Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Make-Up List


How's the weather there in your country/city/province/town? Im interested.

I swear, Im melting right now while typing.. :( I need some iced cold lemonade please!

I was thinking on what to post today, since I didn't post anything yesterday and felt bad about it.

As you all know, someone borrowed my camera for two weeks(for her vacation) and now I'm stuck with my sister's Sony camera(I do not know what model it is), but it sucks! It is new model tho, so I do not why the quality is bad or I just do not know how to make it work. Anyways, It is really hard take photos with the Sony camera it takes me like an hour to have the perfect photo. If you are a blogger, you will know that it is a pain in the a** to take pictures of products you want to talk about(especially NOTD and FOTD kind of post). I have so many things that I want to talk about and share with you guys such as; Argan oil, OPI's No Room for Blues, ELF Saddle eyeshadow and Bare Escentual mineral eyeshadows, but we just have to wait for a week. :( Sorry guys, but I promise that when my camera is home with me, I will be posting a lot of reviews.

as for now, here is a list of what I'm planning to purchase for this month is my "to buy" list: (feel free to comment if you like the product or not.)

- Era eyeshadow
- Texture eyeshadow
- Buff blush
- Venomous Villain collection (Im not sure with this one yet just because of the childish packaging, but if I really want something then I will have to depot it and give the case to my 4 year old lil sister. OH MAC WHY!? )

* shocker!!no Lipgloss or lipstick! :)

- Madly Blush

Bare Escentuals:
- Vanilla Sugar mineral eyeshadow
- In the Buff mineral eyeshadow

--> I really recommend trying Bare Escentuals' mineral eyeshadows. I know they are a bit messy to work with, but the colors are stunning and it is really pigmented. An in depth review coming your way next week.

* I have Nude Beach, Queen Tiffany, and Bare skin mineral eyeshadows and will be reviewing them as soon as I get my beloved camera(next week).

- Michael Kors' Very Hollywood
- Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb

Do you guys have anything to add on my list?

I think I'm going to ban myself from buying lipgloss and only lipgloss for the rest of the year!! hmmm what do you guys think? Should I or should I not? I really want to try OCC Lip Tars!!! :)

Are you guys planning to get any products from MAC Venomous Villain collection? or will you skip it because of the packaging?

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week :)


  1. I might consider purchasing something. Pleas do a review on the nars madly when u get it, i really want it

    check out my blog

  2. hey is horrible in london so enjoy the sunshine!! wish we had more.. its been so wet and miserable that it makes me sad we've not really had any kind of summer :(( boo! Love the american apparel nail colour by the way! HAVE to check it out.. :) Like your to buy list! xxx

  3. @Mouldy Fruit- that's what I heard! I heard a lot of UK girls ranting about the weather in London. I hope you guys get more sunshine soon. Yes, The AA nail polishes are amazing, so go check those out. My to buy list is pretty practical isn't it. haha :)

  4. i am definately getting a few things from that mac collection! super excited :)

  5. UK weather sucks which is why I moved here to Vancouver in april. So nice to have a nice long hot summer for once

  6. it's super hot in here too! i just took a shower, the ac is on, the fan is on = one of the best feelings in the world!

    anyway, venomous villain collection is also in my list hehe. in fact, i tweeted last night that i will stay away from the stores 'til october for the venomous villain collection lol.

  7. @Amy- YEAH!! Vancity represent! :)

    @CJ- you live in Toronto right? I heard its like 30 something there! YIKES! I wish we have an ac here, but noooo :(

  8. I am definitely going to get the Venomous Villain collection. And usually I would love a quirky cartoon/drawing kind of packaging, but this one is just as you describe... kiddish. I wish they had made the Disney art more artsy =/

  9. @Katastrophic- Ditto!!! def! MAC should have done a better job- more mature and high end packaging.

  10. Just rained in Toronto.
    I'm wondering-what do you think of Urban Decay?

  11. @Yomi Uba- UD is a nice brand too.I recommend trying out their eyeshadows, but UD eyeshadows are more expensive than MAC. They just released the Naked Palette and if you could get your hands on it then you are very lucky. Their eyeshadows are very pigmented and nice quality at the same time. :)

  12. Hey Kim :)
    I don't think you should put a ban on lipgloss and lipsticks! I have way too many myself but I really couldn't go through with that kind of ban! lol.
    The packaging for MAC's villainous villains is quite childish, I agree. Not at all classy. But I'm intriged to try strange potion and hot house lipglasses from the evil queen range :)

  13. @Alex- I know it is hard to say NO to lip products! I want strange potion as well. :)

  14. woohoo NARS Madly!! I can't stop using it! I now want Buff because you mentioned it. The MAC packaging isn't as terrible as I thought it would be but I'm still sort of against buying anything. At least now I'm a maybe and not a definite 'no' lol
    ps. i awarded you the versatile blogger award!

  15. @Elise- I heard good stuffs about Buff, so I want it so badly! Thanks for the award dear :)

  16. California is so hot and dry. I'm dying the weather is not fun! August is the hottest month here in California. I can't wait for it to be over. On another note, I definitely want to try some of the OCC Lip Tars, and the only thing I might pick up from their venomous collection is snow white ( i believe) their red lipstick I'm looking to try new things. Also about Sony they suck haha I have a Cybershot pictures suck. I just purchased a Nikon. What camera do you have? Your pictures are great quality.

  17. @Andrea- I want to live in California!!!! hahaha. That's the camera im using now, its the SONY CYBERSHOT! My camera is just a Panasonic, but it has great quality and its old. haha So i do not know why it works well. I heard Nikon is a good brand when it comes with their cameras.

  18. the toxic tale lippy @ venomous villains collection was hot!


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