Monday, January 31, 2011

Is That A Snake?

I'm back for a second post for the day and tonight, I had the chance to play around with OPI Black Shatter nail polish from the recent Katy Perry and Serena Williams collection.

I tried putting Black Shatter on top of a silver, pink, nude, taupe polish, but I ended up with this beautiful blue-ish green called Cuckoo for this Color from the OPI Swiss Collection.

If you are not familiar with Black Shatter, it is a matte top coat that has a "shatter" finish. I would recommend putting another top coat like Seche Vite, or any top coat you guys have to bring out the shatter effect more. I wish OPI would make more Black Shatter in different colours in the future, which I know it won't be called "Black Shatter" anymore.

Before I show you my nails, I just wanted to share with you a recent jewelry purchase. I bought a vintage ring two days ago. I love how this looks- simple, chic, black and vintage. It goes with every outfit.

Here is the ring that I'm talking about.

It's adjustable which I love because I have slim fingers. I'm a size 5-6. How do you like the ring?
and here are the polishes I used for this nail look.

OPI Cuckoo for This Color, OPI Black Shatter

My Snake-ish nail

If you look it from far away it looks black, but it looks stunning when the lights hits it

Are you going to purchase Black Shatter? Ir did you already purchase it?

So, I did 16 blog posts for the month ot January! not bad at all.

Let's welcome February with a smile. :)

Thanks for reading,

xo, Kim


  1. I like the ring! It has a really nice shape to it. Also, you have perfect fingers. Kind of a weird thing to notice but mine are nasty and bony so I'm always envious hahah

  2. @Elise- aww thanks. it is hard to have slim fingers huh? Kinda hard to find a perfect fitted ring. :)

  3. seem like the crack nail polish is hot nowdays.
    well have to said this. you have a pretty hand .

  4. Nice combo and you have pretty hands!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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