Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haul: Clothing

Hello again my lovely readers,

Im here to share with you a collective haul. What I mean about collective haul is that I didn't buy these things in one day, but purchased them within a month or so.

I have been obsessed with sweaters this season- who wouldn't? If you live in a cold country then, I bet you are crazy looking for sweaters too like me(I like it loose and chunky). Now, I woudn't spend $300 on a sweater, but I do want to find some cheap good quality sweaters, so if you guys have any online sites recommendation or any store that sells chucnky sweaters that will warm me up in a -5 and below weather, then link them up please. I'm in desperate need of some clothes to warm my poor body up.

I found some pretty, but quite pricey chunky sweater and they are all from RevolveClothing, so if you are interested go check them out. Maybe purchase one Christmas present for yourself? :)

I prefer a nude/ shades when it comes to sweaters.

How do you keep warm during the winter? I wear at least 2 tops(one tank and one top/sweater), then I wear at least 2 jackets or one thick trenchcoat/peacoat. For the bottom, I wear leggings and jeans/jeggings on top or if I'm lazy I wear sweatpants!There are days when I'M L-A-Z-Y to dress up. This LAZY DAY is usually a Monday(haha!)

So..Here's my Clothing Haul and hope you guys enjoy.

and...I found my sweater at H&M and it was only $34.99
3/4 sleeves! I love it :)
I just want to add this baby of mine..well it's not a real baby, but I have been lusting over these J Brand Houlihan Skinny Cargo Jeans(phew! that was a long name!) for the last 4 months or so. I finally bought it. You can find more colors here. I bought the Vintage Black shade. It fits like a dream and it looks super nice and chic with knee high boots, or heels or even wedges. Really nice for winter or summer. I recommend you to get at least one pair.

So, Did you buy any Christmas present for yourself yet? if so, what it is? if not, what is on top of your wish list this Christmas?
Do you guys like my Christmas theme going on here? :)
Have a lovely week. :)


  1. i adore 3/4 sleeve sweaters or bunching them up. so adorable.

  2. I love the cargo jeans! I'm glad you got it. :) I got myself a couple of shoes for christmas. lol.

  3. Great haul!Also love the gorgeous sweaters form revolve clothing

  4. Cute clothes, Kimby!
    I changed my blog in case you are looking for your fellow Kim =P. The link doesn't work on your blog roll anymore :*(

  5. I love that 3/4 sleeve top! So cute!


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