Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Combinations I'm Loving Right Now

I have been experimenting with make-up products that I have.

I want to share my favorite combinations for face, eyes, and lips. I was thinking of doing it separately- face combination in one post, lips in one post, and eyes in a different post, but I think it will be easier for me to show it all together. I have so many beauty products that I want to share with you, but for now this is what I have in mind.

If you are a follower and a reader of my blog, you will know that my least favorite beauty product is mascara. I know it's a shocker, but I'm just not a big fan a mascaras of any kind. I can't go out with out eyeliner, blush, bronzer, lipstick, and lipgloss, but surprisingly I can show myself without mascara. Now, I'm trying to wear mascara as often as I can, so I can learn to love it. I just bought Diorshow Extase and Cover Girl Lash Blast a week ago to wear and experiment. I realized that mascaras can make a big difference to your eyes- it makes my eyes bigger and more awake.


I'm going to show what beauty product combinations I'm loving right now.

First, the FACE
MAC By Candlelight MSF- highlight cheek bones

MAC Stereo Rose MSF- as a blush on top of NARS Madly

NARS Madly- I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS! Used it as a blush under Stereo Rose

NARS Laguna- used it as a bronzer all over the face. (the other shade in the pan is Orgasm Blush which I did not use) those cheek bones! :)

Smashbox Pout lipgloss- I have been using this gloss for a week non stop. I had this in my stash for a long time but didn't get a chance to use it often.

MAC Angel Lipstick- everyone needs this pink lipstick and I bet everyone has this already.

Lastly..the EYES

Cover Girl Lash Blast- I use this first to help lengthen my lashes. For me, this doesn't work in terms of volumizing my lashes.

Diorshow Extase - I use this on top of Lash Blast because it gives more drama to the eyes with a little bit of volume here and there. This mascara is great if worn alone it lengthens and volumizes at the same time.

*no eyeshadows and eyeliner on this picture. I'm trying bare eyes with just mascara on. I must say, I like it. :)

What are your fave combinations at the moment? Share it with us :)

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone :)

hugs, kim


  1. Pretty goodies! love the cheeks!

  2. great post!
    at the moment im loving wearing Mac naked lunch and satin taupe together, such a pretty eye combo :) x

  3. @Sue- Love the cheek combo as well!

    @Beccy- I love that combo too! Naked Lunch is the best

  4. Great post love the smashbox lipgloss it looks gorgeous on you hun xx

  5. Ahhh still got the Stereo Rose blues :( .. Your skin looks as flawless as ever sweets..

    Really interesting post x

  6. Oooh! I can't go out without mascara! I feel nekkid not wearing them :P

    Love that lip combo on you. Haven't tried any of Smashbox products before, I'm tempted now! :D

  7. That lip combo looks gorgeous :)
    I've recently been using two mascaras layered to get the look I want - I can't just use one anymore! I wish we could get Cover Girl in the UK...I keep hearing good things about Lash Blast. x

  8. The Dior Show Extase is amazing! I got a promo size of it and love it since then. the best mascara ever! It makes a big difference to buy high quality mascara. I used to hate it too but now I know that's because I used to buy cheap ones. The more expensive ones are really better.

  9. Oh don't knoww how you can make do without mascara - it's a must have item for me. Even when I don't have time to do my make-up or just don't bother putting it on, mascara is always a must for me. Makes such a difference to the eyes.

  10. @Bad taste Toast- Yes! I agree it is def an amazing mascara :)

    @Agatha- Im learning to love mascara :) I need to wear mascara more often.

  11. Lovely post hun!The nars blush looks fab!!!

  12. Love the cheek combo.

    I'm using LashBlast lately, and I really need to try Angel.

  13. Ooh lovely stuff! Your cheeks look amazing! Love that combo xx

  14. Blush looks amazing! I can tell why you are absolutely in love with it ^^

  15. Damn girl your lashes look amazing. I need to pick up this mascara love all your blushes. I've been wanting Pout for sometime now I need to pick it up looks lovely with Angel which I just recently picked up. Thanks for sharing <3

  16. the blush/bronzer is sooo nice... is it the MAC or the NARS that makes your cheeks so shimmery/bronzy? it's gorgeous!

  17. @Beauty Style Addict- I used MAC By Candlelight and this is a shimmery highlight colour. Stereo Rose gives me a nice pearly finish too!

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