Thursday, August 12, 2010

In and Out 5

I have a lot of things to share to you guys.

First of all, thank you, thank you so so so much for all my followers. You guys supported me through everything. I never even bothered expecting these much followers. Im such a suck up, but I need to say this things out. I really appreciate all my readers. This is a hobby and I enjoy writing things and sharing new products to you. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but just ignore them- block and delete! that's all I can say to ignore them. People will bring others down, maybe because they are jealous, but as long as you are happy no one can bring you down. Just stand still, chin up, have faith with your followers and do what you like and ignore all those haters.

wow..that's a relief. anyways Thank you <3

oh..and I have been receiving lots of emails asking some tips on how to start a blog. It is very intimidating to start a new blog knowing that there are a lot of good bloggers out there. Just put in mind that you blog because you like it and not to because you want to be famous in the beauty world. Do not expect anything and just have faith and hope with all your readers because they make it happen. Write what you like and what you are comfortable in. Do not think that blogging is a competition on who has more followers and what not, but appreciate each and every follower you have. Review a favorite product or post a FOTD or OOTD because who doesn't like reading those things.


I have been enjoying new products and I have some no no's as well, so here they are:


Rain- Ironic, I know because it is summer and I want rain because the sun is driving me crazy. The weather is really hot and humid- no breeze at all. It has been raining here, for 4 days already, so hello Mr. Rain!

Vampire Nail Polishes- Vampires again? I know, I know, but I love dark nails these days- Dark burgundy, green, navy, black. I know these are fall colours, but hey I do not follow such trends. I wear what I like and no one can stop me. Im wearing a dark burgundy red today expect a NOTD post tomorrow.

Argan Oil- This is amazing! I heard a lot of good reviews, so I bought one, read the directions at the back of the bottle and it is a miracle. It doesn't smell good, but it is an amazing hair treatment product. It really makes my hair smooth and shiny at the same time. It doesn't make the hair oily and leaves it frizz- free. I just apply Argan Oil on my damped wet hair and wrap it with a towel for 30 mins. There are a lot of reviews online, blogs, and on youtube. Do you guys want me to review Argan oil? Comment below :)

Acrylic Nails- It is tacky, but addicting! They are right, once you have them on, you will always want them back. Thank God, I got my mom's genes because my nails grow super fast.

Coffee- I drink three cups of coffee a day :| is that bad? I do not know why, but it makes me happy and hyper. Haha

Oversized Shirts- VERY COMFORTABLE!! you can just put them on without any effort. Pair them with shorts, skirts, leggings, etc. I specifically like white and lilac oversized shirts the best!!!

Swaps- I can't wait for my package to arrive. Amelia from and I are doing a swap! I can't wait to get Barry M products! Ive been lusting for Barry M lip paints and nail paints for about 3 months now, so thank you Amelia. :) Anyone wants to swap? anyone? just comment below :)

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment- I have been using this product for a month now and it really works. I use it every night before going to bed. The texture is amazing and it is not sticky. I hate thick and sticky eye creams!

Drinking lots of liquids- I feel healthier these days. I do not go to the gym that often, but I drink water and green tea. I drink about 8 glasses of water a day and drink 2 glasses of Japanese green tea(with the roasted rice on the bottom). :)


Car Accident- Last week, I went to a nearby mall, and I was about to leave the parking lot and then...BAM I made a sharp right turn and hit a post. Now, my insurance will go up :|

A slit on the lip- Can't apply lipstick on anymore for about maybe 2 weeks. This accident happened last week, after my car accident (same day!) and now, there's a scar on my bottom lip(hit a cabinet). I miss wearing lipstick :( I had a bad week huh?

Haters- UGH! Go away and mind your own business okay? Seriously, bloggers and Youtubers put a lot of effort on this and you guys write mean comments. WHY? What's your purpose? to bring them down? They won't give up just like that!

share us your In and Outs :)

Love, Kim


  1. I love all of your ins except maybe rain! Maybe because I live in England and we see enough rain, and in summer it's nice to just enjoy it being hot and dry, it rarely happens!

    I'm intrigued about the green tea wth roasted rice on the bottom?! maybe i've just never experienced proper green tea but ive never known it with the rice? do u do it yourself?

  2. @Onyx- about the green tea- I do not make them haha. I get them from a Chinese store. :) It is Japanese green tea tho. It taste amazing and has a pleasant smell. You should probably look for it in a Chinese grocery if you guys have them in England. It taste good and healthy at the same time.

    About the rain- I just need rain for maybe a week and I nee dsunshine again :D

  3. ahh i've been loving coffee too! Starbucks has become my favourite place in the world! Sucks to hear about your car accident, when i learn to drive i think i'll be crashing all the time :|

  4. @Beccy- aww, no you won't. Just make sure you drive carefully. :)

  5. Lovely post, ignore the haters hun, your lovely

  6. I hope your lip heals really soon. Poor thing :(

    You get hater comments? I don't see why anyone would do that... Ugh, just ignore and they'll drop from the world.

    Always a pleasure to read your blog! I love oversized shirts too. I get those unisex shirts from American Apparel and can wear them out and then to sleep :) Good stuff

  7. @Katastrophic- They have those shirts? I need to get my hands on them. thanks for sharing. My lip is getting better, but with a scar on it. No lipstick for two more weeks :(

  8. aww two accidents in one day? that's no good :( hope u feel better soon, with your insurance issue and lip boo-boo..

    anyway, you have a hater? you're like one of the coolest and nicest blogger! for real! your really good at interacting with your readers/followers =)

    and part of your entry hit me hard.. well a little.. lol.. because one of the reasons why i don't post too much stuff in my "beauty" blog is i get a bit intimidated with other "beauty" bloggers. i mean, i have a normal blog and been doing this normal blog since like 2005? where i rant random things and such. but when it comes to my "beauty" blog i get scared a little hehehe.

    anyway, i'm sorry abt the looong comment! heehee.

  9. @CJ- my lip is getting better, thanks hun :)

    You should just be confident and remember 80-90 percent of your readers like your blog okay? Just do what you want and what you can't. Do not try too hard and just be YOU. :) Love your blog!

  10. eeek my outs are definitely car accidents and rain, esp together!

  11. Hi Kim :)
    Thanks for following my blog, I love yours!! So easy to read and fun :) Love it :)
    Hope your okay from your car accident :|
    I have acrylic's too, and I agree, SOOO addictive :) But I love them :)
    And I would be interested in a swap sometime soon if you would like? I've never done one before and would love to :)
    E-mail me or something, or get me on twitter and we can speak about it if you want to :)

    Alex xoxo

  12. Yeah I have enjoyed the rain this past week, looks like it is getting hot and sunny again though after what yesterday was like.
    Have you tried Moroccan Oil instead of Argan oil? It smells alot nicer. You can get it from Toni and Guy on Alberni Street, that's where I get my hair done and where I get it from. My hair was hideously dry because I bleached it blonde and then when back to brunette. Now it is lovely again.

  13. Oh sorry to hear about your little car accident!:(

    I would looooove to do a swaap! So jealous you get a chance to do one :(xxx


  14. Oh yes, I'd love to read a review on arrgan oil! I've red much about it but didn't know if I should buy one. I'll maybe try it as a conditioner like you said, sounds really good.

    Sorry to hear you had an accident, fortunately you're doing well!

    My ins at the moment are: fresh flowers in a vase on the kitchen table, petrol-blue nailpolish (mac blue india) and honeywaffles (yum).

    my outs: the high air humidity (sweaty sweat sweat), having to work on a term paper in linguistics (booring) and not having the time to cook as often as i like (lots of snacking instead).

  15. @Rachelwears- Car accidents! yes! bad thing!

    @Alex- Thanks for the follow as well. Im doing pretty good with the accident and my lip :) I would love to do a swap sometime soon. Let me save up for it first. I will for sure email you as soon as possible :)

  16. Agree with you about rain! After lots of humid and muggy Summer days a bit of rain is lovely and refreshing (if not so great for all my non-waterproof mascaras and eyeliners!)

  17. @Imogen- Hey! I would love to do a swap again! it is def. fun. You get to meet new friends :) I will email you as soon as possible. I just need to save a lil bit of money for now :) Thanks! I will put that in mind :)

    @BadTasteToast- mmm flowers on a vase sounds lovely, hun. Blue polishes are soo pretty for this season right? and wow! waffles are yummy!!

  18. @Glitterish Allsorts- I super love your name! haha its so CHIC! RAIN is good for one more day! :) Then Mr. Sun can come out again :)

  19. What are you looking at swapping? I have a ton of makeup products by chanel, nars, MAC, etc. Let me know :)

  20. Hey Kim! Its nice to meet you & thanks for following.. I dont blog much but I'm loving your blog already, great read! :) Hope your doing well. Your'e so pretty!

  21. @Katie- I'll email you as soon as possible. Just need to clean up my stash and Im ready to do some swap!

    @lovevia- Thanks, hun :) Thank you for the follow as well!

  22. ohh id love to do a swap with you!Im a swap junkie x

  23. @Kelly- Thanks, hun :) I will let you know if Im ready :) Ill put that in mind :)

  24. ok kim, sounds good.. my email is :)


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