Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oversexed & Little Vi

You are probably wondering what this post is all about.

Well think no more because this will be all about unusual lip glosses that I have in my collection.

I do have a lot of lip glosses and most of them are from MAC, maybe that's why I always have a lip product post in this blog. Are you guys sick of it? sorry if you are :)

This will be a quick post, I promise.

The glosses I'm talking about are
MAC Oversexed Plush Glass and Little Vi Lustre Glass. I only have a few plush glasses and lustre glasses in my collection and I want to share with you two of my favs.

Oversexed Plushglass(top)- This is a translucent plum wine shade with just the right amount of gold shimmer . Do not let the tube freak you out because once applied, it's gorgeous lighter compared on what you see on the tube. I find plushglasses from MAC not sticky compared to the lipglasses and it last longer too. It does have a slight tingle because it is meant to give your lips a little "oomph"(plump), but nothing horrible because it does subside rather quickly.

Little Vi Lustreglass(bottom)- This is a fuchsia mid-toned purple shade with gold sparkles on it. It looks divine on the lips. I really recommend you getting this if you want a gloss that will give your lips a little colour, but not too much. Lustreglasses from MAC are not sticky as well, but it doesn't stay that long compared to the plushglass.

left: Oversexed Plushglass(sponge tip applicator)- you can see how scary the color is on the wand haha.

right: Little Vi Lustreglass(brush tip applicator)- the gold sparkles are breath-taking :)

Swatch for Oversexed Plushglass

Swatch for MAC Little Vi Lustreglass
MAC Little Vi Lustreglass alone

MAC Oversexed Plushglass alone
I recommend wearing a nude lipstick under these glosses because it will really show the beautiful color that these glosses bring. You can also wear any shade-pinks, reds, nudes, lilacs, etc. I think these glosses will also look good with red lipsticks, or any red toned lipsticks.

So with that said, I used my beloved MAC Peachstock :)

Peachstock lipstick alone on lips
MAC Peachstock lipstick topped with MAC Little Vi Lustreglass

MAC Peachstock lipstick topped with MAC Oversexed Plushglass
Oversexed and Little Vi have similar effect on the lips, the only difference is that Oversexed is a tiny teeny bit darker than Little Vi. :)

Will yo be taking the plunge of purchasing a violet lip gloss?

Have a good week guys :)


  1. Peachstock looks really great on you! xo

  2. i love the color of the peachstock. matches ur skin tone perfectly. your beautiful

  3. I love these glosses with peachstock. Ah, I have to get that peachstock.

    Your natural lip color is very nice.

  4. @E- Thanks, I love it too

    @Kellie- aww thanks Kellie :)

    @Katastrophic- My natural lip color is pigmented. I actually prefer pale lips :| haha

  5. first, NO, i'm not sick of your lippies posts. i actually LOVE them hehe..
    and that little vi lustreglass is gorgeous! <3

  6. @CJ- Thank you CJ thats very sweet of you. Little Vi is pretty in the tube, but prettier when applied on the lips. :) Thanks for your sweet comment hun

  7. I own those colors. I havent rocked oversexed in quite a while. I might have to break that bad boy out!

  8. @prettyaspeaches- Oh that bad boy is gorgeous, better bring it out and rock it :)

  9. Wow those are lovely lip combos.

  10. wow i really want to go buy the dark cherry color now~
    thanks so sharing:)

  11. Hey, have a look at my blog. :)

  12. @vnikali- no problem hun :)

    @*Fashion Loverin*- ill take a look :)

  13. Peachstock + oversexed is so perfect on you! amazing combo

  14. @Elise- Oh it is perfect for everyone.

  15. hehe, I really wondered what this post was about .. cool glosses, Kim!

  16. @Miss*Kimmy- Hahaha I really like the name of these glosses :)

  17. @Ashley- Thanks! great product as well :)

  18. I like the plushglass!!!!
    Love ur blog! :)

  19. hello fellow Canadian gal..I'm so glad I found your blog..I'm happy to follow!!


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