Saturday, June 12, 2010

Haul- MAC, NARS, drugstore and Sephora

Hey everyone!

I went to a MAC, NARS, Sephora, and a drugstore to do a little makeup bonanza. I haven't shopped for a while now, its about time to treat myself for some fun. I went with my sister to the mall because I promised her that I will buy her makeup as a graduation present. She is graduating high school tomorrow !

So I went to A MAC and NARS counter and bought my much awaited Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga. AT LAST after 2 weeks of wait MAC called me that the Viva Glams arrived. I bought a Gaga and Cyndi for a prize for my 150 contest and they are with me, in a box, inside a MAC plastic bag ready for another lady to own them. Oh and I bought Viva Glam Cyndi for myself too. I love it!! Next purchases are from MAC in Lilyland Collection. I bought Pearl Matte Eyeshadow and Pearl Matte Face Powder. I was really lucky that my MAC counter still has this. This collection was released last January I believe or February.

Gaga- top, Cyndi- Bottom

I would conclude that MAC Cyndi Lauper is by far my best reddish pink lipstick. Everyone must own this and I MEAN EVERYONE!! It is worth every penny and worth the hype and attention it gets from all makeup junkies. Viva Glam Cyndi would really enhance your features.

Pearl Matte Eyeshadow from MAC in Lilyland collection- Very sheer product. I swiped it 4 times to get the color that you guys see in this photo. I love the combination, but I know I will only use the highlight color on this one.

Pearl Matte Face Powder- I would not use this as a face powder, but as a blush. it reminds me of Orgasm by NARS, but more peachy orange with gold glitters and less of a pink undertone to it. Its ironic how they call it a matte face powder, but it has glitters on it. Anyways, I like how this one looks. I think I wouldn't use this at all because I do not want to ruin the design on it.

Swatched individually

Swirled around

Then I went to NARS and bought Deep Throat. I have been thinking about this blush for a really long time, and it's about time to own this baby. I also got a bronzer ,it is lighter than Laguna tho it is called Irresistiblement. I would use this as a blush for summer time. I still want Casino and Penny. in Fact, I need it desperately.

Sorry I do not have photos for both Irresistiblement and Deep Throat because my sister borrowed it, and she is not home right now. I promise I would do a seperate post on them. Tomorrow!

Lastly, I went to Shoppers Drugmart to get cheap eyeshadows. I was thinking about getting Cover Girl eyeshadows, but I came across a brand named Palladio. I really like the mix of their eyeshadow trios. I bought it and they are very pigmented, one swipe. Done.

eyeshadow Trio- Palladio. There is no number or name or anything. sorry guys, but its beautiful!! look at the pigmentation of this. The bad side on this is that it is a soft eyeshadow just like NYX singles, but the colours are gorgeous. I love the combination of it. Nice job Palladio. The far left reminds me of MAC Naked Lunch, middle shade reminds me of MAC Cranberry, and the right shade reminds me of Satin Taupe with less purple undertone.

Then I went to Sephora to purchase another Korres lip butter in Quince because I love my Pomegranate. I wanted Jasmine, but they are sold out. I don't want to leave empty handed, so I grabbed Quince instead.

Quince is MAC Angel Lipstick in Lip balm form. I love how it just gives a flush of color on my lips.

Have you you guys been shopping for makeup lately? Discovered any new products?
mine would be the Palladio Eyeshadow Trio.

Thanks for reading

hugs, Kim


  1. Aw I love your purchases, I need to get me some Mac....

    I love your haul!

  2. ohh how come i haven't seen any palladio stuff at all shoppers drugmart stores here in our area? :( that's not fair, lol. we have palladio at sally's tho. i just went (a bit) makeup shopping the other day and probably will go again next week lol.

    that's a very nice korres lip butter shade you got there!

  3. @CG Blogger- Yeap hun you better! haha

    @CJ- They have them in Sallys? it would probably be cheaper there.

  4. i totally want the lady gaga one !
    i think the cyndi lauper one is too red for my liking .
    but lovely haul ! :)

  5. @Eva- you should try it on first. I thought it would be way too red for me too, but I bought it with no regrets.

  6. wow... I think I need to buy the MAC Cyndi Lauper... Nice color! =)

  7. @Aizel Camille- very pretty indeed. The color is the perfect reddish coral pink

  8. ooh you relaly like the lauper lipstick :P i tried em both and they both looked horrible on me lol you're lucky


  9. that's plenty of macs..i love the palladio eyeshadow the most though

  10. Ahhh my fave is the Viva Glam Gaga, don't think I could pull off the Cyndi!

    Fab haul though hun - Must have been saving up hehe


  11. great purchases hun!
    I am so jealous of the Gaga lipstick!

  12. Gaga is so pretty ;-) Enjoy your goodies xx

  13. awesome purchase! I'm so jealous of ya! Very tempting to try some of them MAC lipsticks you got there!~

  14. Great haul Kim! Love all the purchases...I must get the Viva Glam Cyndi! Love the Palladio eyeshadow trio too, I'll have to look for those!


  15. You bought some great stuff! I love both Gaga & Cyndi.
    Check out my blog & follow please

  16. Wow, Palladio eye shadow looks so pigmented and shines so nicely. Great discovery. :) xo

  17. I'm so sad i missed out on the mac lilyland collection :( my counters all out now :( nice haul :) x


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