Saturday, October 27, 2012

TREND: The Isabel Marant Boots

Oh, it's called the Isabel Marant Lazio Boots and I'm in need of a pair.

It is fall anyways and what more can a girl ask for? Perfect colour combinations, Perfect mid- calf boots, and perfect heel height.

Here, I compiled some of my fave fashion bloggers sporting these awesome wedge boots from one of my favourite designer. I just love everything she does. I think she has these magical hands that makes everything look wonderful and on trend.
Via The Northern Light 
Rosie Huntingon- Whiteley
Via Columbine Smille  (photo above and below) 

Via Come Over to the Dark Side... (Photo above and below)

                                                            Via Carolines Mode

Photo 1- A close-up look of the Lazio Boots from Hedvig Opshaug. I just love everything about this lady. Her style is just timeless, seriously one of my fashion icons

Photo 2- Celebrities are also loving these Lazio boots like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She also have tons of the Marant Dicker Boots

Photo 3 and 4-  Of course, I can't miss Columbine Smille. This lady is always on track with all the trends going around the fashion world. I love how she styles her coats :)

Photo 5 and 6- Cindy styles her Lazios with style and edge. Eventhough she wears a lot of dark colour outfits, she still looks chic and always put together.

Photo 7- I first saw these boots fro Caroline , she loves Isabel Marant. Im pretty sure almost 1/4 of her closet is by Isabel Marant, but I can't blame her. She has an awesome taste in fashion

So what do you think? Are you into these boots as well?

Talk to you soon

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