Thursday, July 8, 2010

HAUL: MAC Cosmetics- In The Groove Collection and Essie Nail Polishes

Hey everyone!

So today is the official release date of the MAC In The Groove Collection in North America.
I know the U.K girls already got their hands on these a week ago.
I saw a lot of hauls, reviews and swatches from other beauty bloggers and YT Gurus.

I went to MAC early this morning around 9:30am. The mall opens at 9:30 and I was waiting outside MAC along with 4 more people. I saw the samples lined up in front already and saw one slot missing. Stereo Rose is sold out. Good thing I reserved for 2 about a week ago. I was so relieved that I got it. I saw about 2 people calling other MAC stores in Vancouver downtown if they still have Stereo Rose and they are also sold out of it. That is crazy. I really feel bad for them. Stereo Rose is also sold out in the Canadian MAC website.

MAC In The Groove Collection- So as I said earlier, this collection debuts in store today July 8(Thursday), but it was already released on line last July 6(Tuesday). It is a massive collection and almost everything is limited edition. There are no shocking colors included and almost everything in this collection is really soft, pigmented, and easy to blend. I'm definitely not a fan of MAC's mineralized eyeshadows because when they released them last year the formula was quite glittery and really hard to blend, but fortunately the eyeshadow duos and blush duos in this collection is really creamy and has less glitter on it. are the things I bought from the In The Groove Collection, oh and I bought a couple of Essie polishes too.
Essie Island Hopping and Angora Cardi- I applied these two and it was really creamy and easy to apply.
Left-Right: Island Hopping, Angora Cardi
Island Hopping is sheer, but it is still creamy and you are done with 3 coats. I must say this is quite similar with Metro Chic by OPI and You Don't Know Jacques by OPI. Island Hopping is in between those two shades. It has a mauve and pink undertone to it, but the finish is more of a taupe.

Angora Cradi- I first saw this from Laura @ Lollipop26. My favourite and one of the original beauty bloggers. She mentioned this and dedicated a post for Angora Cardi. This shade is more on the burgundy side of the spectrum. It does have a taupey finish as well. I applied this on top of my acrylics. :)
Angora Cardi inside the house
Angora Cardi in natural light PRETTY! :)


Here are the MAC goodies

Things I bought:
Jazzed Lipstick
On The Scene Cremesheen Glass
Hang Loose Blush Duo
Happy Together Blush Duo
Stereo Rose MSF

Swatch for Jazzed lipstick and On The Scene Cremesheen Glass

Jazzed Lipstick- More on the peachy shade, but has a slight pink undertone to it. Really wearable and definitely an everyday lipstick in my case. It has a cremesheen finish and I love MAC for releasing this kind of finish in this new collection. I want to get I Like it Like That , and All Styled Up too, but I think they are really dupeable.

On The Scene Cremesheen Glass- This is a mixture of MAC Florabundance and MAC Emberglow Lipglass. So yes, peachy opaque finish with a really nice sheen.
Jazzed lipstick alone
On The Scene Cremesheen Glass alone
Jazzed topped with On the Scene.

So the most anticipated products in this collection is Stereo Rose.
Stereo Rose has a pinked coral with deep bronzed veining. The texture is really soft and very easy to apply. It does have a soft sheen and subtle shimmer. This will give your cheeks a nice pop of color, but use it with a light hand to be able to get that nice finish that Stereo Rose promises us. :)
Stereo Rose worn alone on my cheeks. Gorgeous

So off with the mineralized blush duos

I got Hang Loose and Happy together.
Hang Loose- Really pretty when you look at it on the pot, but I also like it worn alone. The texture is really soft just like all the mineralized blush duos included in this collection. This is MAC Well Dressed with a light shimmer. So this means that it has that babydoll pink finish and a hint of lilac as well. I will definitely wear this everyday, just as I wear my Well Dressed every single day. haha
On the left is Hang loose, and right is Happy Together.

Hang loose worn on my cheeks alone. I swirled it mostly on the pink side of the pot.

Happy Together- it's champagne color on the left and peachy-brown on the right. Together it will gve your cheeks a nice peachy-champagne finish. It gave my cheek a nice golden bronze dewy look. Really nice for the summer season.
Happy Together worn on the cheeks.

What did you guys get from the new MAC collection?

Thanks for reading, Kim

PS- I will be posting the prizes for my new contest. So don't forget to join. It includes Stereo Rose, Jazzed, On The scene, and All Styled Up Lipstick.


  1. All of these look absolutley gorgeous on you sweets, I didn't manage to get my hands on Stereo Rose - Really disappointed x

  2. @Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum- Thanks you, I bet your MAC will get more soon. :)

  3. i want to get jazzed l/s sooo bad

  4. @Sofia- It is really pretty. Its peachy orange on the tube, but when applied you can see the pink undertones on it. Im hosting a ocntest, and Jazzed lipstick is one of the prizes I will be givng away. If you are interested you can join.

  5. Oh you bought gorgeous stuff!
    I am not going to buy anything from this
    collection I think. It really annoys me that
    the good stuff always sells out immediately.
    Love the darker Essie polish on you!
    And you know I am excited about my lipstick ;)
    Love you hun!

  6. @Thestalling- I sent you pictures for shy girl. =) Check your e-mail.

  7. happy together looks so nice on you!
    i might just have to purchase hang loose when i go into london on saturday :)

  8. I have swatches of ALL lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses(to be posted-editing now) on my blog, check it out & follow plz!

  9. These are all beautiful on you! All these swatches are making me want to get it..too bad I"m short on money :/

  10. @Kellie- Is stereo Rose out of stock in your place hun?

    @MissAbbyLovesit-I just saw it right now, Im following you

  11. @Stephanie- Uh Im soo broke now. hahaha I wont be buying makeup for maybe 2 months=) I THINK! hahha I NEED TO SAVE UP.

  12. Ahh I'm so jealous I'm actually doing project ten pan at the moment but I'm so tempted to pick somethings up. I want to wait until tomorrow that way I won't be able to just grab everything I'm sure most will be sold out. I really want the Happy Together blush duo, along with Jazzed lipstick. Fingers crossed.

  13. @Drea- you should grab those two AND grab at least 1 cremesheen glass because you wont regret it! I SWEAR! The texture is really creamy and opaque. well some of it

  14. @Kim- Cremesheens are amazing I definitely want to pick one up. Hopefully I can manage to get a few items. I'm trying to save but this collection makes me want to spend, spend, spend. LOL thank you for this post.

  15. i was a bit skeptical abt the jazzed, for some reason, i thought it would be a bit on the "orange-y" side. LOL. but looking at your picture, i was wrong. it looks sooo pretty! and def. an everyday lipstick.

    i'm planning to get go for it lipstick tho. heehee!

  16. @Drea- No problem hun, tell me what you got okay?

    @CJ- I love jazzed too, i thought it was a tad bot range at first but when i tried swatching it, it has pink undertone and I WAS SOLD!!!! =D

  17. You got a lot of the same items I did. I did my post today today on this collection. I love those essie polishes. xx

  18. Ahh I want stereo Rose can't get it ANYWHERE.. I'll have to keep looking :(
    check out my blog:

  19. love love love the products you got~

  20. @popglitter17- Im hosting a contest and will be giving away a stereo rose. Hope you can join hun

    @Makeup by Kim Porter- I know, a lot of people can't get hold of stereo rose =( I bet it will come back soon

    @Renay Shanel- Thanks, I love'em too

  21. ahhhh im dying for sterio rose xx

  22. @Jade- Just look out for it at your local MAC counter or online. Canadian MAC website has stereo rose already, I bet yours will come soon

  23. love your haul! I really want Jazzed lipstick but hopefully it's not sold out!


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