Monday, June 7, 2010

Things to Buy and Recommendations

Another Random Post.

Okay I'll will be honest, I forgot my camera at my boyfriend's house, so I can't upload any pictures.I already took pictures of my nude lipsticks last night, so expect a post for that probably tomorrow, if not then on Wednesday. I will be posting another FOTD and lipstick, lipgloss collection. Watch out for that as well.Thanks

Makeup really makes me happy. If I'm having a bad day, I go to a drugstore or practically any store that sells nail polish or makeup and it instantly lights me up. Sometimes, I won't buy anything just because maybe, I'm saving up for something I really want, but most of the time I purchase couple of things. Shame on me. *BIG SMILE*

Have you guys ever felt the same way? of course you do! we are all make-up junkies here right?
So what is this post for? I would be showing my next purchases here- makeup, hair products, nail polish, anything beauty related. Feel free to post the same content on your blog. I really love reading these kinds of post. It makes me happy knowing that every girl really needs something pretty to make them happy..well..once in a while.

So for now I'm saving up for Essie polishes and the new collection from MAC- In the Groove.

- NARS Penny Lane
- NARS Deep Throat
- NARS Casino Bronzer
- NARS Nepal eyeshadow
- Essie Polishes(Any recommendations???? I desperately need Essie polishes in my collection. Im missing out so much!!!!)
- MUFE HD Blush
- MAC- Viva Glam Cyndi and Viva Glam Gaga
- MUFE full coverage concealer in #6
- MAC Speed Dial Lipstick
- N.Y.C. Cream Blush
- ELF Powder Brush
- MAC Face brushes- i really want the paddle brush. I forgot what number it is. Do you guys have anything in mind to recommend for me?
- Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Conclusion- Less MAC more NARS

Must buy Immediately: NARS Penny Lane, NARS Casino Bronzer, NARS Nepal, MAC Gaga and Cyndi, MUFE Full Coverage Concealer.

I need your recommendations for :
- Essie Polish
- MUFE HD Blush Color
- Any Peach colored blush

(Do you guys have any of these products? What colors would you recommend for me, I have an NC 25 Skin tone, Brown Hair, Asian)

hugs, Kim


  1. i like essie's mesmerize :)

  2. thanks for your interest in my blog, and for following! :) i'll put up more blogs very soon! i'm following you as well, keep them coming.

  3. Thank you for sharing sweety!
    Essie polishes are amazing, I love Van D'Go!
    Perfect pastel peach for summer, I will do a NOTW soon so you can see.

    I swatched NARS Casino lately, ant IO think it will look wonderful on you!

    I also saw Jo rocking the NYC cream blush, this must be great too. Unfortunately I don't have this brand anywhere near me...

    Girl I would die for the MAC Gaga and Cyndi lipsticks, they are sold out everywhere... :/
    Sometimes I hate germany...
    A good peachy blush is MAC Coppertone. Matte, love it.

    I am excited to see your next FOTD!

  4. Essie Watermelon is an amazing colour :)

  5. Right now Sephora has this NARS set for like $44 I think. It comes with Deep Throat, Orgasm multiple, and a lip pencil I believe. I just ordered it which will be my first NARS purchase! :)

    I don't really have any Essie recommendations because I honestly don't like the formula or brush of Essie polish.

  6. Hey gorgeous, all that yummy makeup... wouldn't mind any of that in my purse ;-D
    From Essie I've got a couple - the ballerinas (french manicure) and a perfect peachy colored one.
    I'll look into the names when I'm home later on today!
    Also the Dior blush I use is this great collection of four shades, that turn yummily peachy :-D
    /xxx Nete

  7. @ CJ- Thanks I saw that one already and its pretty.

    @Kaylie- Thanks sweetie

    @The Stallng- I heard Van D Go all the time I should go out and check that one. I wud love to see your NOTW Selina. I know how you feel about Germany not having a lot of brands, I feel the same way here in Canada.

    @Sarah- Essie Watermelan is gorg! Its a really reddish coral color.

    @Jasmine- Ooohh that sounds a good deall. So Nars here I come!!

    @Ms Confashion- Thanks for your time hun, Ill wait for that grg peachy color you are saying

  8. I love your eyebrows... they are so natural & amazing!!

  9. Did you buy NARS Penny Lane yet? I was thinking about getting it but every time I swatch it, it doesn't wow me. However, every time I look at a swatch online, it completely wows me haha

    And peach coloured blushes are my FAVOURITE! Try Lorac's matte blush in Peach or Shu Uemura's Glow On blush in P47. That Shu blush is literally makes your skin glow. Maybe I'll do a FOTD with it on soon...and then actually take a picture of my face haha

    xx Elise

  10. I suggest buying...(some of my HG products from NARS)

    NARS Crazed blush
    NARS Angelika blush
    NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Punjab
    NARS eyeshadow in Night Fever

    My favorite Essie polishes are Chastity, Mint Candy Apple, Turquoise and Caicos, Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island.

    I also suggest getting some Zoya polishes, they're super super pretty!

  11. this is late, but mint candy apple is good - it just tends to streak for me : ( & it doesn't seem to match my hand 's skin color :P

    so i just do some decos over it ;)

    if you like pinks - petal pink! i love it right now :D 2-3 coats for a light barbie pink , or 1 coat just for a wash of pale natural pink :)

    i need some essies too :D


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