Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wants + Birthday Boy

Hello there,

How fast can October get for crying out loud!? it seems like it was just Christmas of 2011 and now I can see pretty christmas lights and holiday displays on some retail stores' windows. Don't get me wrong I'm quite excited for the Holiday season. Well, let me put the excitement aside from now and let me share with you some of the things that I've been eyeing fro quite sometime now. 

Do you guys ever feel that when fashion week starts whether it is spring/summer, resort, or fall/winter  it seems like I just drool on so many thing- well mostly clothes and shoes.

For this fall 2012 I've been liking Balenciaga a lot, I mean who doesn't love his collection? 
Here are the Egypto funk sweaters. Why do I like them? Come on, look at the silhouette of the sweater isn't it gorgeous add some inspiring photos from the top fashion bloggers and magazine editors. 

Another one from Balenciaga, but now from his Spring 2013 collection. One word: RAD!
It is just insane how wonderful and amazing this heels are. I would not mind having them. The colour combinations, the material and the heels itself is not too high.

Next up, from MiuMiu, now I'm not sure from what season this is, I think it is from spring/summer 2012. I do not buy designer sunglasses often, but this is one on my to buy list! The shape, the metal, and the colours. LOOVE!

Those are just the few things that I want, but let me put that aside for now, just for now because I want to greet my boyfriend a HAPPY 25th Birthday. Thank you for everything. You've been for me and I can't wait to spend countless more birthdays with you :)

We went out for dinner and ordered this yummy Vanilla Bean Creme brûlée - Yumyum!

What are you guys lusting over this season? Please do share on the comments :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day

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