Thursday, August 19, 2010

TAG: 10 Random Facts

Just a quick post

I will have my beloved camera tomorrow, so expect some MAC, NARS and Sephora hauls and reviews!

Since I do not have my camera with me right now I will be doing a tag. I do not know if you guys want to know more about me, but I just want to share some random facts about myself.

I was tag by many people to do this one, so might as well do it early in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee and eating a bagel(I just woke up and it is 8:33am here in Vancouver) :)

You ready?

here it goes...

1o Random Facts:

1. I hate birds and fishes- They give me goosebumps. Okay, well I do not hate them I just dislike them! Does that even make sense to you? I just can't stand the feeling of being surrounded by birds.

2. I have 2 sisters- I'm the eldest(21), then I have an 18 year old and a 4 year old sister.

3. I love seafoods- Crabs, lobsters, and oysters are my favorite! NO FISHES PLEASE! Whenever my friends ask me where I want to eat, I will always suggest going to a seafood restaurant. What kind of food do you like? Japanese? Chinese? Western? Indian? or are you a seafood person like me?

4. I love sourdough bread- I can eat sourdough bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! :)

5. I'm not afraid of insects- Yes, I'm not afraid of spiders, lizards, and cockroaches, but I'm afraid of birds :D I know, I know I'm weird.

6. I'am a light sleeper- I hate it, but unfortunately I'am a light sleeper. I sleep for only 8 hours everyday. When I sleep at 12am I literally wake up at 8am the next morning. I wakeup everytime my mom/dad/sister goes to the washroom(we sleep in different rooms), but I can still hear their footsteps. Trust me it is HARD to be a light sleeper. So with that being said, I'am a morning person. Whenever I sleep with my boyfriend I wake up everytime he switches position. I told you it is not easy.

7. I love green tea- I think I mentioned this in my In and Out post last week. I love Japanese greet tea wit roasted rice. I love the smell and the taste of it.

8. I'am just 5'3- I'm short! I know and it's sad, but I just need to accept it. My parents are not tall, so why will I be tall? You know what sucks? When buying jeans I always need to get it hemmed shorter. Here in Vancouver, getting your jeans hemmed will cost you 6-8 bucks. How much do you pay for your jeans to get hemmed? I'm interested.

9. I never tried smoking- I will never smoke in my life. Is it too soon to say this? Majority of my friends smoke, but I think I can control myself not to be influenced by them.

10. This is the most asked question: WHERE WAS I BORN? and WHAT NATIONALITY AM I?-

I get so many messages asking me these questions and I will answer them right now. I was born in the Philippines- I moved here in Canada 6 years ago- 2004 and I'am a citizen in this country! That means I lived in the Philippines for 15 years. I love Canada, but I still want to go to the Philippines for vacation. They have beautiful beaches there and friendly people.

I'm pure Chinese, but born in the Philippines- that makes me a Filipino- Chinese. My grandparents were born in China(I do not know where), but my parents were born and raised in the Philippines. My 18 year old sister and I where born and raised there(Philippines), but my 4 year old lil sister was born here in Canada.

There you go, now you know 10 random facts about me.

Im super excited to post my new purchases!! :)

Hugs, Kim


  1. oh thats interesting about the fili bit & please you are tall compared to me!! lol
    fascinating tag babe

    Cotton xx

  2. @Cotton- I feel short, but thanks :)

  3. I'm only 15 and I am 5'5!
    Guess that makes me kinda tall!
    But I would loveee to be short.. :)

  4. @Beccy- OMG! Im jealous! haha :) That's my dream height

  5. i knew you were filipino :) im half! yayyyy

  6. thanks for sharing these facts with us! :D

    <3, Mimi

  7. @magandamestiza- hahaha! you are right then. Im pure chinese tho, no filipino bloo. I just grew up there.

    @Mimi- np :)

  8. Aww. But fighter fish are awesome!

    On another note. You were right. the UB Naked Palette is a total must get!
    I managed to get the last one in the store today.

  9. @Yomi Uba- That's good you got it! :)

  10. Helloo:)
    You won a little award on my blog:)

  11. I am shorter then you at only 5'1" :D cool on your place of birth and race. I get many questions on my nationality too.

  12. HOLY MACARONI AND CHEESE!!! never thought you're pinay! lol. i just thought you're chinese, from china haha. i was born and raised in the philippines too (but i'm filipino) and we both came to canada in 2004 ahaha. that's soo weird!

    i'm short too! i once made a pair of dress pants hemmed and i paid 45 bucks for it. :-/

  13. @CJ- OMGOSH that's freakin' scary! Hemming her in Canada sucks balls!!!

  14. OMG Kimmy, I feel like I know you so much better now hehe. I thnk it's so cute how you are afraid of birds.
    Totally cool how you are chinese but born in phillipenes too, so unique!

  15. @MissKimmy- I am dang afraid of birds! They seriously give me goosebumps like crazy! Im not even joking. Pigeons and crows = eeew

  16. can you speak any of the chinese dialect? :))

  17. What a fun tag I can't wait to see your haul they are always amazing. We have so much in common except that I hate sea food ha <3

  18. @idahong- just a tiny teeny bit of madarin? haha actually I cant speak but I can understand a tad bit

    @Andrea- Yeap! coming your way hun

  19. first i wanna say hello to a fellow canadian blogger *yeaaaah* i like ur blog i'm following you now :)

    it's kinda weird but we have like 3 similiarities.. other than the fact that we're both canucks *hehehe*
    #7 - i love green tea too!
    #8 - o.m.gee im 5'3 too (the best height ever)
    #9 - never smoke either

  20. @Beauty Style Addict- yay! we need to have a lil meet up sometime

  21. I was blog hopping and landed on your page. So I've been reading your posts and backtracking until I landed this post. Surprising to know you're fil-chi as well! I don't find a lot of fellow fil-chi here in Canada, and certainly not in the beauty blog world!

    Great blog by the way :)


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