Friday, January 28, 2011

Haul: OPI Polishes Oh Yea!

So, guess what!?

I went to purchase the new Katy Perry and Serena Williams OPI collection and I will be showing them to you.

So, I tried to stay away from videos and blog posts about the new OPI nail polish collection, but obviously I FAILED. I thought that I can resist such pretty glitter polishes and that Black Shatter polish that everyone was talking about. Two days ago, I was browsing some beauty blogs and came across a pretty swatch of the Black Shatter polish and I watched Michele1218's(I think you guys all know her) video and she said that the new Katy Perry Teenage Dream polish knocked Mad as A Hatter(from Alice in Wonderland collection) away. That made me really curious and I just gave up and went to the mall this morning to purchase Teenage Dream, but came out from the store with three.

At first, I thought my salon ran out of Black Shatter because it wasn't there with the Katy Perry collection, but there it was sitting inside a box with Simply Smashing from the Serena Williams collection. I fell in love with the shade and bought the pack for only CAD$15.00(not bad, hey?) So, I can say that I'm a very happy camper now.

Here are some photos and swatches of the three polishes.

The OPI Serena Williams collection
- Black Shatter
- Simply Smash-ing

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Simply Smash-ing, and Black Shatter

Glitter polishes are LOVE :)

Teenage Dream(One coat)- so you guys can see that you can see the yellowness of my nails which is gross, I KNOW!

Teenage Dream with a nude base

Teenage Dream with two coats

Teenage Dream with Pink base

Serena Williams Simply Smashing- one coat
two coats

Black Shatter with Simply Smash-ing- I actually didn't like Black Shatter at first when I tried it on my nails, but I gave it another chance and I like it now.

Black Shatter dries out matte

with top coat- Seche Vite

So, you guys saw my OPI nail polish haul. I would recommend all three polishes just because I think they are all unique(especially Black Shatter and Simply Smash-ing).

Did you guys buy any polishes from Katy Perry and Serena Williams collection? Share them with us.

Have a good Friday



  1. I love the last one and i love the teenage dream mixed with a nude base!!!
    xoxo Debby

  2. i really love this nails, amazing!


  3. WOW! I love both of those nail polishes! They're amazing! Really nice! I really want them now, lol!
    Thanks for sharing!
    From a new follower,
    Bex XxX

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  4. omg! i really want to get my hands on black shatter!

  5. ah- luckyyy! I really want to get the black shatter and i think it looks great!

  6. the black shater is soo amazing!

  7. I bought teenage dream and really like it. I also bought a mini Katy Perry set for my next monthly giveaway.

  8. i love the black shatter on top the serena gold


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