Sunday, July 4, 2010

And The Winner Is........

Thank you for everyone who entered my contest. I again hosted another contest for the month of july. Its posted before this post. So go ahead and read it and do not forget to JOIN. Prizes are awesome as well. =)

So....I got more than 80 comments for my previous contest for my 150 contest entry. Im so stokes to announce the winner of it. I used to know the winner.

I was super stoked when I saw the result and it's

- you guys should definitely 100x check her blog out and follow her. She is from Germany and Im really glad Im a follower of her. Her blog is super informative and comprehensive as well. She reviews products honestly and with strong will. So follow her.

So, to Selina:
I need your email address ASAP
and you need to email me what OPI polish you want and if what lipglass/lipstick/eyeshadow you want from MAC. I will reply ASAP and we will then finalize everything. I will send you the prize when everything is bought and done. Thanks Selina for entering my contest. You truly deserve to win. Now, You will be able to own Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi, finally! Great job hun. Thanks for entering. I hope you ca join my new contest as well.
Don't forget to join my new contest its posted before this post. Thanks girls. love ya all.

Hugs, Kim


  1. Ah, I followed her as well.=)

  2. Congrats and this is super sweet of you to be hosting these contest. I might do the same soon if I get more subbies. Love the blog btw.

  3. I just wanted to let you know my email adress:

    I am already thinking about what nail polish colour to choose... :)
    I am so so happy!

    I gave you an award by the way!

  4. @Thestalling- I already replied to your email by the way. check it=)


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