Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Drapey Top- OOTD

Back once again for an OOTD or should I say TOTD (Top of the day)?? HAHA

Okay, well let me get to my point and stop rambling because I actually LOVE and adore this top. 

Have you guys seen the overlap top by Helmut Lang? I drooled when I saw it on some of my favourite fashion bloggers, but of course they cost CAD$ 400 which really sucks. I know it is by Helmut Lang AND it is silk, but damn that top is AHMAZING! If you guys do not know what I'm talking about go and google Helmut Lang overlap top. Its a dream!

Well, here is a "not so Helmut- lang overlap top"- I still Love it tho

I got it from Go Jane. No I'm not affiliated with this company, but it is less than $40 if you guys want to check it out. They have so many pretty summer tops and bottoms, so go and check the website out!!
isn't it lovely??

With my lovely sideways cross necklace

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Are you guys digging the drapey trend this summer? I sure am :)Thanks for reading and have a good night :)Kim


  1. Hi Kim !! I remember you mentioning you wanted this top !! Looks really good :) don't forget to follow me ;)



  2. @pink and polished- followed you back dear :)

  3. OMG I NEED this top Kim!!! I love it. How can I get one?? ahhh x

  4. @holly Its from Go Jane. Its only less than 40 dollars i think its only 38 or something like that. check it out!!


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