Thursday, July 29, 2010

Haul: Mac Dare to Wear Collection Plus Some Random MAC Products

Hi ladies!

As you all know the new MAC Dare to Wear collection launched today in North America, so I went to MAC and bought some Dare to Wear lipglasses(skipped the eyeshadows) and also bought some random MAC products as well. I will be reviewing all of them.

Just put in mind that I bought these products today except for the foundation. So these are just my first thoughts about them.

from left to right- MAC Richer & Lusher Cremesheen Glass, Dare to Wear lipglass in So bad and Bold & Brash, MAC Face and Body foundation, and MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

MAC So Bad and Bold & Brash Dare to Wear Lipglass

This is the newest collection from MAC that came out today in Canada (July 29). This collection consist of 6 Dare to Wear Lipgloass and 12 eyeshadows(skipped it). I was looking forward for this collection and now it is out. What can I say about it? for me, I am not a huge fan of matte shadows and I do not want lip glosses that have chunky glitters in it. I first googled about the lipglasses before I went to my MAC counter and a lot of people said that the glitters on the lipglasses included in this collection are very very fine and that they are very pigmented. I would agree that the Dare to Wear lipglasses are very pigmented and easy to apply on the lips, but I wouldn't quite agree that they have fine glitters. I thought that they will be similar to MAC Dazzleglass Creme which by the way I adore, but I would say that they are very similar to the lipgelees that MAC released with the MAC in Lilyland collection last February.

I was suppose to get 5 of the lipglasses in this collection, but only ended up with two. Those two are So Bad and Bold & Brash. I chose one that is totally wearable and I'm talking about So bad Lipglass, and an extreme bright red that is the Bold & Brash. The lipglasses in this collection has a full coverage color with holographic finish to it. These glosses have a gel formula so it glides on smoothly, but still gives an intense look on the lips.

So Bad- It is a coral orange shade with pink and gold pearls.

Bold & Brash- Bright red with silver pearls

Bold and Brash Dare to Wear Lipgloss

So Bad Dare to Wear Lipglass

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer and Lusher(Too Fabulous collection)

This has a creamy peach coral shade that when you apply it on your lips it will give them a light flush of peachy pink look. I am currently obsessed with peach lipsticks and glosses. I would pair this with Shy Girl :)

MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

I went to MAC to purchase MAC Pretty Please lipstick, but when I saw that it is a glaze finish I skipped it. I was hunting for a peachy coral lipstick and the MAC makeup artist recommended Shy Girl. I know I lot of people love this shade and I'm joining in the fun. This is totally an everyday lipstick that you can wear on its own or top it off with a peach/pink/nude gloss.

This is Shy Girl with Richer and Lusher on top

Another MAC purchase- MAC Face and Body Foundation (C3)

I had this product for more than a week already.

I have dry/ sensitive skin and this foundation is fabulous. Why? first of all it's water based, so it means that it will give your skin a dewy finish and a healthy glow. You can definitely build up the product and it is VERY easy to blend. Since its a water based foundation it will not give you a full/ heavy coverage, but you can build it up. When you put it on your brush/fingers/back of your hand, it's quite runny, but once you start spreading it all over your face, it becomes thicker. I love the coverage, I usually mix it with my moisturizer, gives face a nice and healthy glow, without making it look heavy and natural. I got it in C3, but there is a wide selection of shades to choose from for every skin tone. This product dries up quickly too. This also comes in a big bottle, so I guess the amount of money you paid for is worth it.

I would totally recommend this product not just for people who have dry/sensitive skin, but also to those who have oily/combination skin. I saw a lot of reviews about this on YT and most of them are positive ones, so I gave it a go- NO REGRETS!

Blob of MAC Face and Body foundation
you see how it gives my skin a dewy finish?
Applied on bare face- no make-up just Cetaphil moisturizer

Have you guys bought some products from the Dare to Wear collection what did you guys get? if not, what will you be buying from the new collection? or will you skip it

Thanks for reading :)

Love, Kim


  1. Oooo i loving the lipstick on you!


  2. @Kellie- Thanks Im in Love with Shy girl too

  3. I am on the fence about dare to wear, should I dare to buy? ;)

  4. Thanks for the review! Might pick up some of that foundation soon :)

  5. Great haul! I love Richer and Lusher cremesheen, it looks wonderful on you. I'm also keen to try MAC F&B foundation, but even NW15 isn't light enough for me!
    Kat x

  6. @Shimmering2light- I think you can just check them out at you MAC store and swatch them on your lips. It is really hard for me to recommend this just because it is in the extreme side, it is either you like it or hate it. For me I like it, but the bad thing about this is that the glitter stays on my lips after the color fades out. On the other hand it is really easy to apply and glides on smoothly. I would probably tell you to purchase So Bad because it is the only "neutral" shade. All of them are intense in pigmentation

  7. All of those lip products look lovely on your lips, wow! I have that foundation, too, and I love it. I get compliments when I'm wearing it!

  8. @Zaya- The foundation is best for those who want light coverage. Just put in mind that it is a water based foundation so it will gove you a oily/dewy glow. I love that effect tho just because I have dry skin so I need a lil shine on my face

  9. @Kat O- I think you should try the lightest shade for this range tho because it is really light and water based so it does not have that mush color to it. SO i guess C2? or C1 will be a good match

  10. @Cafe Bellini- Me too I get loads of compliments saying that I have good skin or my skin is glowing. Thats why I love this foundation and I do not need a heavy coverage so this is good:)

  11. Those lipglosses are so nice, wish we had them in England, it's gonna take months before they get released :(

  12. @MissPenelope? really? I thought u guys get these collections a week before we do?

  13. i'm thinking about reviewing my foundation, i'm currently using MAC studio sculpt in NC15, but i don't know if it's the best for me anymore, i might have to look into the face and body foundation after this review, but i also might look into studio fix. oh the decisions! :D
    nice post, thanks for the insight.

  14. @Narny-Bar- I heard bad comments about that foundation. I think you should go and try the Face and Body foundation. I bet you'll love it

  15. Hey,

    Just came across your blog. If you have a chance, please check out my blog. I am currently having a contest for 6 m.a.c products. It ends on Wednesday :)

  16. I need the so bad. Also F&B was the 1st Mac and foundation ever to try. I never used it much I might repurchase that soon to try out again. Amazing haul I'm super duper jealous.

  17. @Drea- You should try to repurchse the foundation again hun. Its my first time using it and I really like it. Its def worth the hype. I think this will be an HG product for me.

  18. Loved reading this post and your lips are soo luscious. x

  19. @VampiressDoll- Thank you & thank you :)

  20. Great haul! I really like Shy Girl...I have to get that on my next trip to MAC :)

    Thanks for sharing!



  21. wow those dare to wear lipglasses are very pigmented! =)

  22. @Hardcore Makeupjunkie- Love shy girl too :)

    @CJ- They are right? they are very smooth as well

  23. Love you makeup blog! Is it Fashion too?
    Also, are the 'Cremesheen Glass's' sticky? Because I am very close to buying one and hate sticky lipgloss's.

    I recently started up a fashion blog by the way :)


  24. great review! i love the lipstick! ... great foundation:)

  25. @mollyvogue-I can insert some OOTD perhaps haha. and the cremesheen glasses are PHENOMENAL! They are my fave!!It is not sticky at all and it goes on smoothly :) I def. recommend it. I will def check out your fashion blog

    @Alura's Blog- lovin the lipstick too and the foundation is super nice as well. Really recommend them

  26. Nice blog! I need to stop by the MAC counter and check out the Dare to Wear collection. The face and body foundation is my favorite foundation ever. Great review :)

  27. I would like have body and face from MAC:)


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