Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haul: New Purchases- MAC and Givenchy Lipsticks

Yeap! Another lipstick haul.

I went to Sephora 2 days ago because I was searching for a darker lipstick shade for me. A pink one, but a tad bit darker and warmer toned. I have way too much pink lipsticks that has blue undertones to it.

I went to the Givenchy aisle and I found a perfect shade- 22 Seductive Rose- This shade doesn't have blue undertones to it, and if it has, it doesn't overwhelm me. Don't get me wrong I really love pink lipsticks with blue undertones to it, or even lilac udertones, but for a change I purchased Seductive Rose.

The packaging is to die for isn't it?
Rouge Interdit Seductive Rose # 22- is a pink based lipstick that gives a pretty sheen on the lips. this lipstick applies smoothly, pigmentation is excellent, and moisturizes the lips as well. This specific line by Givenchy contains antioxidant to help hydrate and nourish the lips.

From the Givenchy website: When applied, it immediately soothes and softens the lips. Its fine, spreadable melts over the lips.

I don't know about it melting on the lips, but it sure soothes and moisturizes the lips.
In order to tone down the color of it, I applied MAC Myth.
Here it is toned down. I must say, it still looks gorgeous

I was twittering (FOLLOW ME PLEASE!!! THANKS) about how devastated I was yesterday because I lost my MAC Pink Nouveau. I can't wait for next week, so I rushed to my nearest MAC and bought it.
Left- Right: Crosswires, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, and Pink Nouveau

I went there around 10:ooam and I didn't realized that it was already 10:45am. Holy, I was there for more than 30 minutes because I reserved some In the Groove products. I must say, Im very impressed with the new collection by MAC. I can't wait for July 8 to grab them and review it here in my blog.

I went for a purpose and that's to get Pink Nouveau, but I left with a big smile on my face. I grabbed 4 lipsticks namely: Pink Nouveau, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, and Crosswires.

Swatches: Crosswires, Speed dial
Chatterbox, Pink Nouveau
MAC Crosswires: Its a lovely shade of coral-pink, but it's not too bright, so it is perfect for summer. This is a cremesheen, so it applies smoothly and gives a perfect creamy and opaque finish.
MAC Chatterbox: Its a pretty pink shade, but it is in the neutral side. Mac describes it as a bright pink with red undertones. It has an amplified finish which is my favourite finish.
MAC Speed Dial: A light blue pink which has a cremesheen finish. If you know how MAC Angel looks like, I think Speed Dial is a little bit darker.
Last, but not the least Pink Nouveau: Yes, I bought it because I lost mine. I love this shade, but I don't apply this on my whole lips. I just dab it on top of nude lipsticks such as Myth, or Creme D' Nude, or basically any nude you have in your collection. Mac Describes it as bright pink and it has a amplified cream finish.

have you guys purchased any new lipsticks lately?


  1. I haven't but I am thinking about getting a red one for fall.:D

    I like your choices for pinks, I love my Chatterbox too!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Chanel Rouge Cocos in chintz and rose dentelle

  3. seductive rose looks stunning on you and MAC Crosswires is gorgeous too. Another 2 products to add to my wishlist xx

  4. Wow..such a comprehensive post! Thanks!!

    I tagged you today to do a FOTD using only 5 products. Check my blog :-)
    Are you up for the challenge? XXX

  5. WOW you have a large pink lip stick collection! LOL i only have 3! hahaha but hey im a stuggling college student. lol ONE DAY I SHALL GET MORE!! lol anywho they all look great on you!

  6. those Givenchy lipsticks are great, aren't they?? So moisturizing! Looks great on you Kim!

  7. AHHH! PINK NOUVEAU!!! hehehe.
    i like the toned down version of the givenchy lipstick. you're good at mixing lipsticks :)
    and yes, i also got a new lipstick but i didn't buy it, the stepdad did lol. it's the revlon colorburst in soft nude.

  8. I love your taste in lipsticks! All the lipsticks look great on you!

  9. @Elise- I know its awesome! you should try it too hun.

    @CJ- I love Pink Nouveau, and soft nude is gorgeous!!!!!

    @Stephanie- Thanks stephanie=)

  10. wow, those lipsticks aree soo beautiful:D
    i love the look of MAC 'myth'
    lovely blog, hunn:)

  11. i love the givenchy one soo much, im probably gonna get it tomorrow. thanks for all the photos!!! <3

  12. @daisychainsNkisses- Thanks, and I do love MAC Myth. I need to buy a back up already, it is almost gone=(

    @Saving Betty- Im new to Givenchy, but the ipstick i bought impressed me!

  13. I love that Givenchy lipstick, it must be a really flexible colour too as the toned down version is also very pretty. Great post :)

  14. @pawsandpockets- thanks for the comment, and yes I like the toned down Givenchy as well. Its super versatile.

  15. Lipsticks are my favorite thing to buy :) love your blog!

  16. @Katie- Im obsessed with them now! haha

  17. Thanks for passing by my blog and following i followed back great blog btw

  18. @sparkleshinemagic- Thanks for the follow!=)

    @3ate4- Love it too!

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