Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haul: Cream Blushes + Petticoat MSF

Hey everyone!
First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers! I reached 400!!! Ive been blogging for almost 3 months now and Im really glad I did because it is all worth it at the end. You guys are my inspiration for this blog. Honestly I didn't even expect that I would reach 200 with this blog, but I did so thank you so much :)
So for the past week, I have been waiting for Mr. postman to deliver some goodies. They arrived last Wednesday. I got these goodies from and the shipping was really fast! I shopped online last week Monday, and it was shipped Wednesday and then it arrived a week after. This site offers free shipping in Canada! I was looking for this product everywhere. I literally went to about 4 London Drugs and Shopper's Drugmart in Vancouver, but no luck or Im just blind. I wouldn't worry about it now when I want to pruchase another one because carries all kinds of drugstore brands such as Revlon, Cover Girl, Maybeline, NYC Cosmetics, Rimmel London, etc.

anyways, I bought some N.Y.C Blushable Cream stick in Plaza Pink and South Street Shell. If you guys want to check these out here is the link- They offer 4 different colors, but I just picked 2 out of the 4. I heard about this product all over the beauty world and it's summer time for some cream blushes right? Honestly, I never even tried cream blushes before, but Im glad I did purchase these babies :) So, you guys will see a review of the NYC cosmetics Blushable Cream Sticks.

N.Y.C. Cosmetics Blushable Cream Stick in South Street Shell and Plaza Pink ($3.99)

The Packaging- Simple yet, really easy to use and it contains a lot of product inside. You just twist it like a glue stick and apply it to your cheeks.

The Product- The product itself is really pigmented and it is a dream to blend. I know some people use a brush to apply cream blushes, but for me I prefer using my hands. The texture is really smooth and creamy. At first, I thought cream blushes are sticky and I thought I wouldn't be able to stand the feeling of it on my cheeks, but I was proven wrong by this product. It's like applying liquid foundation on my cheeks.

The Result- I would 100% recommend this products for those people who want change. It's summer, put down your powder blushes and slap some cream blushes on your cheeks. In my opinion, cream blushes gives you a nice and healthy glow and it also adds a highlight effect on your cheeks. If you want cream blushes to last longer, set it with your favorite powder blush.

Plaza Pink, South Street Shell

P.S.- Please don't mind my lips because it's dry and I need some lip pampering haha.

Swatch on cheeks:

South Street Shell- This shade is on the rosy side with a hint of pink. There is no glitter, or shimmer, but still it gives your face a nice dewy finish and a very nice highlight. I really want to try rosy shades when it comes to blushes because I own a lot of pinks already. Change is good. I tried this with Stereo Rose and it's STUNNING! got loads of compliments that day! I will do a post on that next!
Plaza Pink- It is one of those baby doll pink shade that is very common, but I couldn't say no to that. That's all I can say. I would definitely use this everyday and maybe set it with MAC Well Dressed.
MAC products:

PETTICOAT MSF- This is included on their latest In the Groove collection. I know I posted a haul of what I bought from the collection. I saw a lot of swatches of Petticoat and I really want to get my hands on it. I looked for it on the MAC website, but it was sold out. Then I went to my MAC counter and they only have a couple of it left, so i bought it. Stereo Rose is out of stock still, but I got my hands on them already. My local MAC counter had 4 shippings of Stereo Rose and it is sold out every single time!

Petticoat- Has a mixture of pink, plum, gold and peach to it. Wow that sounds really nice does it? There are subtle glitter on it, but really easy to blend. I know MAC re promoted this product and I heard that the Petticoat released before was less glittery compared to this, but it has more plum veining on it. I like how it looks on me, but I added more product for the sake of this blog only. I do not put that much blush on my cheeks don't worry. I would still say that I like Stereo Rose better, but I have no regrets on purchasing Petticoat.

MAC Lilicent Cream Blush- This blush is gorgeous it has a warm peachy pink color to it and has no glitter or shimmer on it. The formula of this is really creamy and the texture is smooth and not sticky at all. This is my first cream blush from MAC and I would definitely purchase more cream blushes next time. Cream blushes just gives you a dewy finish on you cheeks and Lilicent will look nice on every skin tone.
Swatch on hand

Applied on cheeks. Ah love the color :)

Any cream blush recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading guys :)


  1. aahh i wish we had NYC blush cremes in the UK.. they look lovely xx :) nice post

  2. @bea- I was looking for it too here in Canada, but fortunately I found! haha. You should try looking for an online UK site that sells them

  3. kim, they have those nyc blush cremes at walmart. hehehe.. and i thought cream blushes are better during winter? lol.

  4. @CJ- Walmart is freaking 30 mins drive from where I live hahaha! I think cream blushes can be worn all year round :) I need to go Walmart! DO you live in Vancouver?

  5. Liicent looks gorgeous. I've still never tried a cream blusher but really should as these all look lovely :) x

  6. @LilyLipstick- Its gorgeous I know! You should get one too and I would also recommend Lady Blush

  7. Lovely skin, I love the look of Plaza Pink! :)

  8. kim, oh nooo! there's no walmart close to you :(
    i live in ontario (toronto area) and thank God i live less than 5 mins away from one walmart and less than 10 minutes from the other. LOL.

    cream blushes and i are sort of not bestfriends, haha. cause i have combi/oily skin. :( that's why i normally use them as a base. i like those joe fresh cheek tints! =)

  9. @VampiressDoll- Thanks, I have sun spots tho! I need to eliminate them =(

    @CJ- ooooooohhhh I should try them! Is that the superstore brand? ahaha

  10. MAC ladyblush is so pretty and classic xx

  11. yes kim, it's the superstore/loblaws brand =) heehee!

  12. omg the plaza pink looks gorgeous, i want it!

  13. Been following your blog. I don't use blushes when I actually do make-up. However my sister& friends do so I'll recommend this post to them.

  14. @Rachelwears- it is, but i have way too many pink blushes haha :)

    @Yomi Uba- Thanks for the recommendation! Realy appreciate it a lot :)

  15. @Cristina BarbieLuvsMac- OMG you should hun! they are so fab! Honestly, i think they are better than MAC cream blushes!

  16. lillicent is so nice! I ordered posey.. I hor it's as good as lillicent.. :)


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