Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rave: Viva Glam Cyndi Toned Down

Hi pretty ladies

How was your weekend? Feel like summer already? or are the rain clouds ruining it? I had a nice weekend, but drama came along with me. Well everyone needs some drama in their lives right?

You all know that I love my nudes, I won't ever let them go because they are super versatile. In a way that you can wear it everyday to tone down your look. Too much nude is not good tho, well for me because I'm pale-NC 25 and nudes sometimes makes me look dead-ish. SO time to move a better shade- Reddish coral. I want everything with a reddish coral shade from now on.- Nail polish, lipsticks, and lipgloss.
I have been raving about Viva Glam Cyndi for about 2 weeks now, Here's why;
-For God' s sake it's Cyndi Lauper- she is an icon
-The packaging of this Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi is to die for with their signature on the tube.
-The shade of this lippie is awesome because of the reddish coral color and it has a slight pink undertone. It also gives a nice sheen on the lips.

Honestly at first, I ignored Viva Glam Cyndi and bought Gaga because it got a lot of attention, well more that Cyndi did. I never thought a reddish coral shade will look good on me. In fact, Viva Glam Cyndi looks better on me compared to Viva Glam Gaga.

How I use this lipstick- I just dab it. I don't apply it on my whole lips, but I just apply i with dabbing motion. I don't want an intense red lips anyways. Then I put MAC Myth to tone down the colour and...tada a paler reddish lips. I would def. put Cyndi on alone, but it depends on the occasion. I would pair it with a simple eye, flashy eyeshadows are a no no. Well that;s in my opinion.

and..Viva Glam Cyndi slapped on my lips with a hint of Myth
I wore this during my sister's graduation

Do you guys use red lipsticks? what would you recommend for me? I think I will be using more of this shade from now on.


  1. i like it! i never use red lips, i prefer more natural pinks and nudes, but that's just me! i think they way you toned down Cyndi looks really good on you!!

  2. @Ashley- you should try it. ou wont regret getting cyndi

    @Fintia-thanks sweetie

  3. i much prefer the toned down Cyndi look, i was really apprehensive about getting it and still haven't, i, like you, went more towards the Gaga one as i consider it to be more 'everyday' but you've proved me wrong in this post ;D

  4. i like this one. it suits you well!

  5. This really suits you :) i dont feel brave enough to wear a red lol xx

  6. @Narny Bar- yes me too, but the Cyndi lipstick is a grown up shade for me. it makes me look more mature

    @Dolce Bunny- Thank you!

    @Jade- Thanks, you know what I felt the same way at first, but after hearing a lot of good reviews on this I bought it with a happy face. Its a grown up lipstick. =D

  7. I love red lipsticks, but for your skin tone I would go for something with a bit of orange in it, whether it is a coral red or a red-orange. Try something like Clinique's "Dubonnet" or maybe "Citrus Rose".

  8. nice lipstick! you're such a pretty girl! i'm your newest follower!

  9. hey hun, i'm having a blog sale on my blog. so please feel free to check it out! thanks =)

  10. Lovely!

    Revlon colorburst has red shades you might be interested in.

  11. I nominated you for an award sweetheart!
    Check my blog!


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