Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: OPI Drip Dry vs. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Some competition right here huh?

I know these two guys are very popular in the beauty world because they are amazing products, but for me, only one of them succeeds. Which one? You'll see.

Ill start of with OPI Drip Dry:
-->This product is great and retails for $9.99 in US and $11.99 in Canada well it depends where you buy it. I am almost out of it just because I try to finish this one first before opening my Seche Vite.
What it claims to do:
--> It helps nail polishes dry up faster.
--> put 1-2 drops and wait for about 60 seconds before touching your nails.
--> nails will dry completely in 5 minutes.

Is this true? I don't agree with it drying completely in about 60 seconds.
What I do: I put on my nail polish probably 2-3 coats and then wait for about 5 minutes to let t dry a little bit, then put 1-2 drops of Drip Dry. After using the Drip Dry wait for about

8-10 minutes in order for your nail polish to dry up completely. (WARNING:I find that if you put more than 2 coats of polish and then apply the Drip Dry immediately it is more prone to getting imprints even if you think that it is already DRY.)

I really like the packaging of this because of the dropper. Lame I know, but hey you guys agree with me too right?

Will I purchase this again?NO I WONT!. Why? because I do not like the feeling after dropping this on my nail varnish. There's something in it that makes my nails feel oily and I don't want that. It doesn't make my nails shiny at all, it makes it even more dull and blah looking.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
so I do not want the Drip Dry and that means that I love Seche Vite. I swear there is some sort of chemicals in it because it makes nail polishes look darn shiny and pretty. This product retails for 11.99 here in Canada, and I believe it is cheaper in the US. Obviously. haha. I don't really care whether it comes with a brush because I still love the formula of it. I know that there are complaints about it becoming thick when it becomes old. I think it all depends on how you take care of it. Just remember to seal the cap properly or else, air will come in.

what it claims to do: Helps nail polish dry faster than usual and helps lengthen the life of the nail polish on your nails for about 3-4 days more.

Is it True? I do not think it lengthens the life of the nail polish that long, but it does dry up fast and it dries to a shiny and polished finish.

How I use it: I apply 2-3 coats of polish, wait for about 5 minutes then apply 1-2 coats of Seche Vite on top. Wait for about 5 minutes and it will dry completely. I love this product and it is a definite holy grail for me.

Would I purchase this again? Yes I will because this is my second bottle already. Im half way done and about to buy my third one. I recommend Seche Vite compared to Drip Dry by OPI.

So there it is my review of the famous Seche Vite and Drip Dry. Do you guys agree with me with Seche Vite, or do you prefer Drip Dry instead?



  1. Totally agree! Seche Vite is HG for me and I will repurchase again and again. It has made my mani/pedis sooo much easier. I've tried drip dry before and I agree, not as great. Although I never got a chance to finish mine up because the dropper broke when it fell on the floor =(

  2. @Shimmering2light- Thats even worst! the dropper broke??

  3. Thanks for the review hun!!!So good one!

  4. I'm a Seche Vite lover. I have tried several fast dry top coats including Poshe and Seche is the winner hands down.
    Great review,

  5. Thank you for reviewing!
    Cery helpful!
    Have you tried any of the Essie fast drying products?

  6. amei seu blog!!! quero te convidar para ir conhecer o meu!!!

  7. I loved Drip Dry when I first purchased it because it did dry my nails quickly, but within a day my nails began to chip! It's happened each time I've used it so now I only use it when I'm doing a one-day mani :)

    I looooooove Seche Vite though...I just bought it this weekend for the first time, and it's already won me over!!

  8. @The Stalling- No I havn't tried any Essie fast drying products yet, but I guess nothing will beat Seche Vite. haha

  9. I did love seche vite, until I got halfway through the bottle. I didn't notice it getting thicker, I take good care of my nail polishes too. but everytime I used it, the WHOLE nail color would peel off. Not just chip, I'd have a complete bare nail. It happened with OPi, China Glaze, and even drugstore ones. I have no clue what's going on!

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  11. I just got one of Sally Hansen's fast drying products yesterday, Insta-Dri
    Anti-Chip Top Coat (they make two different drying products; not sure what the difference is)...I'm only on my second day, so I can't comment yet as to whether it makes polish last longer, but it definitely DOES do a good job of drying nails faster. You wait 2 minutes after applying polish, then apply the product, then your nails are dry to the touch in 30 seconds. My nails feel thicker and stronger with it on. I haven't tried the other products before, but this one was about 5 bucks and seems good. :)

  12. @Jenarcissist- Thanks for that information, I will definitely check that one out of we have it here in Canada. Ill put that in mind. thanks hun

  13. Where is a good place to buy Seche Vite? I was hoping to get it at Sally's Beauty Supply - but they were out of stock :-(

  14. Thanks for posting this (even though its a year old) I was going to purchase the drip dry but will try the SV instead! Thanks!

    Sarah (I live in BC too!)


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