Monday, September 6, 2010

A Fall Look

Say hello to fall my friends and goodbye to summer.

It's time to bring out those thick clothes, put on those boots and open up those umbrellas. Fall is here and the shades of green are slowly changing to red, orange and brown. Trees are stretching their branches for the last time before they feel the cold breeze once again. The sidewalks brace themselves for the weight of bags and leaves that will soon be placed upon them. Sprinkles are being retired to the back sheds as tarps and rakes take there place in the yard. The moon, stars, and the sky takes a more vigilant eye on the Earth as the sun goes to sleep.
Summer is over.

For us beauty junkie it is not a time to mourn, but it does give us an opportunity to try on new shades. What will be a nice fall lip combo? or, what will be a nice eyeshadow combination for fall?, or we might even ask ourselves what nail polish will I wear for fall? Those will be the questions this season.

For me, I want my make-up to look like this:

For the eyes:

neutral eye: Champagne lids with gold/brown shadow on the crease. Winged black liner with loads
of mascara.

For the Face:

Flawless face: Little bit of bronzer and a light blush to go with that.

For the lips:

bright lips: an almost red lips with a nice nude/red gloss to go on top of that.

For the nails:

short nails with dark polish. I never grow my nails LONG for fall.

So I have a little rant..

I have a love-hate relationship with my camera because it doesn't want to fo
cus on my eyes. That's why I never get to do EOTD kind of posts. BUMMER. I wish it can focus clearly so I cant take pretty photos if I want to do an eye tutorial.

Anyways..speaking of fall, here is what I will be wearing most of the time
Cetaphil moisturizer
Korres Vitamin face primer
MAC Face and Body- C4
Nars Casino bronzer
MAC Stereo Rose and NARS Madly
MAC By Candlelight- highlight
MAC Naked Lunch e/s- all over lid
MAC Tempting- crease
MAC Shroom- brow bone and inner corner
ELF Saddle e/s lower lash line
MAC Superslick liner- upper lash line
MAC technakohl in graphblack- lower lash line.
MAC Crosswires lipstick
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass

What shades are you wearing for fall?
xoxo, Kim


  1. Aww it's pretty much summer all year long in my tropical country of Indonesia. I've always wanted to rock those boots and layered clothes but I'd look like a nutcase, LOL. You look pretty with natural eye makeup and stand-out lip color! :)

  2. the lipstick looks amazing on you...!

  3. You really pull that color off really really well! Love the fall look! unfortunately, Australia is going into spring ^^

  4. love that look on you.
    and i'm wearing short dark nails too during Fall! :)

  5. @Fifi- I know! I've been to Indonesia a couple of times he follow :)and the weather is humid and nice. Sometimes I just miss that kind of weather when I was in the Philippines. :)

    @Srish- Thanks hun and thanks for t

  6. Dolce Bunny- OMG I forgot Australia's summer is on December right? I wanna freaking gooo there!!! :)

    @Alexis- short nails for the win!! :)

  7. This is beautiful! least i know what to expect for my party look :D keep up the good work hun Sadie x

  8. Lips are stunning I went out to look for a red lipstick for fall and couldn't find a good one. =/ You look gorgeous as well. I just love fall

  9. gorgeous lips!! i love this look. its simple and pretty :)

  10. @Butterscotch Milkshake- Hope you enjoy your party! :)

    @Andrea- Red lips for fall is perfect! It will look gorgeous on you, hun

    @Donna Bunny- Thanks! I think I will be wearing this look almost everyday! :)

  11. This is such a prety look, I LOVE the lip colours, your lips are beautifully shaped :)

    Autumn on it's way here in London too- brrr!!

  12. Wow, that's a great look! I'm also LOVING your blog, I'm a new follower! x

  13. Yep crosswires was made for you!!!!!

  14. @Sweet Cheeks- Yeap! Love autumn, but I hope it only last for a month lol :)

    @Devon- Thanks for the follow devon x

    @Talli- Thanks! It will look nice on you too! You should try it x

  15. Oh wow, Kim!! You look amazing! You really need to do more looks like this for the blog =) Sooo pretty!

  16. @MissKimmy- I will make more FOTD post! Thanks hun!

    @MissAbbylovesit- Thank you! :)


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