Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nails + A New Ring

Hi Ladies!

Hows the weekend so far? are you guys feeling the summer heat so far?

If you are updated with my blog then you guys will know that I've been wanting to get acrylics or gel nails. I even dedicated one post just for this and asked your opinion about them. That post really helped me to decide what to do with my poor uncared nails. I got lots of comments saying that I should get gel nails instead of acrylics because it is less damaging and will even last longer. I also got lots of comments saying that I shouldn't get any of them because I should just cherish and be happy with my natural nails. lastly, I got comments stating that I should get acrylics because they are pretty and will also last long. Those comments really helped me a lot so thank you for those who commented on it and those who read it as well.

So, yesterday I went with a friend to a near by nail salon and got ourselves acrylics. teehee. Yes I got acrylics because their gel nails cost about 80 dollars! That's way too expensive for me. My friend got acrylics as well, but she got it with pin and purple sparkles. I did not get sparkles on my nails because as you all know I get sick of my nails and I will eventually paint them. Give me about two weeks or maybe 2.5 weeks max. haha. Anyways, I'm satisfied with what they've done to my nails tho. I just got the normal french acrylics. They are a little bit too long for me, but I can deal with them. I can now look at my nails all the time and praise them because they are dang pretty!
Taken yesterday with fresh acrylics on. Hope they won't fall off easily.


Because I love how my nails look like, I bought myself a new ring! yay for me. I love connector rings. I don't know why, but somehow they compliment my hands. Does that even make sense? I will be purchasing more of these connector rings maybe next time and show it to you guys.

Up close.

Do you guys love these big chunky rings too? They make such a good statement right?


  1. I love the nails, now i want to get mine done :)

    I love the ring too!

  2. @CgBlogger- Go get your nails done! you wnt regret it.

  3. Beautiful acrylics. bout the ring, that is huge.

  4. Love the ring it is gorgeous I love you blog and now am following it, I hope you can follow mine .. if you like.. :) x

  5. oh the ring is so pretty!
    and the nails look wonderful too, very natural.
    i hope you are happy with them!

  6. I see you decided to get your nails done, they look wonderful! I've been in the same situation as you not being able to make up my mind, lol.

  7. @Maki- yes the ring is huge and i love it

    @Tasha2307- thanks for the follow, of course i will follow you

  8. @The Stalling- hey! yes Iam very happy with it.

    #Kelli.Kelso- Its hard to decide what to do, but just follow what you really like. =)

  9. There's no VS in canada!? Insanity.

    I just picked up those rings today and I'm working on a post for it now, actually! Where did you buy yours? It's so pretty!

  10. @Melly- yes theres none in Canada Insaneee i know! I bought the ring in Aldo

  11. Hey chick I love the nails and the ring!!!

    Gave you an award for your blog last week here xxx

  12. Nails look beautiful whoever did them did a good job. I love the look of false nails when they are done nicely xx

  13. i loooooove your ring !!! I wanna buy one like that !! I cant like without big chucky rings ;)

  14. I love the ring!! Connector rings are the way to go! :) Love 'em too!


  15. your nails look so pretty and that ring is AWESOME:)


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