Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swatches- MAC and Revlon

I just did a FOTD post 5 minutes ago and I said that I will do this post tomorrow or later today, but I have nothing to do so might as well do this post. I got some Emails and comments asking me to do swatches for the MAC lipgelees and Revlon Colorbursts, so I will. Im drinking my cup of coffee watching Access Hollywood on TV. Love gossip shows they are so interesting, especially TMZ. LOVE THEM!

Im in a mood to blog this morning I do not know why, but maybe because I just installed Google Chrome and it really makes everything faster. I know Im late with this sorry for that Im not good with computers at all, but Im learning.

MAC Lipgelees: I got these from the MAC in Lilyland Collection. I already posted a review for this, so go check it out.

They are limited edition and came out last January I think or Feb? So if your local MAC counter still has them in stock, hidden somewhere in their drawers go get them!

Preppy- Blue Pink with pink pearls
Lush & Bright- Bright pink yellow coral with pink pearls

So I bet and I will assume this time that you guys know how the Revlon Colorburst looks like right? If not I posted about it here in my Blog. Just look for Revlon Coloburst

I got Peach, Carnation, Soft Rose, Baby Pink, and Soft Nude. I bought Soft Nude yesterday because my local drugstore didn't have this one in stock, so I went to another drugstore just to get this baby!

So from top-bottom:

Baby Pink
Soft Rose
Soft Nude
Soft Rose and Peach looks similar in these photos, but they don't in real life. Soft Rose has a warmer color compared to Peach.

Baby Pink has a frosty finish and a little bit of sheen to it.

Carnation is a cooler pink compared to Baby Pink and has a tad bit of blue undertone to it.

Soft Nude is...well...a nude with a little bit of peach color.

there they are, swatches for the MAC lipgelees and the Colorbursts. Im going to clean the house now. Sucks! have a nice Tuesday

xoxo, Kim


  1. i'm gonna have to check outsoft nude!
    looks so pretty :)

  2. i'm super craving soft nude!! unfortuantely, i've been checking all stores (which over here, only stock TWO of each colour) and they are all out :( :( i heard before that peach was also a decent "nude" colour, but it seems a fair bit darker. what do you think?

  3. I sooo need all of those Revlon colorbursts, they look amazing! I've heard so many great things about them :)

  4. Oh carnation is my favorite, but who am I kidding I love them all, and they look good on you =)

  5. @Caitlin- They are great, but don't be fooled by the pretty colors because they are pretty, but it tends to dry your lips out a tad bit.

    @Amndita- Thanks so much. I like Carnation too.

  6. @Sandra- I love them too, but I want the nude one and the peach one better. I have way too many pink colors already. I get sick of them sometimes. change is good.

  7. I can't wait to try the Revlon Colourbursts, I'm late on this one I know! Soft rose looks lovely
    Great blog :) x

  8. Good swatches.:D I like Carnation the most.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  9. @A certain Vintage- You should, but don't expect that it will be a perfect product. Just a heads up.

    @Marie- Thanks. I like it too, but I need to minimize buying pink lippies because I have too many of them. I should stick on buying those more reddish shades

  10. Hey hun, i jut came to tell you, i have given you the tylish blogger award.. xoxo

  11. Those Colourburst lipsticks look fab - great swatches! All the colours are really pretty but I especially like Soft Nude :) x

  12. @LilyLipstick- Thanks hun, Soft nude is pretty I must agree.

  13. I love the last three: Peach, Soft Rose and Soft Nude. =)

  14. Soft rose looks like it compliments you so well! And oh my goodness I hear you with the whole not being completely computer savvy. I still can't figure out why my blog posts randomly have like 6 lines of empty space between my written lines...it's pretty frustrating haha
    x Elise

  15. Peach looks really pretty. All the colours look lovely on your lips as you've got a gorgeous full pout!

  16. The colours are gorgeous-i really want some mac lip gelees! x

  17. @Elise- hahaha EXACTLY the way I feel

    @Agatha- Thanks, you are the first one who said that I have a full pout.=D

    @Katie- Go get one hun, It looks really sparkly swatched, but if you put them on your lips BAM! it totally changes!!


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