Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Decision Worth Thinking About- Acrylic Nails

Yeap acrylic nails are worth thinking about you know? I want to get one and Im planning to get my nails done next week, but something is stopping me.
I got my nails done(acrylic nails) twice already and I know the consequences of it. The process is painless, but the aftermath sucks balls. My nails got so thin that it chips off easily like a mother. Well okay, my nails grow fast, but still I don't want to see my nails ruined. DO you get what I mean.

well okay, let me first try to explain what arylic nails are, even though I know you guys know what it look like.

Arcylic nails looks and feels like natural nails. They are artificially designed nails that can be pasted on your natural nails. Such nails are made up from mixing a chemical powder with a hardening chemical liquid. Several women wear them for many reasons. Just by looking on your fake nails just makes you happy and contended.

What are the PROs and CONs of acrylic nails:

- people use them because htey don't want their natural nails to be subjected to damages made by nail polishes.

- acrylic nails is good for those people who have soft and brittle nails that can easily crack and results in bleeding-yikes! (the acrylic nails adds stength to the natural nails)

-last point, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the chemicals used are toxis which results to damged natural nails

- if you ripped your arcylics, there will be a big chance that your natural nails will be ruined too.

- the aftermath of getting acrylic nails is painful to look at.

There are our PROs and CONs for acrylic nails. I told you it is a hard decision to make. Im more on the getting acrylic nails part than not getting acrylic nails. haha. I know the process, they drill your natural nails, put the chemical powder then lastly, apply the hardening liquid. tada you got your fake beautiful nails done. It sounds so easy, but it's not for me because eventually I will apply polish and then remove it after 4 days, then reapply a new one. This is soo frustrating.

So if you were in my place what would you choose? Acrylics or no acrylics?

hugs, KIM


  1. Why don't you try Gel nail. They look more natural, and they are not as harsh on your nails. They can but the gel over you natual nails so as your nails grow you have the nice gel finish on top. They last longer the acrylics as far a fill ins go, but they are a little more expensive.

  2. @EmeraldC83- I know gel nails are so expensive! they are about 60-100 dollars depends where I get it done. Im thinking about that one too. Gel nails do not ruin or destroy your natural nails not like acrylics. Im considering that one, but the price is massively expensive

  3. hey kim, i can do gel nails for $35-$55+ only with really pretty designs. check out my blog and you'll know what i mean!

    here's a blogger who got her nails done for roughly $35 bucks because she promised to do a review for me (more info when u email me)

    so check it out when u have time, and see the options u have, acrylic is not as popular really =P

    love ur blog, i read all the time!

  4. hey! thanks for commenting on my blog. You said you followed, but it doesn't show you as a follower. But i followed you back!(:

  5. @Joyce Wong- I live in Vancouver and your place is located in Toronto right? hahaha I would love too, but its too far. thanks so much for the offer tho

  6. @Katie- Hey Katie I followed you already, but I cant see my face on your follower list tho. I think there's something wrong with my following thing. sorry, but I did follow already like about a minute ago

  7. I say no. Not to long ago I got mine done in acrylics for the first time and when I took them off I hated it. My nails grow fast too, but I can still see the curve on the tip of my nail where the fakes used to be. My nails were very brittle (when they're usually really strong) and soft and they broke like crazy. My thumb still hasn't recovered and I regret that I ever did it. I agree with EmeraldC83 try gel it may not be as harsh.

  8. I am a proud follower of acrylics. Here's what I've learned. For a longer lasting full set, give yourself a manicure first by pushing back the cuticles an dmoisterizing them well. The cheaper places are sometimes the best. I go to a place in the hood where its $12 for a full set and it NEVER lifts off or breaks off. Usually, whoever sits at the table closest to the front is the best one there. It totally is worth it I think you just gotta find the right place


  9. ooh boo, thanks for replying!
    by the way, i heard vancouver has daiso! im so jealous!!

  10. I would say try gel nails.
    I have seen beautiful results at my friends nails and I was also thinking to get them.

  11. no thanks.. i dont want to risk causing long time damage. there are alternatives such as nail treatments..

  12. Although it destroys my nails, I can't resist doing acrylic every time!

  13. guess I won`t wear those acrylic nails...I love my natural nails and with the right treatment, it`ll be okay to dress up your nails with everything.

  14. wow majority of you guys said not to get acrylics haha. hmmm maybe ill consider getting gel nails. I know it is much safer, but pricey. Im still in the thinking era. hahaha

  15. hey Kim! I think acrylics look AMAZING on most people. But not me. I can't wear acrylics 'cuz I have retarded stubby thumbs, so it looks reallyyy bad on me. :) haha.
    Anyways, I love ur blog. Check out mine??

  16. I don't like fake nails, so i go for the natural ones! But it's just because I wouldn't like them on me, they can look cool on others (like Serena above said).

  17. Try biosculpture gel nails. they are way healthier then acrylic!


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