Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barely There Lippies + FOTD

As you all know I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks. I don't know why, but I'm. I don't own a lot of lipsticks compared to other people, but I think I still need to minimize my cravings for nudes. I love nudes maybe because it goes with everything- smokey looks, blue eyeshadows, purple eyeshadows, simple looks, everything practically. I own mostly MACs, but I really want to explore other brands. I really really desperately want  YSL and Chanels, but their price are way up there. I'll probably get my hands on them when I finish 2 lipsticks, or maybe 3. Can you guys resist a temptation like this?

I have 5 nude lippies, but one is almost dunzo whooopieee. I like it when a products is almost out, just because it means that it was well loved.
From L-R: MAC Creme D Nude, MAC Hue, Gosh Darling, ELF Natural Nymph and MAC Myth
From L-R: MAC Creme D Nude, MAC Hue, GOSH Darling
From L-R: ELF Natural Nymph and MAC Myth

Myth is almost out and I'm really happy. I love this color and the finish of it is amazing. I really love the satin finish of MAC just because it gives a subtle sheen to my lips. I know a lot of people say that Myth is super drying and it is to be honest, but it is still my most well loved lipstick next to it  is Creme D Nude.
FOTD: (June 9)

Another face of the day for this blog. I love looking at other people's FOTD just because I like to know what products they use, or how they look.

I often go with natural look- neutral eyeshadows, winged liner, mascara. know I need to learn how to put on exciting colours because summer is approaching. Time for my colored eyeshadows to shine this season. I ignored them during fall and winter just because I don't have the guts to go out with colored lids. I'm talking about blues, purples, yellows, orange, etc. Do you guys wear eyeshadows that are flashy? Tell me how you guys pull it off because I'm still not comfortable with them.

Here is my rather out there FOTD.  

Products used:

Korres Vitamin Face Primer
Revlon Photoready in Nude
MAC Fix +
NARS Laguna Bronzer
MAC By Candlelight MSF for highlight
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Bare Study Paintpot
MAC Hey E/S- Inner lid
MAC Love Lace E/S- outer half of the lid and lower lashline
MAC Shroom E/S tear duct and brow bone highlight.
MAC Black Track Gel Liner
Maybeline Great Lash mascara

Creme D Nude
Fashion Scoop Cremesheen.

Do you have a lipstick that you absolute love that you would purchase again and again? mine would be angel, creme d nude and Myth



  1. I love rocking bright coloured eyeshadow, but I also understand why it's not to everyone's taste! Honestly I have the confidence to wear it because when I do I always get loads more compliments on my make-up than if I did a neutral eye. I love it when people notice the time I take on my make-up! :) x

  2. if you live near a walmart, hard candy makes a really nice nude called fire alarm. i'm not a big lipstick person but i love it. :]

  3. @Sabra Rose-I know what your mean. When I wore this one out I got a lot of good complimets. Its like they notice my makeup more.

    @Liza- Ohhhhh I should go and check that one out. Thanks for the recommendation liza

  4. this entry is a help to me as i am currently looking for some nice nude l/s that i can use everyday =) great post! hehe.

  5. These swatches are so helpful honey!
    Thank you for that!
    I have to say you look absolutely amazing in this fotd! Your skin is flawless, like no pores at all! Jealous!

  6. @CJ- Good to know that. =)

    @The STalling- I need to have guts to wear f;ashy eyeshadows! I NEED to!! haha

  7. I love nude lipsticks too. I have all of the ones you mentioned besides Gosh Darling. Wish we had Gosh in U.S.A. Great post. :)

  8. those are all great colors!
    have you ever tried revlon's soft nude? i've heard its a good nude, but i havent tried it yet.

  9. thank you for stopping by my page, i'm following you now too!


  10. @Ansa- hun, trust me I looked everywhere for GOSh darling here in Canada, I finally found it in an unknown store. hahaha

    @Ashley- NOOOO!!! Thats because revlon decided not to release their new lipburst lippies here in CANADA!! ARGH!!! im so pissed of with them now.

    @ Jenn- thank you so much

  11. your eyeliner is so precise.. i like the uber tin lining..

  12. That's a gorgeous eye look - I love brights but I don't always feel like wearing them. I'm trying to make an effort to wear them more though! Those lipsticks look gorgeous - I love ELF's Natural Nymph :) x

  13. You look gorgeous, I am in love with your skin tone - You pull this look off effortlessly!

    Lovess Xx

  14. hey there I just nominated you for an " I love your blog award" check it out =)

  15. I'm in love with my MAC Myth as well, and its the one that I buy over and over again ;) Love the FOTD

  16. Girl, you are not alone! Lately, I've been lovin' EVERYTHING nude! Nude lipsticks, shoes and purses. Great post on the nude lipsticks tho, might have to check these out this weekend!

  17. Thanks for following me! Of course I will follow back :)!

    I love the nude lippies, although I'd have to try one! Everything nude just seems to be lovely at the moment xx

  18. I heart nude shades. I have 'myth' by Mac but i always put a dab of gloss over to soften the blow lol. Thanks for following (i can't see you on my followers tho :( ), following you now. x

  19. I love barely there lippies, great posts! I really need to get my hands on Hue :) and you look lovely!

  20. I love Myth from Mac :) Nude lipsticks are my favourites too-they always look good! :) x

  21. I'm loving your nude lipsticks!

    check out my blog! Hope you can follow!

  22. this looks awesome. I love the GLOW it gives you.


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