Friday, October 19, 2012

Celine Mini Luggage + Camouflage + Boots

Not another Celine luggage!
We all heard and seen it everywhere! The Celine luggage is the "it" bag these days. 

It seems like a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers and editors have it, whether it is a Nano, Micro, Mini, and shoulder. My favourite one is obviously the Mini luggage. 

I love this brand because of its history, the new creative director Phoebe Philo just makes the most wonderful garments and accessories. She is just phenomenal! no wonder a lot of A list celebrities love Celine as well

The downside of this... well it is HARD to find! I live in Vancouver and there is NO Celine store ANYWHERE! not even Holt Renfrew! I know Barneys(US), Harvey Nichols(London) and some Holt Renfrew(Canada) carries the brand

I bought my mini luggage in Paris when I was on vacation last month. I got it from Gallerie Lafayette( Europe's designer department store) oh how I love and miss this place. It is heaven for me in there!

I was suppose to get well.. a black or navy blue one, but I feel that it is just everywhere and a lot of people have it already. So I opted for this tri-colour one in moss green, beige and black. It is neutral but has a fun pop of green which I love. 

Now, the bag is quite heavy, but I don't really mind the weight. You can not put the handles on your shoulder. Is it worth the money and the hype? Yes, definitely yes! I would love to buy the croc stamped phantom next!

Here are some photos of the bag and my newly purchased camouflage t-shirt from Zara Men you can purchase it here- link

I got a medium to have that relax oversized fit on me. 


Now, the studded boots

I'm not sure whether this is studded overkill or not, but I just LOVE it. I bought this last year from Browns. These are by Jeffrey Cambell. I cannot wait to wear them  this season :)

What is go-to bag this season?

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  1. So useful collections. i like it this post. thanks

    Evening dress UK

  2. Wow that right there is my dream bag!! I love it! :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Shari, it is truly a lovely bag :)


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