Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Incredible Website

There will be a lot of talking and not much photos for this post.

So, yesterday I was in a hunt for NYC Cosmetics, specifically the Blush Cream Sticks and the EOS Lipbalm(Egg Shaped). I really want to get my hands on those babies so bad and I mean BAD.

So I was sitting with my laptop and saw so many raves and reviews about the NYC Cosmetics Blush Cream Sticks and the EOS Lipblam as well. I get jealous and I want to find where they carry those brands anywhere near my house. So I went to Google and search "Where Can I buy NYC Cosmetics Blush Cream Sticks in Canada" and I got thousands of results. I was damn frustrated because it says I can find them at Shoppers Drugmart in Toronto, Shoppers Drugmart in Quebec, Alberta, and all the province in Canada except British Columbia!!! Im so damn mad yesterday! Can you guys feel my anger and Im very impatient you know. haha. So I scrolled down and went to the fifth page and saw a website called http://well.ca/ . THIS SITE IS AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!!! I can't say anything about it, but it's dang a heaven to me. It's like an online drugstore.

So, I went to the brands and scrolled down, and guess what!?!?!?! they have the NYC Cosmetics! Then I went to the blush section and saw the NYC Blush Cream Sticks. There where only 4 shades to choose from. I chose Plaza Pink and South Street Shell. Awesome colors, Plaza Pink is well a baby doll pink while South Street Shell is a peachy pink I believe. So I placed my order and after 10 minutes I got a confirmation from them and it says my order is now "pending", then after 5 minutes, I got another email saying my order is already in "processed". That was FAST. I can't believe it! IT'S FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA TOO!HOLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!

The Blush Cream sticks are CND3.99 and I bought 2. So my total was only $12.oo plus HST. NO SHIPPING!!! WHOOO!

So my point.

check out their website http://well.ca/index.html. They sell products such as, Revlon, Loreal, NYC, Cover Girl, Maybeline, Almay, etc. Oh they sell fragrances too.!

I believe they also ship to other counries as well. Just check their website out.

Where did I get my EOS Lipbalm?

I got it from

This is an ordinary online store. Shipping is about CND$ 9.99- this is the flat rate for shipping in Canada. They have the EOS in 3 flavours and I got all 3. Woopie!

Im a little happy online camper. Does that even make sense?

It feels nice to find cheap online sites that I can depend on. This means that I wont get fraud or anything like that.

Do you guys have any beauty sites that you always go back to and purchase products over and over again?

Mine will be E.L.F, Cherry Culture, Well.ca, and Drugstore.com.
The last 2 are new, but I know I will be purchasing a lot from them.

P.S- Tell me if you guys have checked their website. =)

Thanks for reading, kim


  1. LOVE well.ca too! I've ordered from them quite a few times. I have a feeling it's a small business because it took about a week and a half to get my package (from Guelph to Toronto). I'm a huge fan of free shipping though so who cares if it takes 2 weeks! haha
    drugstore.com...ugh. Can't say too much about them. I've tried to place an order with them in the past. I decided to try it out because they were offering free shipping to Canada. after 2 weeks of no confirmation, I emailed them and they emailed me back telling me they cancelled my order. My question is: when were they going to tell me? She said I could place the same order again but since the free shipping promo had ended, I would have to pay. I have a feeling they were being sneaky and weren't being completely honest with their promo. I've read a few reviews online about problems with international orders. Let me know if it all works out! I'm interested to know and maybe I'll be tempted to try ordering from them again


  2. Oh, I totally didn't mean to write you a novel. Sorry babe hahah x

  3. Oh thanks for that advise hun, I just got an email confirmation earlier that they are processing my order now. I ordered it yesterday. I guess there was something wrong with their site that time perhaps? Im not sure, but thanks for that comment. What did you get from well.ca? they are an amazinggg site to purchase drugstore products from

  4. I've used Well.ca a lot - mostly for ordering Burts Bees facial products.

    I've been looking for that NYC blush stick too (in plaza pink) but I just got the CoverGirl Ageless cream blush, so I should be good - since my make-up box is getting crowded!

    Since you mentioned well.ca - I had to check it out again - and I found (and ordered) the Revlon mint green polish I'd been looking for - yay!

  5. @Ella Pretty- Oh thats nice to hear! im happy for you.

  6. Ha ha, very funny. I get that frustrated feeling as well whenever I can't find what I'm looking for and will spend hours and hours searching the net.

    Congrats on succeeding! Please share swatches with us when you get your goodies.


  7. @Agatha- I will for sure. I cant wait for the mail man to arrive


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