Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haul- A Tad Bit of MAC and NARS

Hey ladies,

Such a pretty weather here in Vancouver, it is about 23 degrees. I just came from work and have nothing to do so might as well blog. I went to MAC about 4 days ago and bought this Cream Color Base in Shell. I heard a lot of raving about this, so knowing me I went to get it. I saw Hush Cream Color Base too. I was debating bout what to get, but the make-up artist said that Shell will look better on me. She was right indeed because Shell has a more natural finish to it compared to Hush or Luna.

What are Cream Color Bases?
They are versatile and have multiple purposes. It can be used as a highlight on your cheek bones, nose bridge, and brow bone. You can also use Cream Color Bases can also be used on your lips according to MAC. I wouldn't recommend it tho, or you guys could try it and tell me what you think. I recommend using a synthetic brush or better, use your fingers.

You can definitely choose any color or finish you want because MAC sells a huge range of colors for these. You should check them out on the MAC website.

NARS Deep Throat.

I adore this blush. I like it better than Orgasm actually. I really didn't like orgasm because its way to glittery for me. I love the color of it tho because it has a peachy pink color. NARS Deep Throat is probably close to MAC Pink Swoon with a little more peachy in color. NARS describes it as a peach with shimmer. I already wore this maybe about three times, and people actually complimented it. So two thumbs up for NARS Deep Throat.

NARS Irresistiblement Powder Bronzer

I thought this would be really light on my skin, but it turns out that it was darker than Laguna and more orange too. This suits my sister's skin tone the best! She uses this as a light blush on her cheeks. She is NC35. This product works really well on darker skin toned people. I wish I could wear this one tho, its a really nice golden terracotta color.

I can't really review this specific powder bronzer for you guys, but I would like to state that this works well or even the best for darker skin toned ladies. So get tanned girls, or rather I should get a tan. =)

Have you guys tried out MAC cream color bases out? what do you think?


  1. Hi! I have also tried the Shell cream color base. I also use it as a base for eyeshadows, highlight and also use it to layer my blush. I wanted to try Hush, unfortunately the MAC stores here in the philippines do not carry cream color bases anymore..actually, a number of products are not available here.


  2. Havent try the colour bases but they definitely looks amazing!!!I'm going too!!thanks for sharring!!Loved the pictures!

  3. I've not tried the Creme Colour Bases before, but this looks gorgeous. I'll have to check them out next time I'm in a MAC store. Great post.

  4. since i have combi-oily skin i'm afraid to try creme colour bases, especially pricey ones, because it might not work out good on me :( oh actually, i only have this one cheek tint from joe fresh (it's cheap!) that can be considered as a creme colour base. LOL.

    but that shell creme colour base looks pretty!! and the nars deep throat too =)

  5. I love Shell. I use it for everything highlight my cheekbones, under my brow bones, bridge of my nose. Absolutely love it. :) I love pearl too. MAC do some amazing color bases.

  6. I have been wating to get a cream color order. lol

  7. i love NARS products! Cute blog!
    i am following you! follow back please?

  8. I'e never tried Nars products but have only heard good things about them. That blush is such a pretty color.

  9. I haven't tried any yet but MAC Hush cream color base in my cart right now LOL! Check out my blog... you've been awarded :)


  10. @May- yea you should try at least one. They are super multi purpose

  11. I love my Cream Colour Base!
    I have Luna and Hush and they are great!

  12. @TheStalling- I was suppose to get hush Selina. That would be my next purchase. haha

  13. I really want to get that NARS blush. I gave in to all the hype over orgasm, and I was a bit disappointed. Guess I'll just have to wait and finish it before I can buy this one!


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