Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swatches: Pink Lipsticks

Hi ladies,

Im here once again sharing with you my most obsessed about makeup product- Lipsticks.

It's really weird that I got hooked with lipsticks because when I first started collecting make-up I swore to God that the least important product for me are lipsticks. I guess my world turned upsi daisies. Everything flipped over and now, Im super obsessed with lipsticks. I can't stop buying them. I think it's because of reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos.

I do not grab my pink lipsticks that often compared to to the nude ones just because they are harder to pair up with. You can't go wrong with nude lipsticks tho right? When it comes to pink lipsticks, you need to be careful with them and not to over use it. I like pairing them with neutral eyes just to balance the colors on my face.
From Left-Right: MAC Victorian, MAC Snob, MAC Angel, MAC Saint Germain, MAC Plink, Mac Viva Glam Gaga, NYC Acapulco, NYX Narcissus

I received tons and tons of emails asking me to swatch my lip products on my lips and not at the back of my hand. I agree, it is really different if it is swatched on the lips because the color and shade of the product really comes out. For the longest time, I figured out how to work my camera. I finally know how to capture photos up close and clear at the same time. yay.

Oh, I forgot while I was swatching these lipsticks on, I figured out that my Pink Nouveau was missing and I can't find it =(. I need to get a new one immediately. =(


Here are the swatches for my pink lipsticks.

MAC Victorian (LE)- Spring Color Forecast collection
MAC Snob(Satin)- permanent
MAC Angel(Frost)- Permanent
MAC Saint Germain(Amplified)- Pro color.(not sure)- permanent
MAC Plink(Lustre)- Permanent

MAC Viva Glam Gaga(Lustre)
NYX Acapulco

NYX Narcissus

NOTE: I heard a lot of people saying that NYX Narcissus is a perfect dupe for MAC Saint Germain, but I think Narcissus is more on the pink side while Saint Germain is more on the lilac side of the spectrum.

Whats next on my to buy list:
MAC Speed Dial
MAC Chatter Box
MAC Pink Nouveau
MAC Creme Cup

Are you more of the pink lipstick junkie, or nude?


  1. Lovely collection !
    I like the colors!

  2. I want lady gaga, i want it :). I hope that its not limited edition ;S

  3. @CGBlogger- They are lovely

    @Kellie- unfortuantely, it is at the same time its not. Lady gaga and Cyndi Lauper lipsticks will be sold for the whole year. Its awesome.

  4. These colors look fab on you, especially Saint Germain and Gaga.
    I'm more coral and peach lipstick junkie. If I have to choose from nude and pink then I'm a pink lip girl. Nude lips don't suit me and actually this kind of pink as well, blue undertones of these are too intense, except of Victorian and maybe Acapulco.

  5. @Liene- I should try and use peach colored lipsticks too. I think it would suit my skintone better compared to pinks.

  6. saint germain is a very very nice pink! :) and pink nouveau is on my list too LOL

  7. @CJ- I lost my precious Pink Nouveau it broke my heart. HAHA. My boyfriends getting it for me tomorrow. So excited for that.

  8. such pretty colors! i especially love the MAC AngelFrost
    I also want to thank you for following my blog! :) very happy that you like it! :))


  9. Awesome collection! ^_^

    I'm a self-confessed pink lipstick junkie... i had been more into pinks after one of my college classmates told me that she prefers me wearing pinks since my face becomes more classic-looking if i wear red lippies. I do wear red shades and these days, I am into nudes. But still, pink lippies work nicely for me. ^__^

  10. Luscious lips! Saint Germain and NYX Narcissus are on my wishlist! :)

  11. Ahhh such pretty colours :)

    I love my Saint Germain and Gaga!

    Will be going out to buy snob next I think :) xx

  12. I'm a pink lippie addict!! Love those colours!

  13. I think everyone should have peaches, nudes, and pinks in their collection. I think for my warm coloring pinks and nudes are a little harder for me to pull off even though I have so many! I'm more of a peachy nude kind of gal. YSL Rouge Volupte in 26 anyone? =)

  14. I do prefer pink lipsticks to nudes. I actually find nudes harder to work with!


  15. @Shimmering2light- I agree! thats why I should buy more peaches and corals! I SHOULD and I MUST! =D

    @CharlotteLily- Everyone's different I think it also depends on your hair color. If your blonde, then I think peach, pinks, and corals suit you better.If you are brunette or you have dark colored hair, i think nudes and reds suit you better. well thats what I think.

  16. Hey girl, Plink and Angel look so, so good on you! And I am completely the same...I used to hate lipstick and thought it was just the pits hahah


  17. i love your pinks :D i love pinks esp by mac my fave without a doubt is angel :D

    i really want to try Saint Germain x

  18. @Jade- Try it. It looks good on you i bet because you have a light skintone. go buy it =D


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