Monday, June 21, 2010

Im Late with the Colorburst!

Yes, I'm late with the Revlon lippies. Not my fault tho, Canada released these babies way too late compared to UK and the US. so sad, but I'm soo glad they are with me already. There are so many reviews and swatches about these colorburst already, but it wouldn't hurt to add more right?

These lippies retails for CND$ 10.99 and that's expensive. I believe they sell these in Target in the US for only US$8.oo? correct me if Im wrong. I can't wait any longer so I rushed to Shoppers Drugmart after work and bought these. I was honestly surprised they sell it for 11 bux! holy cow! I was expecting it to be less that $10.


Ive tweeted about these lipsticks, ranted about Canada not releasing these lipsticks, and finally I think God heard my prayers and demanded Revlon to release their new lipsticks here in Canada. Yes God demanded them to release it here for all Canadian beauty junkies like me. It was released here in Vancouver 2 weeks ago. SO thank you Revlon, this is for you. hah!

The packaging is pretty and I like the big swatch they have outside the lipstick tube. It's quite accurate, but it's not the exact swatch. So thank you Revlon for an awesome job with the packaging and the big swatch you gave us.

From left to right: Peach, Baby Pink, Carnation, and Soft Rose

I like the colors I made for the texts! hahahaha you guys like it?

left: Peach
Right: Baby Pink
Left: Soft Rose
Right: Carnation
wow crappy swatch. haha sorry
Some dupes:
Revlon Soft Rose= MAC Viva Glam Cyndi
They are not the EXACt dupe, but close. Cyndi just have a pink undertone to it and it is brighter than Revlon SOft Rose.
What do you think? Are they close?
Revlon Soft Rose on the Left and Cyndi on the right
These are almost the perfect dupe!
Revlon Baby Pink=MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Left: Revlon Baby Pink
Right: MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Revlon Baby Pink is more on the frosty side compared to Gaga.
Left: Revlon Baby Pink
Right: MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Do you guys own these lipsticks? what do you have? share it with me and what do you think about them?

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hugs, kim


  1. wow those are some impressive MAC dupes!!! Thanks for the swatches love!

  2. I have fuchsia and raspberry. :)i'm def. getting the baby pink one next time. ;)

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  4. I got these about 6 months ago from the Revlon school in Canada. They gave them to us early! It was sweet.. everyone asked which lipstick I was wearing... and I'm like "sorry" their not in Canada yet!! I have the peach one. and I really love them. They are very moisturizing and the packaging is so sleek for a drugstore brand.
    ps. girl. we live in the same city! we should meet up sometime! I work in the beauty industry... should hook you up with a discount! haha!

  5. I've only got Gaga so I don't know how to compare but i absolutely love the Gaga one. It's so suttle so anyone who loves nude lippies would deff love the Gaga

  6. wow! love the baby pink color! ^_^

  7. Ugh I want them too!
    Germany is even more late with the release...
    I want Baby Pink! It is so pretty!

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  9. Oo lovely swatches and dupes, thanks for sharing. I still need to purchase one of these. x

  10. do they have the super red color?

  11. @Gixxy- yes they do, but I don't know if its a RED red color. The name is called True Red

  12. Good swatches and great dupes!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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