Friday, September 10, 2010

Essie Fall Collection 2010

Essie is stepping up their game!

When I saw the new Essie collection for fall 2010, I knew I have to get all of them(there are six).

I do not have a lot of dark colored polish for fall season, so I need to get my greedy hands on these *big smile*.

I have a lot of OPI compared to Essie maybe because Essie's are more expensive than OPI's here in Canada, so I wanted to explore this brand more.

This morning, I went to a nearby mall and entered a salon, looked at the Essie rack and there they were, the new Essie fall collection 2010 sitting lonely and staring at me saying "buy me". I was in awe and just like a little girl, I grabbed five shades out of the six that Essie released.

You can also purchase these at$8 each), I was suppose to purchase it online last night, but my boyfriend stopped me because the shipping is quite pricey. He told me to go to the mall today and just get them there. The store that I got these Essie from sells it for CAD$ 9.50, but I have a $10 off coupon from them. Yay me, so practically I got 1 polish free!

Oh and because I'm obsessed withe nail polish, I added two OPI's from their new Swiss Collection- also fall shades :)- I will be doing a post on these polish tomorrow. So watch out for that.

Anyways, back to Essie- the formula is great(not to thick and not too thin) and it has a glossy finish to it. They do not have any shimmers or glitters(except one) so that's a plus for me. Pure creamy indulgence :). You can get away with two coats because it is well pigmented. Im very impressed with Essie. Love this collection. I have no regrets purchasing them at all.

I did not get Merino Cool because it is very similar to OPI Metro Chic, so I skipped that one.

NOTE: I still have my shimmery tip acrylics on, you can see it through some swatches below, but ignore the shimmers. These polishes are cream. Sorry for that. I just didn't want to remove my acrylics on just yet. I will wait until fall officially starts. Bye bye long nails and hello short perfectly groomed nails :)
From Left- Right: Velvet Voyeur, Little Brown Dress, Limited Addiction, In Stitches, Sew Psyched, Mink Muffs(not included in this collection- just bought it because it's taupe :))

In Stitches- A Rosey-pink cream that has a hint of plum undertone. This shade is not too pink which I love.
Sew Psyched- My favorite! It is difficult to describe this shade, but I guess I can say that it is a muted green with a little bit of fine shimmers. You can only notice the shimmers when you are directly under the sun.
Mink Muffs- Again, this is not included with this collection. This is a taupey brown shade that is perfect for fall.
Velvet Voyeur- is a deep deep burgundy red that goes on glossy. This is one of my fave too.
Little Brown Dress- An Applause for Essie because they released such pretty shade of dark chocolate brown. You won't really notice that this shade is brown, unless you go under the sun.
Limited Addiction- Love the name, love the application, and love the shade.Your classic deep red polish. This one is very pigmented that you can get away with just one coat.
For those who live in Canada, do you guys know any Essie online retailers? I do not want to pay expensive shipping. :) Thank you.

Will you be purchasing these pretty babies? What will you get from the new Essie collection?

xo, Kim


  1. Pretty shades :)
    now following,care to follow back XOXO

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    Leave me a comment so that I know you're following me. After i read the comment and see your picture, i'll go to your blog and follow.

  3. it's nice of you to follow me :) I'll put your blog on my best list someday because you have many followers. I'm following now.

  4. ohhhh. little brown dress is amazing

  5. @EmeraldC83- It is amazing!! I love it. I do not have anything like it in my stash :)

  6. There are all so pretty. Love Mink Muffs.

  7. Awww! Such pretty colours!

    I love Sew Psyched :)

  8. i really enjoyed this review!

  9. those are gorgeous and painted extremely nicely on your nails, mine tend to look like a mess, but it might also because i keep short nails :)

  10. Joe is selling a similar nailpolish colour to sew psyched. Its maybe a little more army green but its pretty awesome for $4.

  11. oooh i like the "In Stitches, Sew Psyched & Limited Addiction"
    The red one (Limited Addiction) is really nice, i love how the red just pops. I might have to pick some up... i havent worn nail polish in forever!

  12. Pretty pretty pretty! I love the green color, it's really beautiful.

  13. I love the look of in stitches! It looks so pretty :) xx

  14. @Ansa- I like Mink Mukks, but i had to put three coats..

    @Reeree- LOVE SEW PSYCHED!:)

    @Jade purple Brown- Thank you! :)

  15. @Alexis- I want short nails tho. Its clean haha

    @Funnyfacebeauty-Thanks for that! i will check it out. thanks hun!! :)

    @Beautystyleaddict- Limited addiction is grog! It is a typical deep red shade! Classic :)

  16. @Judith- Thank you. LOVE the Essie collection. Thumbs up for them!

    @neekeexo- In stitches is a myted rosey pink. im not really a fan of hot pink shades, but this is a perfect shade for me! :)

  17. AHHHHH Pretty polishes all in a row!!
    I am JEALOUS Kimmy!!! Such gorgeous shades!
    I love how you swooped 5 up all in a row:)
    My man is exactly the same always trying to keep my shopping in check ... key word "trying" lol.
    Hope you're having a good weekend doll.

  18. @Make up by Yass- Thanks hun :)

    @Miss Kimmy- I know I was a bad girl for swooping all 5, but I cant say no for such great fall shades! We need them(boys) to say NO! well they TRY! haha

  19. I really really love the Velvet Voyeur!! Its so gorgeous!

  20. I'm so tempted by sew psyched... or maybe Models Own's Car Key? Something green anyway. I can't miss out on this shade!


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