Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Products Update- 1

Hi ladies,

I was thinking of something to write today and thought about updating beauty products that I want. I feel so greedy whenever I do these kinds of post, maybe because I want a lot of stuffs. Thats me, I just procrastinate, but I don't buy everything that's on my list. Remember before I was lusting for a million beauty products? I probably only bought 5-6 of those. So for this post I will list down products that I will REALLY buy. I promise

There's this store in Vancouver called Beauty Marked and they sell tons of beauty products such as; St. Tropez, the egg lipblam(i forgot the brand), Stila, NARS, etc. I was shocked that they have St. Tropez there because I've been wanting to purchase that due to its popularity in the beauty world. Im so excited to go there and just buy products that are very hard to find. So a trip to Beauty Marked is a must for me and a huge haul is about to come.


Here they are:
-NARS Casino Bronzer
-Essie Polishes(Yes, This is still on my list because Im still in a hunt for a cheaper prized Essie polish)
-St Tropez(Not sure what kind to buy yet)
- EOS lipblam(I found the Brand)
- I need to get Acrylics or maybe Gel if Im rich this weekend and be able to pay about 80 bux!
- Spray tan is a must as well.

WOW thats a more practical things to buy and things to do huh? Wow Kim, You are improving! Good hob. Okay I just praised myself. haha.

You know what I want to do at the moment? Play water balloons and Water guns outside. Its super sunny outside 24 degrees!! WHOOOO!! Sorry Vancouver is a Sun Deprived City. It rains more than half of the year here. So if Mr Sun is out people play outside. Yes, even the big kids like me. =D

Thanks for reading guys.



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  2. That's a humble list! I've got Chanel and Nars on my wishlist - anything really, I just want to start collecting (moving on from Bobbi Brown and MAC!)!!! Terrible.

  3. Okay so I went to Beauty Mark today and they DO NOT sell the EOS lip balm......I went there because I was excited to see that you found it there.... I know we live in the same area so it has to be the right one.... :S did you buy it there?

  4. @Miss Krimson- I did not go there yet. Thanks for telling me that they dont because I saw it online. =( damn it!!!

  5. well i guess instead of you doing me the favour, I did you a favour :D
    but yes DAMMIT! I need to go to the states and get me one of those famous EOS lip balms. my store sells the shaving cream but i believe thats it :(


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