Monday, January 24, 2011

Products I Regret Buying 1.0: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Hey ladies,

So today until the end of January, I will be doing this "Products I regret Buying Series" because I love reading these kinds of post and watching people talk about what products didn't work for them or products that are not even worth your money. I know we love hauls, OOTDs, NOTDs, and FOTD's post, but let me switch thing up for the sake of my blog. I feel like my blog is full of haul posts.

For the the first "Product I Regret Buying Series" I will be talking about a popular lip treatment that was raved and is still being raved about and I'm talking about Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment(original).

I know almost everyone loved this lip treatment, but I'm not one of them. For the past year, people have been raving about this Fresh Sugar lip treatment and I think it is not worth the amount of money which is I believe is $15- $18 in Sephora. When I first heard about this lip treatment in Youtube and blogs, I didn't think twice of getting it because almost everyone raved about it. The packaging might be nice and all, but the product itself didn't reach my standard of a good lip balm. Honestly, yes it did give my lips a good base for lipstick and all those jazz, but come on, give me Nivea, Carmex, Chapstix, and Blistex instead of this. I don't care if you give me a normal Blistex or the original Nivea because I'm pretty sure that it will heal my lips immediately because I depend on my Blistex(shown below) for when my lips are having a hard time during winter.

So, a big no-no for this product and I would NOT recommend Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. If you think Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment worked out well for you, then I'm very happy, but unfortunately it is not worth the hype for me.

I'm almost out and I will NOT repurchase!

My dependable Blistex :)

Will you give this lip treatment a try? or if you have it, did it work for you?

Have a great week, and watch out for another "Products I Regret Buying" tomorrow.

xoxo, Kim


  1. Hmm, I never heard of Fresh Sugar Lip before. I only use and love Softlips (Vanilla). It leaves this.. cool feeling on your lips after applying it :)

  2. @Jessica- Oh I tried Soft Lips too and it works amazing. I actually forget to mention this. Thanks hun :)

  3. I never tried that one before.. I have been using Perfumeria Gal Lip Balm tin in Red Currant for years now. :)It's AMAZING..!♥

  4. Blistex lip medex is a GOD SENT.

    Hate the packaging, but it does the job better than any other chap-stick I've had. Even nivea hydro, i feel like most just coat your lip and just sit there, lip medex feels like its actually doing something.

  5. @Yen- hmm never heard of that before. I should look for that. Thank you for the rec :)

    @Love always, Me- It is MAZAING you are right. I hate the packaging too, but i depend on it. I love Blistex and Nivea lip balms :)

  6. I love posts like this. I've not heard of this product before but it's crazily expensive for a lipbalm. Definitely one to avoid, I think! x

  7. @lilylipstick- Thanks girl. It is expensive for a lip balm. I think a person should only spend $8 or less for lip balms. Thanks for commenting have a nice day :)

  8. I was eying that sugar lip treatment after seeing the review on sephora, but I think I'll pass now. I do want to try the Blistex Lip Medicine though I wear alot of lipsticks and my lips always tend to get dry with the weather and lipsticks.


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