Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: MAC Lipgelees. A Small Clothing Haul

Hi everyone!

Today's post will be a very straight forward one. A review and a clothing haul.

I shopped for new clothes! I went shopping with a friend and bought a few clothes for summer. For this season, Im obsessed with bright colors- corals, yellows, tuqiouse, etc. For some reason these colours really attracts me. The clothes that I bought are simple ones, because Im not really a fan of graphic tees, or those overly designed tops that if I wear it twice a week people will instantly know that I wore it at least once. I want those plain ones that I can wear maybe twice in two weeks or something.
Baby pink top- I super love this top and the color is very flattering. It really looks good with almost everything- shorts, jeans, or even leggings. I would not wear this with any high waisted skirts or shorts.
Floral top- It is floral, I love the color combination on this top. I can't say anything bad about it. It has a silky material.
Coral oversized top- This is my favourite! I have this one in a turquiose one too. One of my fav tops this summer.
A review about MAC lipgelees. I thought about this for a long time if I should do a review or not because they are limited editions. Im sorry if you guys cant find these anymore, but I just want to share my thoughts and opinions on these beauties.

MAC Lipgelees:

From Left to Right: Resort Life, Lush & Bright, Preppy, and Shift to Pink

They were released last February - MAC in Lilyland collection. This collection is definitely a bright and colorful one. This collection definitely caught my eyes instantly.I will concentrate on the lipgelees. They sold 4 lipgelees in this collection namely: Lush & Bright, Preppy, Shift to Pink, and Resort Life.
Lush & Bright and Preppy Swatch
What do you guys think of the pigmentation? Isn't it lovely? they're bright! Thats all I can say =)
- Lush & Bright- bright pink yellow coral with pink pearl
- Preppy- Blue pink with pink pearl
- Shift to Pink- Light violet with silver pearl
- Resort Life- off- white with pink pearl

--> I have Lush & Bright and Preppy. If you guys see these lipgelees in your local MAC counter you guys should NOT think twice and grab it. Its perfect! I bet there are still some left in some MAC counters near you. I would recommend to ask your make-up artist if they have Lilyland left. The pigmentation of these lipgelees are awesome, the color is gorgeous, but the down side of this are the glitters or should I say the pearly finish of it is well.. too overwhelming and too out there. I don't have any problems with this mainly because I just dab this product on my lips. I don't put too much because my lips will look like a disco ball. When the color wears off the glitters won't stay on your lips.

Do you guys own MAC lipgelees? I think they are being discontinued already.


  1. wow great colors!! sooo bright and thick! and those tops are really cute!

  2. @Hershley's Sweet Kiss- yes they are indeed bright and thanks for the comment

  3. Those look well pigmented! I haven't tried any of the lip gelees, so interesting post. :)

  4. both of those colors are great! I so wish I would have gotten more things from the Lilyland collection!

  5. @VimpiressDoll- You should go get it ASAP because as far as I know they will be discontinued. =(

  6. @Caitlin- I wish I got the cream blushes =( I regret it. Hope MAC repromotes them anytime soon

  7. Good color payoff!:D I like your coral top!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  8. @Fintia- Thanks girl

    @Marie- I really like the pigmentation of it. The lipgelees arent that thick too.

  9. great colours!
    I would love to see them on your lips!

  10. the coral oversized top is really cute.. =)

  11. @TheStalling- Ill try to do a post on my favourite lippies some time soon =)

    @Aizel Camille- One of my fave tops too!

  12. Ive never tried any of the lipgelees, ive always wanted to though :) May give them a go! :D x

  13. That baby pink top is lovely!:)

  14. Hey honey.
    I think the KenzoKi Gel is only available in Europe. My friend bought one for me in France.
    But I don't know about other places, sorry :/

  15. I love that floral top it's adorable!

    x Elise


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