Saturday, September 4, 2010

In and Out # 6

Im bored, just got off from work and what better way to spend my afternoon than to blog.

Im here once again to share with you my in and out.

I do these kind of posts once in a while and I think that now is the time.


Gold watch- Love love love my gold Michael Kors watch. I don't have anything bad to say about this because it's such a statement watch. I wear it everyday from the moment I bought it up until now. I prefer gold than silver because it's more out there-if you know what I mean. It just lights up my whole outfit. I usually just wear plain tees and accesorize my wardrobe and this watch is perfect.

Plain V-necks- I have a LOT of plan v-necks. Everyone needs plain tees in their wardrobe. I know it's kind of boring to see a person who wears plain tees everyday, but you can dress it up with a blazer od dress them down too. They are just super versatile. Who agrees with me?

Glitter on toes- I love glittery pedicures. I first paint them with a base then put the glittery polish on top. Im curently wearing OPI No Roon For Blues topped with Absolutely Alice! Perfect combination! I, however can't stand chunky glitters on my nails because it's a bitch to take off. I take several minutes to take the damn glitters on my nails.

Short classic necklace- I know long necklaces are in right now, but for a change I love my short classic necklace. I want a simple pendant and I prefer gold jewelleries too.

Pin straight hair- I still love beachy waves, but now that fall is about to come I prefer straight hair. I have natural waves and I love them. I just use my flat iron and it does a fantastic job!

Nude lips- I will always love nude lips. That's all I can say and nothing will change with that. I love coral and pink lips, but I always wear nude lips. Come one who does not want a nude lip? Pucker up those pretty lips!

NARS Casino bronzer- I love this for summer. I wear this everyday and it gives me a ntural glow. Now that fall is coming I think I will use my Laguna more often than Casino.

Short nails- I do not like long nails because it is hard to wear contacts and do chores. I can do anything with short nails and dark polishes will look nicer with short nails.

Got my car- I got my car back. As you know, I got into an accident and I just got my car after two weeks. I will promise myself to drive safely and be responvile with my newly fixed car! :)


Pink lipsticks with blue or lilac undertone- It looks nice, but I will set that aside for now and wear my nudes.

Eating junk- I love junk food especially ice cream and chips, yum! I need to sut it down tho. Im trying to cut down my bad habits.

A lot of make-up- I do not want a lot of make-up on my face. I still prefer natural looking make-up. yes, I know I'am a makeup junkie, but I just wear liner, blush, bronzer and lipstick. That's it! :)

Fall is coming- I have mix feelings about fall, I love it and hate it at the same time. I don't know what I like haha. Are you guys excited for fall? share with us.

MAC- I LOVE MAC, but they release so many collections at the same time. They release a collection every other week or every week. People do not have that much money, but at the same time people do not want to miss out on the new collection right? what do you think? Is MAC cosmetics going overbored with this?

I have to enjoy the last week of my summer vacation. School starts next week. *cry* :(

What are your In and Outs? Share them with us.

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Kim


  1. I think Mac release too many new products also. One collection a month is enough!

  2. Ohh soo jealous, I want the gold Michael Kors watch so bad.. That shall be my present to myself very soon :)

    And I agree with Mac, too much to often, doesn't seem so special then!!

  3. i love and hate autumn too. i like the prettiness of the colours around, but I hate cold :( and it's horrible knowing winter's coming. and yes! MAC=too many collections, I can't keep up, even if financially i had the money to keep up with them! it's even more confusing with all the internationally different release dates. xXx

  4. Plain v-necks all the way! I love the ones with the little breast pocket too. Cute!

  5. wheee amen to nude lips sister! lol.

    and i agree with u about mac releasing too many collections. i mean a lot of people are no paris hiltons and other rich kids who can afford all these collections that they release every minute. another bummer part about their releases is that most products are limited edition. probably that's how they attract people, making too much limited editions. when i started really getting into makeups i felt like i have to buy at lease one item in every collection. but after in the groove collection, i told myself not to be overwhelmed because i will always end up having no money lol.

  6. @Glitterish Allsorts- I agre! one collection a month!!

    @Sweet cheeks- Yay! share them with us when you have the watch already! :)

  7. @Onyx- I know how you feel. I think MAc should also be considerate with their customers. They have huge collections lately and its a bit too overwhelming I think.

    @3ate4- Ditoo!

  8. @.- I know I have those ones too. They are awesomeee!!

    @CJ- They do know how to attract people huh? I love MAC tho, but they should just minimize their collection. One or two small collection will do a month. :)


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