Friday, June 4, 2010

What brushes I use and a recent lipstick pruchase

Hi ladies!

So for the past 2 days I've been really into reading all the comments and blog posts for my contest by my lovely followers. I really am enjoying hosting this contest. I think I will be hosting one again anytime soon. prizes will be even better. Probably when I reach 400? or 500. I would just want to share what people mostly answered for my contest entry. The contest is not ending yet, it wouldn't hurt to share to you guys what they wrote.

So I asked about what is the LEAST important products for you guys and most of you answered a face primer and false eyelashes. I would agree with them because I don't really use false eyelashes just because I only use them when there is a special occassion.

so this post is meant to show what brushes I use for my face and eyes . I'll share my favourite brushes and will explain each one of them.

Here are the brushes I use for my face and eyes.

-The first one on the left is the Sephora # 41 Round Powder Brush- This brush is HUGE! probably a size of a tennis ball. I use this all over my face and neck as well with my MSF and bronzer. I really recommend this brush. This is my absolute favorite Sephora brush. $36

-Sephora platinum air brush # 55- I saw a lot of good reviews with this brush, so I went to Sephora and got it. I believe it retails for $34. This brush is used for liquid foundations and it really works well, blends the foundation properly, and gives an air brush finish. I use this brush for my NARS sheer glow and Revlon Photoready foundation and it works well. I won't recommend using this for thick foundations. The Sheer Glow and Photoready is quite runny so it works really well with it, but I won't recommend using this brush for MAC foundations. That's just my opinion, but let me know how it works for thicker foundations tho.
- ELF Powder brush- I mainly use this for contouring my cheek bones with my bronzer. I really love this brush and it retails for just $3. Isn't that lovely? It's really hard to find a cheap brush that really works well. I also use this one for blush application. I need to place an order for one more because I really love it. I need two of these haha.

- ELF complexion brush- This one retails for $3 as well. I use this for contouring as well. I like this, but I don;t love it as much I do with the Powder brush on top.

- Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher brush- this brush retails for $14.00. It's meant to be used for blushes and it works really well, but be careful because the hair on this brush is packed so be very light handed. This brush picks up a lot of products, so do not forget to tap off excess powder. I expected this brush to be bigger, but it turns out to be a size of a quarter.

A MAC Lipstick- Hue (Glaze) 

- MAC 239 Eyes Shading brush- I bet you guys have seen this everywhere. This retails for CND $29.00  pretty expensive, but worth every penny. Honestly, this is by far my favourite eyeshadow brush. I use this for putting eyeshadow on my lid and it helps the eyeshadow blend really well.

-MAC 219 Pencil Brush-  this brush retails for CND$ 27.50, again pricey, but worth the price I paid. I mainly use this for detailed work on my outer V and on my crease as well. I also use this for lining my lower lashline with an eyeshadow.

-MAC 217 Blending Brush - the name says it all. This brush is used for blending eyeshadows. Price for this is CND$27.00. That's all I can say.

-I would recommend these 3 brushes from MAC. Invest on a nice brush.-

I bought Hue!!

I bought a MAC lipstick in Hue(Glaze)
-I have been eyeing on this particular lipstick for a long time. It's about time to give it a try. I expected this lipstick to be very sheer, but it's not. It is pigmented, but not as pgimented as creamsheens. This would be a very toned down nude lippie. I can definitely wear this alone or with a gloss on top. I would describe it as a peachy nude with slight pink undertone and has a glossy finish to it. I predict that this will be my go-to-lipstick. Very satisfied with my purchase. Im a happy camper now.

My next post will be my favourite foundation. Watch out for that one. I would probably post it tomorrow.

What are your favourite brushes? comment below.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Kim


  1. I really want the Sephora #41 brush! And I absolutely love Hue... It's one of my all time faves! My No1 brushes are the MAC 134, 217 and 227!
    Tonia xx

  2. @ Tonia- Im def happy with Hue as well. I want to purchase 227 as well. A lot of good reviews for that one

  3. Woow cool blog :)
    You're really doing a nice job.

    Keep it up and keep in touch :d
    Much love

  4. Great! I wanna get that flat ELF brush!! :)


  5. I've been wanting Hue too! I'm waiting until I get one more empty MAC container though so I can get Hue free with the back-to-mac thing!

  6. I've just ordered my 2nd elf flat top brush tonight i need more than 1 as well xx

  7. Ahhh I love my Elf studio brushes too, such good value for money, its amazing!

    Just qish we could get the Sephora brushes over here in the UK :(


  8. @nicoletta- I know I need probably 4! haha

    @Laura-I know how you feel. I do not buy Sephora brushes here in Canada just cuz its much cheaper in the US. So i wait till I cross the border.

  9. love the color Hue. Gorgeous :)

  10. Oooh i have the same trio of eye brushes: 217, 239 and 219. Love them to bits!

  11. I love the mac 130 brush that has just come out with the to the beach collection. It's absolutely amazing, and works really well with my creme blush and highlighter. :) xx

  12. I am looking fwd to see what foundations you like. I have the hardest time finding one, I like the thicker ones. I have tried sooooo many, I recently tried the photoready one. But doesn't completley do the trick for me. I love the new lipstick you bought, I might have to try it haha!

  13. @Grace- yea i heard a lot about the 130 brush. I shud try it out.

    @Laura- you should try the NARS sheer glow. Its not that thick and not that thin as well. its perfect


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