peachy-nude shade. Very creamy and gives a subtle shine on the lips. This particular shade was recommended to me by my lovely followers. Glad I bought it. Another nude shade for my collection. Yes!

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick- Soft Coral (600)

A true coral shade with a hint of pink undertone. This line of lipstick from Rimmel does not dry out the lips. It gives the right amount of moisture and shine to the lips. It is also creamy and very pigmented.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick- Crush (202)

This is a dupe for MAC Freckletone. It is a peachy nude-orange-coral lipstick that gives the lips a nice shine. I think it has a frost finish, so expect a shiny finish. It has a sweet smell to it, but it doesn't bug me at all.

That's all for now guys.

Have a good weekend.



  1. ooooo i LOVE your hair!! it looks so natural and pretty :) i miss my long hairrr! :( lol and nice drugstore haul! :) will you be doing lip swatches of the lippies? i've been going back and forth debating if i should get nude delight so it'd help me out a bunch! anndd crush looks so pretty too! hehe thanks :D

  2. @xAgnes- Thank you. I like how my hair looks too :) Yes hun, I will be doing a lip swatch probably tomorrow or the next day. :)

  3. Looking gorgeous and love the haul :)

  4. @CgBlogger- Why Thank you :)

  5. i like how u started your blog about the rain in vancouver and followed it with a sunny/summer look. lol. anyway, those lipsticks look amazing esp. the nude delight. you're making me want to buy more lipsticks now. hahaha..

  6. @CJ :)- I just realized that now, that my post was kind off ironic. hehe. Nyways, I bet Nude Delight will look good with all skin tones. :)

  7. You look beautiful above :)

    Your hair looks effortlessly lovely!

    Hope you like the Rimmel nude delight =)


  8. @..nichola!- Aww thanks and so far Im loving the Nude Lipstick hun, Thank you

  9. oh its raining here in Sweden as well,,, Where did the sun go? a girl cannot have enough of nude lipsticks especially if they are as nice as the ones u got =)

  10. @Amandita- DANG RIGHT GIRL :)

  11. Omg Nude delight looks soo gorgeous! x

  12. The lipsticks look really pretty, those are colours I would wear!

  13. Oh love the hair. I need to try that. Also love the polish in storm might need to find that. Great haul

  14. @Audrey- YEAP! It is a nude, but totally wearable and you can also wear it alone. You wont look dead :)

    @Cafe Bellini- They are all wearable. :)

    @Andrea- Thanks hun! The storm looks really nice! :)I should do a swatch and play around with them :)

  15. I love those lipsticks! They are really creamy.

  16. @veflexra- Yes, they are hun :)

  17. love the hair. nice haul hun! :)

    Smiles and hugs


  18. Your hair looks so pretty like that!

    If you like deep reds, you should check out Desire by Rimmel, it's a very dark, almost brown shade, it's the perfect wine colour and one of my favourite shades in my collection.


  19. loving the nude :) your really pretty :)

    ive tagged you check out my blog :)

  20. I love the hair! You should definitely do a post on how you achieved the look. Also, what blush are you wearing in the first picture, it looks lovely :)

  21. Oh, that's not fair! The Moisture Renew line in the US has this weird lotion scent :< but I love them anyway!

  22. heyy!.
    you got the Soft Coral lippie.. i already got that for you. damnn still want me to send it?

    Cotton xx

  23. @Cotton- Yes! I love too! thanks hun I need a back up :)

  24. @Neekeexoxo- I will do a post on how I achieved my hair. Thanks for the request :)

    @Yuki- It might have a scent, but Im probably immune to it haha :)

  25. I was glad to see the rain this saturday in vancouver too. I have the rimmel lipstick in soft coral and I really like the shade on me. I don't find that it lasts that long though but I am always eating so that is probably why. I have always loved rimmels nail varnishes though and their eyeliners are pretty goos too xx

  26. @Amy- Thanks for the recommendation hun. You live in Vancity too? cool! I saw their nail varnishes and they look pretty awesome as well. :)

  27. Looking great, Kim! I love the beachy hair look and I usually use my flat iron to create it. it always takes a long time to do though, so I only do it once in a while.

    And awesome lippie haul! Nude Delight is my fave :)

  28. @Fifi- I know, it takes a long time to achieve this kind of hair. Thanks for the comment hun! :) Im pretty sure Nude Delight will be one of my top 5 fave nude lipstick :)


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