Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contest for 150 followers extended

I will be extending my contest until the end of June- June 30. If you do not know what I'm talking about just find my post for contest entry for 150 followers. Everything is written there- prizes, rules, etc. I might add couple more prizes for my giveaway. I really appreciate each and everyone who entered my contest. I already read all your entry, 33 in total, so I want everyone to have a chance to join as well. You can comment below if you haven't entered.

These are the questions:
1. List 5 go-to-products.
2.What is the LEAST important makeup products in your opinion? and why?

-post your entry (answers) on your blog title it as missKC027(Kim) contest entry, comment below and put your link.
-Winner will be chosen randomly-end date- June 30

Prizes include:(Photos: Find it at my post for 150 contest entry.)
-Viva Glam Cyndi/Gaga- your choice
-1 OPI nail polish- your choice
-1 MAC lipglass/eyeshadow/lipstick
-5 MAC lipglass (Utterly Discrete, Steal My Heart, Dreamy, Light That Fire, I forgot the last one =D and a mineralized blush in Superdupernatural)
- might add a couple more. I will let you guys know if ever.

did i forget anything? I don't think so. haha
so comment below, post your link and enjoy.

PS. Next post will be on nude lipsticks

hugs, kim


  1. Here's the link to my blog with my answers!

  2. Hiya,

    Found and now follow your blog after your lovely comment on mine. Enter me please!

    My blog is:

    My email is

    Thanks :o)

  3. argh I want to win so bad :/
    can not wait til you choose the winner :)


  4. @Stalling- your so funny Selina.. I will SOON. Ur contest ends july 13 right? good luck with that

  5. wow, great giveaway! just wanted to let you know, i have a giveaway posted too! so if you're interested put in an entry! thanks! ( :

  6. Hi sweet! I forgot to tell you that my blog is moving, and so the entry for your giveaway`s address also changed! I`m very sorry :(

    Here`s my new address entry, I`ve imported it from my old blog. It`s the same!

    please include to my previous entry, thank you!

    XOXO, Ditha

  7. Great great giveaway! congratulations!

    Here's the link to your giveaway..


  8. Hey thanks for visiting my blog!..I love the contest that you have going on so I decided to enter! =)

    Here is the link to my contest entry:

    I'm now a new follower of yours so please enter me! and follow me if you like my blog! =)

    My e-mail is


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