Friday, July 30, 2010

A Nude Lip Combo

Its Friday once again and the weekend is here!

so happy Friday everyone. :) Hope you guys will have a good weekend.

So it is written on the title, this post will be about a nude lip combo.

I recently purchased MAC Peachstock- This lipstick is on their permanent line and was released with MAC Liberty of London collection with special packaging. You can still find Peachstock at a MAC pro store and it will forever be there. :) Peachstock is a nude shade with peach undertone, no pinks on this one. So for those people like me who are obsessed with nude lip, then MAC Peachstock is for you.

The lip combo I'm talking about are MAC Peachstock and MAC Underage Lipglass. Well, of course my lip combos will change practically every 2 days HAH! :D
MAC Peachstock and MAC Underage Lipglass
Both worn on lips
MAC Peachstock(Satin)- Pro shade

Peachstock worn on its own
Second attempt :) I wasn't contented with the first shot :)
MAC Underage Lipglass worn on its own- Underage is an opaque lipgloss. It goes well with nude lipsticks and also, it can be worn on its own. It has pink undertone and has a smooth texture as well. Oh and it is very creamy too. I would also recommend Mac Florabundance, or NARS Turkish Delight with MAC Peachstock
Lessons when applying nude lipsticks and glosses:

Nude lips are not for everyone, it's either you love it or you hate it. There are many nude lipsticks and glosses out there in the market and that is not good for me and for those people obsessed with nude lips. I am obsessed with nude lips because you can practically wear them every single day whether you go out with friends, have a date, or go to work you can definitely pull off a nude lip.

There may be different ways to wear them and I will carefully write them down for you.

First option: Pale skinned girls have a broader range of color at their fingertips. when choosing the right nude lipstick or gloss, you can either go more peachy, more pink, or even washed out and totally nude. You skin color will definitely enhance all of these shades.

Second option: If your skin is more olive toned, I would recommend to stay away from truly pale beiges or lipsticks that has white undertones on them. Why? because your goal with a nude lip is to create a more natural looking lips and something too pale with creamy white undertones will make you look dead. If you have an olive toned skin go for warmer nudes such as; those with brown and peach undertone- I would say ,for example the MAC Viva Glam lipsticks because most of them have brown undertones and this will enhance your face a lot more. Good part about Viva Glam lipsticks is that 100 % of your money goes to charity. :)

Third option: A nude lip needs to go with a smokey eye look because it will enhance your features more. I'm not saying that it is a must to pair up your nude lip with a bolder eye, but it will help make your eyes pop and as well as your lips. What I mean about bolder eyes is to swipe any colored eyeshadow- browns, golds, pink, taupes, any color basically, line your upper and lower lash line, and slap on your favorite mascara and you are all done.

Fourth Option: If you do not have any nude lipstick just go on and slap on a concealer. It will have the same effect as a nude lipstick, but be careful because it may dry up your lips faster. Make sure you apply a base, like a lip balm with SPF.

--> When using a lip liner with nude lipsticks, better make sure that the shade you are suing is not darker than your lipstick or you natural lip color. Also, make sure that you blend the lip liner all over your lips so there won't be any harsh line surrounding your lips

Sorry for the sermon :) I hope this will help you guys :)

What is your favorite lip combo at the moment?

P.S. Have you guys tried MAC Ravishing lipstick? what do think about it? is it more on the orange side of the spectrum? Im thinking of getting it.

Thanks for reading


  1. wow this is such a gorgeous combination hun! I have peachstock & find it a little bit too dark against my pale skin so i think i need to pick up underage lipglass to go over the top!

  2. @DaintyDollymix- Yes SInead, you should get underage or florabundance :) it will look fab on you hun

  3. OOO i love this lip combo :D looks beautiful on you

  4. Enjoyed this post!:D I really like wearing my nude lips with smokey eyes.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. @Marie- Love nudes too. and have a great weekend girl :)

  6. i looove the options part of this post! its a great help! the second option made me remember what my stepdad told me. i love my revlon soft nude l/s. i pretty much use it everyday since i bought it (except these days cause there's something that happened to me and the l/s, but that's a diff story). but yeah, my stepdad said that "it looks like the one that they use at the funeral home!" hahaha.

    and you're right.. viva glams best suit me! since i have olive skin tone =)

    that peachstock looks really great.. love it when you post these nude lippies :)

  7. i love nude lips! your lips look lovely :D

  8. Lovely! I am olive skinned (I think, LOL!) and yes whitish undertone in lippies makes me look so pale. Peach or brown undertones work better on me. But I still wear pale nude lips when I sport a very dramatic smokey looks! :)

    Have you tried Prrr lipglass? If yes, how do you compare it with Underage? I just finished Prrr and I'm looking forward to try other lipglass shades :)

  9. great posting! i love a good nude lip!

  10. i really love nude lips. i think it looks pretty:D this combo is the best! i love it!

  11. @Fifi- Prr is more peachy and has kind off a gold- orangey shade to it. Its hard to describe it, but its really pretty. Ill post a comparison for you hun. :)

  12. @Cj- Yeap Viva Glams are the best for olive toned girls. Thanks for commenting hun :)

    @Tara- h=Thanks for the comment it flatters me haha :)

    @Hershley's sweet kiss- I cant live without nude lipsticks :)

    @Sue- Im obsessed with Peachstock! I would really recommend everyone to get your hands on them. Seriously, it is not the NUDE dead nudde, but it gives a flush of color to your lips

    @Carrie- It is THE BEST :) haha

  13. I was resisting the urge to buy Peachstock for so long, now I see this and believe I NEED it.

    Great post, love the "options"!

  14. @PeachyPerfect-Im glad I did this post then :) Have fun with Peachstock

  15. Love this post! :)
    I've been obssesseddd with nude lippies + nude pinks :)


  16. I love nude lips! Peachstock looks really nice! Lisa xx

  17. nice! i've been wanting to find the perfect nude lip color! :D

    <3, Mimi

  18. Gorgeous combo I will definitely try next time I rock the nude lipstick.

  19. @Tramstabalaboopy- They are the best!!!

    @Mybutterfly63- Peachstock rules!! I was suppose to get Fleshpot, but it has white undertones to it. I will prob get that next tho along with Ravishing :)

  20. @Mimi-So will Peachstock be in your collection next?

    @Drea- haha you do rock nude lips hun. :) everyone can def rock nude lips, you just have to wear it the right way

  21. How do you think the MAC Peachstock l/s compares to the Revlon Soft Nude? Do you think they are similar? How do I get my hands on a Pro MAC product if I don't have a card?

  22. @LabelSnob- MAC Peachstock has more peach shade to it and has a more matte finish to it, but still gives a nice subtle sheen on the lips. Revlon SOft Nude on the other hand, has more pinkish shade to it, but more creamy and has more shine compared to Peachstock. Soft nude also contains subtle fine glitters on them. I love them both, but I prefer Peachstock just because it is more matte :) I hope this helped you hun

  23. @LabelSnob- sorry I forgot to mention that you can shop at any MAC pro store eventhough you do not have a card. I dont have a Pro card, but I always shop there.

  24. it's just that if you have a MAC pro card you get discounts on MAC products, but you can definitely still shop at MAC pro stores

  25. loving the combo... I am a big fan of nude lips =)

  26. great post, I dont like wearing nude lipsticks because i just think i cant pull it off. i might give another try after reading this post though :) x

  27. @Amandita- nude lips THE BEST!

    @mel- yay! that's good, glad I pushed you to try nude lips again. Give it a second chance :)


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