Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 8 Favorite Lipsticks

and..the majority are from MAC.

I'm not going to say sorry just because I really love MAC lipsticks(I love their finishes, especially Cremesheens and Mattes). There might be many contenders like GOSH, NYX, Revlon, and Chanel, but I prefer MAC's formulation better.

I won't blab anymore and show you guys my Top 8 Favorite Lipsticks.

I put my most used lipsticks in this lipstick rack. I bought this for only $2- what a deal hey? It fits 12 lipsticks, but I will only show 8.

So, here they are:

(Photo above)From left to right: MAC Hue, MAC Snob, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, Gosh Darling, Revlon Soft Nude, MAC Peachstock, MAC Shy Girl and MAC Creme D' Nude

Hand swatch: MAC Hue, MAC Snob, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, , Gosh Darling, and Revlon Soft Nude(swatch in next photo)

(Photo Below) Revlon Soft Nude, MAC Peachstock, MAC Shy Girl, MAC Creme D' Nude

There you go, now you know what lipsticks I use often.

Here are other lipticks I would like to try:

-MAC Impassioned, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Fleshpot

Please suggest any lipsticks that you like. I would love to try them out(any brand). Thanks :)

So what are your top 5 favorite lipsticks?

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xoxo, Kim


  1. I love these kinds of post. I have the Revlon Soft Nude, MAC Peachstock and MAC Viva Glam Cindy. Love all of them as well.

  2. Lovely shades! I'm still on a search for my favs.

  3. i really need to get my hands on the mac hue! my faves are mac's marquise d', way to love, viva glam v, cremecup, and the viva glam gaga lipsticks! xxx

  4. 1.Maybelline Pink Please *soo creamy*
    2.MAC Honeylove
    3.Wet n Wild Just Peachy
    4.MAC Please Me *matte but I like to put lipgloss on top*
    5.MAC Shy Girl is my fav too.

    I want Creme D Nude & Myth!

  5. @Funnyfacebeautyblog- me too! I love all of them to death!

    @Tara- Goodluck with that and I hope you find the perfect lipstick :)

  6. @Heatherette- Oh I want cremecup, but I heard it is similar to Hue, but a lil bit pinker. Thanks for sharing :)

    @PrincessLisax3- I wanna try Honey Love and Please me. Thanks for those suggestions :)

  7. Great picks! Definitely some of my favorite.


  8. @She walks iin Beauty- Thank you :) Majority of them are in the nude family tho. I just cant get enough of nude lipsticks :)

  9. I loveee ALL of these colors!!
    xoxo Debby

  10. these are beautiful!! I love mac snob! :]

  11. My top 5 would be NYX Tea, MAC Freckletone, MAC Jubilee, MAC Half n Half, & MAC Fresh Brew. :)

  12. I was wondering, which lipstick is closest to mac peachstock? I have been trying to get a cheap version of it because I have too many lippies so a cheaper one is ok.haha :) x

  13. Love this post Kim! I also love Hue...but not too much of it or else I look crazy. $2 for the lipstick holder is such a steal!

  14. @ohyouprettythings- I love MAC snob too. It is more wearable than St Germain or any other blue tones/lilac pink lipsticks out there.

    @Rai- Thanks for sharing. I would love to try more NYX lippies. :)

  15. @Dyna-hmm...thats a good question. DO you have any empty MAC conatiners that you can back to MAC? You need 5 empty contaoner and you'll get Peachstock for FREE. :)

    @Elise- Hey hu, I know what you mean. Some Nude lippies can make me look crazy too so I add a little something something on a colored lipgloss or something. :)

  16. you love nudes eh? lol. my top 5 are.. well they're all mac..
    - blankety
    - russian red
    - impassioned
    - snob
    - viva glam vi

    you should definitely try impassioned! it's really pretty. it can be an in your face lip colour but it's fun to wear :)

  17. @CJ- YES I DO!! I love nudes! haha. I know, I need to purchase Impassioned before spring hits! :)


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